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Dr Quarterfield TF maximum level


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The LFG tab lists the level of the Dr Q TF as being 40-44.  However, I ran it last night on a 50+3 toon and I was at level 45.  The HC Wiki lists the level as 40-45, which matches my memories from NCSoft days.  I don't think I ran it after Incarnate content launched though.  And with Incarnates that one level makes a big difference.  In any case the LFG max level and the actual max level should match.

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I'm 100% with you that LFG should reflect levels accurately, just like it should reflect correct merit rewards (looking at you Katie).


The max level was changed by SCORE, post NCSoft.  paragonwiki (the one reflecting shutdown) shows the max is 44 https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Dr._Quaterfield.  New wiki shows 45.  These are correct.  LFG is not.

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