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Just a Bunch of New Ideas for Weapon Appearances!

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Obviously, some of these are what you'd call 'Sensible', others 'Silly', a few 'Slightly Silly', and some 'Very Silly'.

The listings here are basically what the costume menu would refer to them as, and should in most cases be evocative enough to give one an idea of what it would mean.

Those names/concepts that are based on the material they're supposed to be made of will be indicated with '*'.

Those names/concepts based on some broader aesthetic will be indicated with '""'.

References to within the CoX universe will be indicated with '!!!'.

Note there are several repeats of names/concepts that would work well/be adaptable to different weapon types.

I'll try to explain those that need it and provide picture-links or other explanations where possible, but feel free to ask for clarifications.


Assault Rifle/SMG:





-3-D Printed Plastic*

-Submarine Sandwich

-Large Fish

-Cannibalized Clockwork!!!

-"Psychotic Circus"

-Doombrella (a la The Penguin)

-Electric Guitar





Broad Sword:

-19th-Century Saber



-Bone Sword*




-Demon Barber (huge, bloody razor)

-‘Letter-Opener’ (what the 'bad kid' in high-school metal shop class made)

-Large Fish

-Vorpal (something far-out fantasy)





-Bone Sword*




-Buttered Blade (it's a giant butter-knife, what else???)


-Doombrella (see above...but sword)


War Mace:

-Royal Sceptre

-Pharaonic Flail

-Branding Iron





-Turkey Leg

-Squash of Squashing

-Humanoid Arm (I could provide a good picture, or a safe link...but both???)

-Sunday Edition

-Lawn Gnome


Battle Axe:



-Bone Axe*




-Scales of Justice

-Demon Barber (as above, but even bigger)

-Electric Guitar 

-Very Large Nose of Doom (©)




-Shepherd's Crook

-Bishop’s Crook

-Dandy Cane

-Barber Pole


-Human Spine



-Weaver’s Distaff

-Cornstalk Staff



-Stick Insect

-Butter Churner





-Blind Seer’s Bow (some quirky fantasy-thing, probably ocular motifs)

-Accelerator (i.e. miniaturized, weaponized Large Hadron Collider)

-Spider Bow ("HE'S a Wyvern agent turned to Arachnos! SHE'S an Arachnos agent turned to Wyvern! Together, they're...CROSS-BOWS!")

-Talisman-Covered (lots of pretty jangly bits)





-Bass Violin (as previous, but bigger)

-Cannibalized Clockwork!!!









-Demon Barber (normal-sized, bloody razor)

-Jr.’s Trusty Scout-Knife 

-Tuning Fork


-Quill Pen




-Walther PPK


-FP-45 Liberator

-3-D Printed Plastic*

-Cannibalized Clockwork!!!

-Wand of Bullets (AKA "Clarke's Law on a budget")

-Swingline Stapler




-Bagh Nakh



-Spiky Cestus

-Filaments (too thin to see but as a glint)

-Bio-Filaments (a la Carnage)


-Pimp Rings


-Dinner Forks

-Tuning Forks

-Poker Hands

-Foam Hands





-Bio-Filaments (as above, but...MORE)

-Fungal Growths (Know what? I'm scared to even try looking for images....)





-Noodly Appendages






-Unlucky Mirror (as previous, but shattered)

-Ostrich-Feather Fan

-Lucky Cast

-Pizza Box*

-Human Skin*

-Human Face*


-Guardian’s Gauntlet



-Ring of Protection




Titan Weapon:


-Fist of the Tyrant

-Barber Pole


-Scales of Justice

-‘Letter-Opener’ (as above, but absurd-sized)

-Monofilament (as above, but bigger)



-Electric Guitar


-GE Corn

-Singularity (fits under your fingernail; hits like a Titan Weapon)


Beam Rifle:

-Vanguard UltraWand!!!

-Science Fair Project (looks like it was made out of LEGOs and papier-mache or something)

-Cannibalized Clockwork!!!



-Golden Age Film Camera

-Electric Guitar






-Amazing Ball Machine


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