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Glowing costume parts and other luminosity maps displaying incorrectly


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(( UPDATE: a particular setting has been identified as the cause of my problem in my second reply below. If a moderator feels that this qualifies as a BUG, please feel free to move the thread to the appropriate forum folder. ))


For about the last month, I've been experiencing a symptom that I believe is a result of some of the luminosity maps, or alpha channels, in the game displaying incorrectly for me. The symptom only occurs on my desktop computer and not on my laptop. For example, at night when windows light up, I see entire sections of wall light up instead of just the windows:



Some gloves and other costume parts that should have glowing details, instead glow all over.

Beneath the floor of pocket D it is now pitch black instead of the usual pale glowing environment.


Windows 10 64bit

My video card is an old nVidia geforce GT 720 and the drivers were last updated September 2020.

I Thiiiiink the symptom started in September 2021.


I temporarily renamed the data folder which contains texture replacements such as vidiotmaps and restarted the game with no change to the symptom. I'll continue troubleshooting, testing settings, updating drivers etc.


Just wondered if anyone else had seen problems with lighting recently in the game. I suspect it is an issue on my computer.






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Here's an example of costume part not lighting correctly. Only the small circles on the gloves should pulsate with light, but instead the light pulse animates over the whole surface of the gloves. (you can also see the dark black below the pocket D dance floor although the view through the side windows of the club displays correctly.)




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I Located the setting that is not working correctly for me.

Advanced Graphic Settings> Shader Quality:

Set at very low or low (with or without world bump maps)---> No glow effects at all on glove (I assume this is working as intended?)

set at medium---> the glowing details display incorrectly (entire glove glows, instead of just the circular glove details)

set at high---> glove details glow correctly (working as intended)

(With advanced graphic settings disabled, all settings under that particular slider seem to work correctly.)


Screenshot showing glove details and pocket D dance floor displaying correctly (Shader Quality set at "high"):


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Your GT 720 video card is probably quite old and was quite low end even back then.

It might be because it has some issue with it's driver in combination with how CoH uses the shaders.

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