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  2. I uninstalled my previous Mid's to get the new install to work. It works, all my files can be pulled up. BUT, there is no scroll bar on the right side so I can see the lower section of the window. I shrunk the window down both horizontally and vertically, but can't get the scroll bar to appear. Cannot see the Epic Pool selections or Incarnate choices at bottom of window. Any help?
  3. Thank you. I will give that a try. Meanwhile, I was able to find a work-around. Went to the Mids' Reborn web site and downloaded the latest "Archive" copy: version When I looked more closely, my version was So, I have both loaded (in different directories), and the version works very well. Reminds me that all my builds are out of date, but it opens them all. - Thanks again for the Tip, plainguy!
  4. Uninstall and reinstall and it will work.. Just did it and it is working..
  5. Getting the same.. I am going to try to uninstall and reinstall from scratch
  6. Hello. I just accepted the latest update to Mids' Reborn, and now none of the prior builds will load. That includes all legacy builds, even if I select Lagacy under "Open". I get a message indicates an "Unhandled Exception", something about unable to find the specified file. The files are there and are displayed when I use Open. I'll try to attached a screenshot. Any ideas? Or how can I return to the prior Update? Thanks! Bjorn.
  7. Hey trying to set Field Operative to show me numbers while in combat to see where I need to be for defense cap numbers but when I go into options and change suppression to attacked, hit by foe, damaged.. Either ticked or NOT.. The defense numbers do not change.. I also don't see the defense numbers in Field Operative so I can just divide them in half.. So anyone have a clue on what to do here to keep the build in combat mode so I can review numbers this way?
  8. OMG if this works Im going to send you so much inf. One Q: when I go to download wineskin winery, its now showing this? And - like a dumb dumb - if I do download this it doesn't show the engine you used? WS11Wine64Bit9.1? Just these: And if I try and install a new one it comes up with a lot of broken options.
  9. I just added up each set bonus and proc that effected mez resistance and between mids and the game... the game is where the difference is. They both list the exact same bonus but the game isn't using 11.18% of my listed set bonus. I only did the math on the mez risistance but there where variations elsewhere as well, mez was just the largest variance.
  10. Last night after I posted the MIDs build download I went onto Brainstorm, which is where I took the pics from earlier in this thread, typed in /buildsave and loaded that into MIDs and still ended up with 70% mez resist vs the 58% ingame. I did this all on brainstorm, but just so its stated, I also had the same ingame numbers listed on live. So it's definitely not skewing numbers between Live and Brainstorm. Later today I might go though the build and add up the listed percentages for the sets between live and MIDs.
  11. I did finally figure out how to do that lol Xcessive Force - Scrapper (Claws - Regeneration).mbd
  12. Post the build - maybe you've got something toggled on?
  13. I imported the build to Brainstorm to make sure I didn't just slot something wrong and theres still a discrepancy between the builds.
  14. I did a claws/regen scrapper build and finally got my values to where I wanted them and for some reason in game Mez is only at 58.52% as opposed to MIDS at 70%. Is this a known issue or something?
  15. Notice that I still have Time Bomb instead of Remote Bomb. I did pull in an old AR Device build so I am wondering if that pushed Time Bomb into the database and replaced Remote Bomb. Mids' Reborn v3.6.6 rev 3 Database: Homecoming Database Issue: 27 Page 7 Database Version: 2024.2.717 Running under .NETCoreApp,Version=v6.0 / .NET 6.0.15
  16. Sorry to necromance this thread once again, but I wanted to reply to this since this thread still comes up on Google if you search how to install Mids on Mac. This might be answered in the Discord, but I'm not in there. The video guide is slightly out of date. You will need to change a few things, but otherwise everything else is the same: When creating a blank Wineskin wrapper, used a 64 bit Windows 11 engine. It may work with others, or it may even work with Windows 10, but I used WS11Wine64Bit9.1: When running Winetricks, you will need to add the .NET Desktop 6 .dll to your Wineskin. Please note that .NET Desktop 6 is different from .NET 6. Like so: (This is technically optional, but will prevent you from having to re-create your wrapper every time you want to run the program) After running the Mids setup executable per the video and the Wineskin menu, you will need to modify the Wineskin app's 'Windows app' field. You may see a message like "No new executables found!" after you close Mids or the Mids installer. This is because Wineskin tries to check that a program was installed into Program Files, but Mids installs into AppData. Simply do the following: a. Right click your Wineskin for Mids and click "Show Package Contents" b. Navigate into the Contents folder and run the "Wineskin.app" app. The app should