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Characters I haven't played showing recent offline day counts


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Hi folks.


Not urgent, but I periodically notice characters that I have not played or logged in with for 30+ days showing at low or 0 "days offline" counts, as if I *had* logged them in recently. It happens rarely, but on different accounts and with different characters. It's not even something I can gather data on because I'm not vigorously watching day counts on all 140+ characters every day, but it has been consistent on Homecoming since May 2019, just every now and then.


- I have been and am still using the Tequila launcher.

- I am as certain as one can be that the accounts are secure; no one else has the login info.

- I am certain when I notice it now that the character has indeed not been in play for 30+ days, but then appears with a 0 days offline counter.

- This *may* be happening after a patch, but I have no data to check that, either way. (Just thought of it now.)

- It *appears* to only happen to one character at a time, but I don't have data to really be sure.


Any thoughts? I did not find this as a known issue, but my search-fu is not mighty.

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Any function that pings the character database will reset a character's "days offline" counter, such as supergroup rank promotions/demotions and using /altinvite to invite your own characters to your SG.

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