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Official Discord: https://discord.gg/pG5TCEg | Official Github Repo: https://github.com/Reborn-Team/Hero-Designer | Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/midsreborn
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  2. I confirmed that build export on Mids' 3.4.7 is indeed broken. I kept a copy of 3.3.1 around. I tried exporting the exact same build on both 3.3.1 and 3.4.7. It works on 3.3.1 (despite the error the forums gave me in the message prior), but it does not work in 3.4.7. I reported it on the Mids' Reborn Discord server.
  3. I just updated Mids yesterday and now I cannot see the first power of a powerset, so cannot make builds with those powers. Any thoughts on how to resolve? Edit - Apparently there was an update I missed and it is resolved now. Please disregard. I could not figure out how to delete my post, so just editing it.
  4. Hrm. I just tried exporting a build using 3.4.7, but it didn't work at all. However, this may be an issue with the Homecoming forums, not Mids'. @GM Widower
  5. Revo-Ripped and reinstalled so it isn't in the User's profile directory. It now in C:\MidsReborn and upgraded properly. And all the old builds in my stable are now forcing recoveries. Here's an export: (A) Empty (A) Empty (A) Empty (A) Numina's Convalesence - +Regeneration/+Recovery (15) Panacea - +Hit Points/Endurance (15) Miracle - +Recovery (A) Empty (A) Performance Shifter - Chance for +End (16) Performance Shifter - EndMod
  6. Export seems broken. This is the result of such an export
  7. Just coming here to say the same. Mine is showing a fixed proc rate of 58% for a 3.5ppm (75% for a 4.5ppm) regardless of base power cooldown, slotted recharge or cast time.
  8. Numbers still show up when you move your mouse where they are supposed to be. Please don't call me harsh but i'll be direct here: mids through wine has unpredictable shenanigans that is pretty tough, when not impossible to test. Other OS but Windows may support it to some extent, but you'll run into this kind of issue pretty often. Use a windows-based machine or a virtual machine. Again, sorry.
  9. PPM calculations seem to be off in 3.4.6. Noticed it in several powers, the % is too high. Example.: Sentinel DP Executioner's Shot, 59.62% slotted recharge, Bopper's CoH Tools & Formula's spreadsheets shows 59.5% proc rate (63.737 avg damage). Planner shows 75% chance for 80.32 avg damage) [on a 4.5ppm purple proc, for clarity]
  10. I did this and I can't load my stone armor stalker now. The option for stone armor doesn't even appear for stalkers anymore. Just FYI, it's still possible to select the Tier 1 powers; just put the cursor right below the powerset selection box (at least, this works for me. IDK about anyone else).
  11. Got this solved if anyone needs this: delete your data\config.json file in Mids' directory then restart it.
  12. Found on the Discord that you can do Ctrl-Shift-Alt-A to enable the editor. It then shows up in the Options->Advanced dropdown menu.
  13. Hi, following this thread, is anyone having issues with the tier 1 powers being hidden under the dropdown power boxes? For some reason i cant see my first level of powers on the left hand side? I tried moving the main box around and adjusting but cant seem to get it to move. Thanks for your feedback!
  14. I tried this with hopes it might do something but my UI still looks like this. It works and all, but I have to get really close to the screen to use it.
  15. Yeah, glad you said something. I was on 3.4.5 and noticed Invuln was borked. Auto-update would run and freeze. Manual update! WOO WOO! Honestly, with my low opinion of WIn 11 and its supposed stability (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!), I can't really blame Mids.
  16. I just noticed that some were having troubles updating their Mids, thought this insight might help.
  17. HALLELUJAH, IT'S USABLE AGAIN!!!! Thank you so so SO much! 😄 Now to make some symph builds... 🙂
  18. This happens sometimes. Depending on which version of Mids you're dealing with.
  19. Update: robobl4de in Discord showed me how to address this using the OS settings on the executable file. In the folder where you installed mids, right click on MidsReborn.exe and select Properties, then: All thanks to robobl4de here, they're the hero I needed.
  20. I had no problem running on my Win 10 desktop. But my Win 10 laptop has problems. It's one of those devices with a physically small screen but high pixel count, so Win 10 scales the display (resolution 3840x2160, 300% scaling size). This is what new Mids does with those settings: The previous public version of Mids didn't have this problem on this machine.
  21. When I was trying to update my Mids on my computer, I went to uninstall Mids on my computer and there was 2 versions, an older version and a new version, after I uninstalled both, then reinstalled, everything was working fine, maybe this will help others.
  22. Edit: NVM - I used WinRAR to extract instead of the dumb windows extractor and it worked fine. Move along now, nothing to see here. I downloaded the zip from the website and when I try to extract any binary from it (dll, exe, etc) I get this error: The images and other data in the subfolders seems to extract fine. Any ideas?

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