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  1. Not a fan of this added insult. Perhaps just report the bug or issue with the costume piece so that the volunteers who pour countless hours in to this game can be aware of the issue?
  2. Just finished running all the Night Wars arcs through Ouro, and I'm fairly certain that zone exists outside of Praetoria in what was described as a dimension in between the living and the dead. It was sort of implied that the Netherworld was seeping in to the living and Night Ward was the focal point.
  3. I think with the added hindsight that arcane touched on, debt isn't really a concern to me. In fact, I have to actively and intentionally attempt to incur anything that doesn't disappear after a mission or two at most. I kid you not, I once deleted a character back in legacy around Issue 3 I believe, because they had so much debt it made getting to the next level a full time job.
  4. Is Huge identified in game as male? This whole time I thought it was a third gender! 😅
  5. Okay, so you are intentionally being obtuse. Let me break it down for you: If there is more than one option, it becomes a choice. If there is only one option, it is not a choice. In this case, there are a minimum of three options to choose from the list referred to by @arcane above. You can say you don't like it as much as you want, because that is your opinion - but you are wrong about saying they aren't choices.
  6. What @arcane said ARE options, therefore the threshold for Null is not met. Regardless of your dislike of how the power works.
  7. Hello, welcome back! Check out this thread, you may see someone you remember or they may remember you!
  8. There are a few ways: Complete all the content from this contact and they will be relegated to another tab in the contacts list. Switch from hero to villain, or vice versa. This is only temporary though. Eventually outlevel their mission range.
  9. Oh OK, then I'll post one more - Relaxing is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of playing this game. I'm fairly certain (as I've managed to solo all red/blue/gold content short of hami/msr/incarnate trials) that nothing really poses a mental challenge to me to create too much cortisol in the 🧠. Now if I wanted to feel challenged, I've got avenues for that too in this game. For example, I'm currently running a deathless, street sweeping only, drops only SENTINEL (I assure you I'm not crazy 😜). It's at Level 8, I'm doing Kings Row right now, but I really want to start
  10. Yeah, from what I remember I was granted 9? merit, I think? I'm pretty sure that is what I saw in my rewards chat tab. I thought this thread was about the pop up reward table only showing SOs?
  11. While I totally agree with this sentiment, I actually ran it solo because I had read it had AVs and a cool ambush at the end..... so no friends 😭
  12. Oh I guess I was referring to meta to describe what people thought as fun - so by referring to what you or others thought could be considered fun, it was meta. If you didn't understand that, don't be worried! 😁 I'm happy the game is back. It is a rewarding investment of my time to play - so that is fun to me. I can come back to it and it is still the same game I remembered enjoying. So its got longevity, doesn't require payment (though I do try to donate when I can!), and I can invite friends to play it fairly easily. My standards are not too high, I like to think, whe
  13. This should've been posted using the @MetaVileTerror handle @GraspingVileTerror ! I can't say what fun is for everyone else, but I can say what it is to me. That being said, nobody's fun is worse or better than anyone elses! Edit: Meta, for like self-referential description of fun 😅
  14. Is that right! I could've swore Rest prohibited other power usage, so this is interesting!
  15. Lets see those numbers @SwitchFade backing up your claim. Also when you say: @Super Atom actually said Since the PvP mechanics in this game began in Issue 4 (you've even said so yourself) and has continued well past Issue 13 the statement that the player base from Issue 4 until Issue 13 filling multiple PvP zones is not only plausible, but also literally correct. Pragmatism, you say?
  16. Yeah scroll up in this thread to where I explain how to still get it the immortal badge in two days and use rest by flying over the spot between the two fires in mercy then hitting rest and dropping from the sky to the spot.
  17. I actually just ran this recently and was only given the option of Single Origin enhancements as well. Being totally set up with influence and a tricked out build, I just clicked 'Choose no reward.'
  18. Well said! Especially considering the amount of playtesting, thorough analysis, and consolidated feedback players give regarding proposed changes. The HC volunteers have been nothing but open to dialing in fixes and improving the game play experience in PvP.
  19. That's what I thought! But all the costume pieces are circa 2004-05, must've been rockin the GeForce 6800 GT 💪
  20. There is a GM command that sets all targets to enemies that works on NPCs, though I can't vouch for whether it works on players too. The concern I would have is with how the game applies PvP specific power attributes and DR to players in PvE contexts.
  21. This suggestion has been discussed in one form or another a few times in this sub forum and tends to involve separating PvE content out of the equation and allowing PvPers to have a place just for themselves (specific zone/SG base PvP/new zones/instanced pvp maps/etc.). 😅
  22. Intrude, perhaps this is accurate and I can see the reasoning behind this.... however, this game in its current state has cross-play across this figurative boundary. Plenty of PvE content in PvP zones, plenty of reasons for PvPers to PvE in order to achieve better performance (accolades, IOs, etc.). Heck, PvP IO sets add additional bonuses while players are PvPing (though the dreaded diminishing returns of PvP shreds these bonuses in to oblivion lol) I think it is a nice balance where it is right now and there hasn't been a compelling reason to rock this boat.
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