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  2. There is something weird going on. The Might of the Tanker +res proc is giving a lot of recharge by itself. Try changing for a different Might of the Tanker IO, check Hasten's time, then swap in the MotT +res and check Hasten's time again.
  3. Thank you! Yep - already updated to the latest and I love it! Works perfectly. I'm just really used to the old window while I'm working on a build. The new window is great too but I'm so familiar with the old window it's just easier for me to spot what I need to work on. I'm so used to the old size/look and often I have multiple builds open and the smaller totals window works better for me in the situation where I'm trying to compare things and screen real estate is limited. I've had my own TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and Mumble servers in the past but I never really got into the whole Discord thing (yet). I have it but just haven't bothered to start learning/using it. If I can ever get into the whole Discord thing I would love to hang out. Thank you for the invite! And again a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone working on Mids'. This may seem odd but part of the CoX experience that I enjoy is using Mids'. It wouldn't be quite the same without it (to me).
  4. No stacks for the Tanker version: No effect with Blood Frenzy turned on (possibly due to not having a scale): Mids has also become real sluggish. I had already deleted and re-installed but I might need to hunt down all files this time for a complete scorched earth re-install. So far I've had small bugs like inherents not showing up (loading a Tanker EM build), some inherent power graphics not loading leaving me with just black boxes, and now even this as seen below:
  5. Got a screenshot of what you're seeing? Here's a Scrapper, I set the inherent to 1 stack. My other powers show the endurance and recharge reduction. Now, Savage Melee does need to be looked at. For instance, the DamBuff and +EndRdx from Savage Strike should not be there. That is likely a relic from before we fixed Blood Frenzy last year. Powerset sweeps like that will just take time to fix as it depends on priority.
  6. Woo, updates! There is still some weirdness with TFC though: Actually it looks like we may need to re-do some builds as they are funky with all prestige powers still visible, TFC linked to a sprint, heck I no longer have Energy Focus inherent visible in my EM tanker. Birthing pangs though. Is there a way we can tweak the color scheme back to how it was? Call me old but I liked it. Found the color options in the configuration, I'll try to remember how it used to look and tweak it. Small bug: the program does not remember custom colors we have set. I also noticed that Blood Frenzy's inherent in Savage Melee did not impact the calculations of a build's recharge or endurance cost. It might do with a scale as well.
  7. Don't feel awful about asking for things. 🙂 We usually try to accommodate most requests within reason. Come hang out with us on Discord. I saw this a few days ago btw, the latest release now has the option to use the old totals window in the configuration options. You're welcome 😁
  8. This has been resolved in the latest version 🙂 Enjoy!
  9. Slowly but surely we're working our way through this problem. Almost all of the Corruptor primary powersets have been fixed. As of today's update (v3.0.3.1), the only ones that still need updating are Dual Pistols, and half of Water Blast. Archery, Assault Rifle, Beam Rifle, Dark Blast, Electrical Blast, Energy Blast, Fire Blast, Ice Blast, Psychic Blast, Radiation Blast, and Sonic Attack should all be fixed.
  10. I think this is now fixed. We just released the v3.0.3.1 update.
  11. I just want to say I love the Export to Beta server feature. That is amazing. Thank you to whoever is responsible for that.
  12. annoying but you can get to it if you hide your start menu toolbar
  13. It might be on our github, but off hand I don't recall.
  14. Thanks! I figured something productive was occurring, I wasn't sharp enough to follow along. Do you have a link to a previous version of Mids, prior to the window resolution issue?
  15. Zethriller is actually one of our developers, so it is actively being looked at by our team. We're still working this (well...they are, this is outside the realm of database edits so I don't touch 🙂 )
  16. Bopper, Hello, and thank you for your continuing attention to this incredible utility!!! The Mids window is not scaling to allow me to see or select from the Epic/Ancillary picklists. I have run compatibility modes for Windows 7, 8, 10, and tested available screen resolution, scaling, and DPI options. This scaling issue was not present on the same device while running issue 26 (apologies, don't remember the specifics). Another user (zethriller) and I posted this bug on GitHub, but haven't heard back. Link to GitHub post and specifics: https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn/issues/63 Thank you for your time and attention!
  17. Thanks, I set it wrong in the database. I set it to Melee_Res_Dmg table, when it's supposed to be Ranged_Res_Dmg. I'll fix it
  18. Mids / DB 21.0111 Controller / Trick Arrow / Disruption Arrow: End Cost Duration -Res In-Game 14.56 46.25s -30% Mids 18.2 45s -40%
  19. You're gonna hate this answer, but you're gonna have to slightly rebuild it. Because it's an old build, the inherents (Shadow Step and Shadow Recall) are occupying the same position as Dark Nova Emanation and Dark Nova Detonation. I'll see if Metalios can write some code that will re-organize inherent powers when opening a build, but that could possibly cause issues with other people's builds. In my opinion, it's probably best to bite the bullet and create a new build and copy the slotting over.
  20. We'll look into this. I swore this was working correctly at one time, but we had other bugs with the Display panel that we had to address and that might have broke the functionality for showing different cast times. When I have Energy Focus on, I get this: The 1s is shown in parenthesis, however the proc calculations are not being updated to use the new cast time. Not sure why, but we'll look into it. As for insta-refreshes, that does not impact proc calculations. That is an effect that simply takes your power off cooldown (like burnout), but it does not change the recharge time of the power.
  21. My apologies if this has been brought up but I did not see it mentioned in the past pages. I am currently testing EM with a tanker but checking the lil box for Energy Focus does not alter the cast time of Energy Transfer. I am a bit confused about why there are so many lil yellow dots on the powers now (I should read the patch notes but I could not find them. I blame only myself. Found them by joining the discord). This is something I'd like to get my hands on since I believe with the change to the animation time the proc chances will be altered. Or will these be calculated by the regular animation time of ET such as has happened with other powers (Water Jet in Water Blast that insta refreshes)?

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