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Opening any version of mids (from AT pages) results in a stripped down build import

Echo Night

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Windows 11 (installed a few days ago, updated yesterday morning)

v3.0.6.0 Issue 27, Version: 21.8090


Character name, origin and powers sometimes import but the enhancements never do. I have to manually recreate each and every build from the site. Copy/pasting data chunks (why can't everyone do this for meeeee!!!) will however import everything over. I've tried right clicking to open in a new tab/window, saving as, saving to different locations within the drive and saving to another drive. Nothing works. This has been going on for at least a month now. The tediousness has won. Any suggestions? 


As an aside, opening my own saved builds works fine, *edit - but right clicking the icon on the toolbar to open a previous saved build, results in a stripped down build as well.

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