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  1. It is okay to dislike a change. And if waiting for an announcement on server legitimacy is too hard for you, perhaps a reminder of the 7 years without the 'City of' franchise will provide you with the comfort that it really hasn't been that long of a wait. Time is relative though, so I guess if a player is younger, this might seem like a longer wait.
  2. Lots of action, gore, grimdark, heavy adult themes. It's an adaptation of a video game series, and I think it did a great job. Wish they included the Castlevania music though 😂
  3. Great question! From someone with similar use cases... I normally use [GEFORCE Experience] the baked in nVidia recording software that came with my GPU. It records the game when I press a hotkey and then stop the recording with another hotkey. Then it encodes it and saves it to wherever I want it for later. As for video editing, uh... well I just use [Video Editor] the generic Windows 10 Pro video editing program. Nothing flashy because I don't make anything longer than a few seconds (bugs, geometry error locations, power issues, etc.) After that, it is jus
  4. I'm actually most excited about being able to demonstrate bugs or geometry errors with more than just a screenshot! 🙈🙉🙊
  5. Yeah I felt the same way. I gave the fourth season a chance because I really enjoyed the first two seasons, and everything was nicely tied up, all the plot holes were filled, etc. The only thing I didn't like...
  6. Who else has been watching this series on Netflix? They just released their fourth today season...
  7. Oh man I dig the yellow birdie image on that link 💛
  8. Wow! The editing, video effects, wow! Great content, glad to see you are back at it. I appreciate the slow-mo on the defeats, so much happening on the screen. Really high quality content.
  9. Great work on the video @GM Tempest! Might I recommend the video be embedded in the text proportionally so that when viewing from a mobile device it isn't like this?
  10. Yeah, I only stumbled on the double fire stack in 2019 after deciding to start a badger. I had thought ahead and rolled two separate accounts with emps to throw green numbers on my badger. I tried out the lava rest and thought the numbers were kinda low, so I looked for CoT red crystals and thought the same. Saw a fire in Mercy and progressively afk'd for varying amounts of damage, until one day I had more damage than I had anticipated. Not at all claiming to have discovered this method, but I like to think it has helped a few folks find their Immortal badge!
  11. Is this just supposition? I am not seeing any kind of definitive confirmation - this makes me feel like your thread title was a bait!
  12. I'm getting a Disney Maleficent vibe. Very nice use of the contrasting colors.
  13. Okay. Well until someone with a colorful title says using the email system in game is an exploit, I'll reserve judgement.
  14. Sounds like an odd suggestion to me. You are implying that a player's playstyle, which has absolutely no tangible impact on you, or any other player, is somehow the cause of any problem, let alone "most of the problems." Am I reading that right? If you could provide any sort of evidence to support this claim, I would be appreciative.
  15. Risk versus reward I suppose. If you want the badge bad enough, you'll fulfill the requirements to do so. The way that others in this thread, including myself have described it, is the most efficient (time over cost) to do so.
  16. This fires in Mercy are still the best method. Just hover or fly (or use a temp jetpack) over the fires, then click Rest. It will drop you right on the fire after a brief pause. Do the exact same thing as before.
  17. Correct, but the level 1 player would need to enter the Midnight Squad Mansion in Night Ward first (assuming they are aware of this) to unlock the prerequisite badge and then return back to a Midnight Squad Mansion in either Steel, Croatoa, or Founders Falls to enter Cimerora. Edit: Or use the LFG tab as the point of discussion for this thread makes clear.
  18. What a helpful community! Edit: For @SiliconAria, did you not see the full page of folks helping the poster who didn't how how to get their binds to work? Is that what you are confused about?
  19. The Sewers and the Abandoned Sewers are where it's at. There's even a hospital down there so you never even need to see the light of day 😄
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