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Better Power Customization


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I'm noticing that a lot of powers in game have really heavy and obtrusive SFX.  Apropos of nothing much, I was watching a tutorial on how to use Blender recently and the tutorial just happened to mention "don't make your SFX too heavy" and showed a screen of what they'd been doing with the SFX turned up to 11 ...which just happened to look like every CoH fight ever.


So I'd like to ask for a power customization where the power is still visible, but it expressly has it's effect turned down.  Like way down.  Many of the current power effects when customized are garish and super heavy, we could use something that's like 25% of what the current power VFX looks like.


Not asking for "minimal FX" which is often "no FX".  That's fine if you want none at all, I'd like to see some customization where the effect is still present but much reduced.


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