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NPC calls me by my MM pet's name instead of my character name, and doesn't register that the MM pet has been renamed.


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This happens a lot.  Many times NPC dialgoue will use whoever whatever has or last had aggro when calling out for a player.  It's not uncommon for NPCs to curse out pets on their dying breath or ask for help from the last pet or enemy they knew about. Likewise, allies likr Fusionette in the Faultline storylines might occasionally call out to nearby Wolf Spiders for aid if you leave her behind.


The instance you're providing though is interesting as I would think Caption dialogue would default to the mission owner and not whatever killed Zukor that triggered that dialogue.


Additionally, NPCs and enemies will not recognize player-named pets and will just call them by their normal name.  Doesn't matter if your ninjas are Curly, Larry and Moe, NPCs see them as Genin, Genin and Genin.


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