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  1. That looks right to me. That is why the double stack of fire works so well, as long as you come prepared with secondary healers. The pain domination aura helps too - you have to stand pretty close, I think within 8 ft for it to apply its occasional extra hp.
  2. The max damage rate that is possible is basically your healing per second against your damage received per second. Add more healers (secondary accounts) and you can essentially heal and take a maximum of 99% of your health (100% would mean you are defeated). I ran across a mission with a triple stack of fire that damages you while running through the Ouro badges, but already having the badge I just completed it and didn't take notice. I know there are other ways to get to the highest damage received (while sustaining an equal or greater healing received), but once you get the badge it kind of becomes moot.
  3. Well if you took the time to read at least three of those threads that were already started before yours that explicitly discussed other servers being able to raise their aggro cap, you would be more informed and perhaps less likely to start another thread about something that has been discussed to death. Seeing as how you're not inclined to use the search button to answer your own question and would rather continue kicking the camel, I say good luck to you!
  4. Actually, I would prefer you refer to any of the following threads instead of me just saying it has been done to death. And also, that was just the first of more than 10 pages containing "aggro cap". Edit: oops, I included this thread 😁
  5. No offense to the OP, but this topic has been done to death.
  6. Or herding all of the giant monsters from the northern Peregrine Islands to the Portal Corp area and getting dozens of heroes to help take them down for great xp and fun!
  7. The Malaise pattern works well on everything!
  8. Just to add to the chorus, I also remember taking Hover to get across the Hollows (before the Fitness Pool was inherent and there we no IO set bonuses to increase the speed either!). Come to think of it, I remember when I thought Hover was the only flight power in the game, and I would take that along with Air Superiority, Flurry, Jump Kick, and oh my so many usual power pool picks... ... back on to topic though, I believe the past few posters are right in assuming the OP was merely seeking a solution to a problem they were experiencing. What better place to get assistance than the forums!
  9. Sounds like the Blaster Secondary, Energy Melee's 'Stun' or a combination of Energy Transfer and Total Focus.
  10. There is actually a 97MB forum limit on attachments, but you can delete previous images in your account via [Account] > [My Attachments]
  11. Without sounding antagonistic in reference to your first point, is it because you are comparing the convenience of using an exploit to the post patch travel changes?
  12. It is more like, imagine using the emote /sit while activating a power, and instead of being rooted while the animation plays out, you can move about freely without the rooting because the emote was activated in its place.
  13. @Brutal Justice Again I don't see the connection when there isn't any reference to COVID-19 in the story arc. Pandemics in general have existed throughout human history and the 'Vahziloks Wasting Disease' has existed since the beginning of the legacy game itself. I guess it makes sense to explain the context of your statement, but bringing up political events on forums is frowned upon 🤔
  14. Is this a question or a statement of fact?
  15. I'm pretty sure the weapon redraw fix is related to the bug that allowed the canceling of normal power animations that play out, not the object redraws themselves.
  16. I think the end result justifies the dialog. If you fail the parameters of the mission, the player should be told they failed. If they succeed, vice versa. Luckily this game allows players to rerun content as much as they like.
  17. I'm honestly happy someone who clearly loves the game and it's lore took the time to weave together such a challenging and rewarding story arc entirely as a self taught volunteer. This arc was on the beta server for many weeks getting tested, it's content revised, and it's scripts edited based on the input from many players. So comparing it to any content made by the legacy paid professional developers is a little unfair. That being said, I like the way this arc progresses, the Easter eggs it contains both in its dialog and its game mechanics, and the challenges that pop up throughout. So while I don't agree with your critique, I'm happy you care enough about the game and this content to give your two cents.
  18. Ah! When the light bulb shines bright - thank you for the clarity @AboveTheChemist. Looks like it is indeed at the end of the defeats section! This looks like my own error then, as I could've sworn it used to follow Warn Torn in the order.
  19. Edit: Not a bug! Human error! Please ignore 😅 I was previously awarded the 'War Machine' Badge many months ago - I remember defeating the giant monster twice before in fact. This morning I logged in and noticed I was missing the badge (I am pretty nitpicky about my badge count, trying to get them all!). I figured it may have been a strange bug, so I went and defeated him for a third time and was not awarded the badge at all (screenshot below). You will note that it doesn't appear in my badge list tab, on my most recent badge collected window, or on my chat tab window even after defeating the giant monster.
  20. Hamidon activates an incarnate nullifying power he learned from interacting with the Praetorian version. Another added mutation from this interaction is he now drops enhancements which are not affected by E.D.
  21. Winter Event The Winter Event will be running until server maintenance on Tuesday the 5th of January
  22. You can monitor the combat attributes window for the buffs from Unstoppable, you can keep an eye on the power icon next to your health and endurance bar for when it starts to blink, or you can use the "beta" feature which puts a "recharge time remaining" number on the power within the power tray to gauge when to prep for the crash.
  23. Totally agree, the hot pink color palette works really well as a highlight to pretty much any costume piece in my opinion.
  24. This is very creative and makes me also crave a snack at the same time. Bravo!
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