be located somewhere like here: And the folder with the app you want to run should look something like this: c. Once you've run the Wineskin.app you should see this menu. Select "Advanced". d. Modify the 'Windows app' field to the following: "C:\users\Wineskin\AppData\Roaming\LoadedCamel\MidsReborn\MidsReborn.exe" Please note that this location may vary in the future, or depending on where you installed the executable to when running the Mids installer via Wine. This field needs to match wherever you've installed the MidsReborn.exe file within Wine's /drive_c/ folder. You can use the 'Browse' button next to the 'Windows app' field to locate the executable within Wine's drive_c if you have misplaced your file or the default location changes in the future. Important note: There is currently an issue with Wine where installers will sometimes have the text loaded as white or near-white text with a white background, making it very hard to read. This is a bug with Wine and doesn't have anything to do with Mids and it isn't anything anyone here could fix. When navigating the installer, just click the 'Next' button at the bottom until you reach 'Install', then click that. If you choose to launch Mids from the installer when it's completed, please don't forget to update your Wineskin's executable location per step 3. To help future proof this post somewhat, please note that you can verify which Windows OS is recommend and which .dll file is required by checking the Mids Github on their site. Please check the actual link to the .NET .dll file, as it may be called something colloquially that differs from the .dll's actual name. For instance, Mids is currently using .NET Desktop 6, but the Github says .NET 6. You can find this info on the Github at the bottom, like so: Then, whenever you make a Wineskin for Mids in the future, just select an engine that matches that Windows OS and use Winetricks to install whatever .dll is required. If anyone out there is still trying to run this via Wine, hopefully this info is helpful to you. Cheers.
  17. Quick update for Mids (might also be relevent for other versions): Step 3.4 - install dotnetdesktop6 (only this one is needed) Step 5 - you need an additional line here (again you will need to replace myuser with your user account name): export DOTNET_ROOT="/home/myuser/.local/share/wineprefixes/MIDS/drive_c/Program Files/dotnet/host/6.0.19/hostfxr.dll" (I didn't discover this myself, original link for this DOTNET_ROOT thing is here )
  18. Hi, anyone know how to get the latest version? Mine is 2 issues behind and the updater crashes. Thanks!
  19. 1. This would be something better asked in the Mids' Reborn Discord server as the developers stated that they don't check the forum any longer. 2. While Mids' Reborn does start several Edge WebView2 processes, my fans are whisper quiet while running Brave Browser, Thunderbird, Signal, Tidal, and Mids' Reborn simultaneously. I suspect that it's something else kicking up your fans. Also as far as requiring 500 MBs of RAM, welcome to 2024 where Windows programs are severely bloated and memory hungry. 16 GBs of RAM barely meets the minimum these days, and rumor is that Microsoft plans to bump Windows 11's minimum specs to 16 GBs of RAM soon. I had to upgrade to 64 GBs of RAM simply because I ran out of memory just using Brave Browser, Thunderbird, Signal, Tidal, Mids' Reborn, and City of Heroes simultaneously. 3. To disable updates, Options > Configuration > Updates & Paths > Automatic Updates. Switch it to "Disabled."
  20. This took me a while to notice. Every instance of Mids 3.6.6 seems to start a Microsoft Edge WebView2 process, which consumes just a little bit of CPU (according to task manager) but sends my fans spinning like crazy. Why does Mids need to connect to the Internet, anyway? I see it checks for updates (which I'd rather it didn't, frankly), but I don't understand why it needs 2% of my CPU and 500mb of RAM consistently to do that...
  21. Thanks for this info. I was able to get mids running on an M1 mac without too much divergence (I needed to install zenity but I think that was the only thing radically different).
  22. What I typically do is: Open the ZIP file Copy the contents to another folder (I am lazy, so usually the new folder is in the Downloads folders) Pin the executable to my taskbar Run it. I have been away from the game for the last 9 months (and am only visiting the forum because someone asked a question), and just downloaded 3.6.6, did the above, and it runs. So you might give the above steps a try.
  23. Ya I saw a thread about people working on a similar solution. I didn’t really think it would be in that high in demand but I guess we are slaves to our phones these days
  24. The simplest / cheapest way to do that would be to have it hosted on a website (as opposed to offline app) and at least one person has dabbled (to a limited extent) with that AFAIK. It's around here somewhere, but IDK how they went about doing it.
  25. I have way to much downtime during the day with only phone access. A nickel to first one to writes a mids hero designer app for my iPhone. (I mean not really, though I would love it…besides I need my nickels to throw at traffic)

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