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  2. The exports look like my exports in the old version completely garbled.
  3. I'm having this same issue. Did you ever find a fix for it?
  4. Good day, A while back I moved my system over to Linux from Windows, majority of the transition has been seamless, but the biggest issue I seem to be having is getting Mids up and running, hell even installing on Lutris. It seems if I either use Lutris or some Winetricks it just seems to hang up in some sort of way. Mainly right now it is saying I do not have .NET 4.8 installed which I thought I had going. If someone has a quick note/tips on getting the fresh install going I would appreciate the help.
  5. How do you open the builds? I can't open them when i export. It opens a new blank Untitled tab only. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ok i have got it working. I opened MRB and went into Options>configuration>update&paths>Repair schema until it says Valid. That seems to have sorted it. @crytilis
  6. Also uninstalling old version also had no effect.
  7. I have the same error message, and when I try to install via the zip I get an error stating interupted file transfer. so I cannot get the newest version, this is debilitating.
  8. Yeah, I tried that with no luck. Still the same message even with a fresh install from the website.
  9. I was experiencing the same problem. I uninstalled the old version and reinstalled the new version and it works again.
  10. I'm having the opposite problem; legacy builds (with the .mxd file type) open just fine, but any time I try to open a build with the new .mbd file type, Mids freezes and I have to close it. This happens with old files I've edited and saved with the new .mbd file type and files created originally in the .mbd file type. I have no idea why or what's going on. I've posted on the Mids Discord about this, too. Overall, this leads me to dislike the .mbd file type! 😠 😛 Edited to add: I can open an .mbd file from File Explorer, just not from the Mids app itself, so this isn't totally app-breaking, but it is frustrating.
  11. The latest (at the moment of writing) version of Mids gave me a lot of trouble in Ubuntu 23.04 including consistently crashing my GNOME session under Wayland (under X11 it just pops a dialog complaining about missing dotnet runtime — looks like dotnet shims and Wayland are quite at odds, but I digress). If anyone else faces similar issues, here's what I did to get it to work: Download the dotnet runtime Mids depends on. For version 3.5.6 that would be https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-6.0.16-windows-x64-installer Run the downloaded executable within the wine prefix you'll be using Mids from. If you're going to use your default prefix, the required shell command would look something akin to this: wine Downloads/windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.16-win-x64.exe Run wine dotnet "The\\Path\\To\\Mids\\Installation\\MidsReborn.dll" (⚠️ yes, the .dll and not the .exe; also notice the double forward slashes) in terminal or put it in a .desktop file That should hopefully be it.
  12. Keep getting this error message and I am at a loss as to how to fix it. Anyone know what I need to be doing differently?
  13. Use the dropdown menu in the bottom right of the open menu to change it to legacy builds.
  14. Not a Mids Dev here but just put in the newest version (3.5.3 I believe because I am not at home). It does use a new file extension but all of my builds except my Masterminds do import and do so apparently correctly. Masterminds are the only one I am seeing it throw multiple alerts on and don't open. Will be putting in the Discord channel when I get home. Happened with all four MMs (and only the four MM's). Mercs, Demons, Necro and Thugs.
  15. Just found this out myself.. updated to the New Mids.. cant open old builds.
  16. Getting frustrated here, couldn't down load a mid builds from forums for over half a year, now I find it and my old builds won't open the files clicking on the the saved build, have to open everyone from after opening the program. A majority of the builds do not open, they just end up corrupted. The old version I had couldn't open the forum posted builds, now it won't open many builds straight from the forums and then it corupts them. I think it has powers at the new levels where its now available sooner but displays inncorret at the old levels. Are there any solutions?
  17. That sounds like something went wrong with the update. The Incarnate window shows on mine. I suggest joining the Discord server here and asking for support, as support for Mids' Reborn is no longer offered on the forums.
  18. I manually updated to Issue 27 Page 5 (2023.1.417) and the improvements were awesome except for the small detail that there's no Incarnate window. Older builds no longer show Incarnate choices as well.
  19. Sorry for necro'ing this post but I was wondering if anyone's running Mids smoothly on recent Macs? Is the above video still the best way to go?I've ordered mine today and obviously I'll be instantly installing CoX+Mids as soon as I get it. Thanks!
  20. This Forum is no longer monitored, for all things support please use our Discord.
  21. Thank you, Destruckor, I had actually given up hope on this post, thinking it was going nowhere. I'll give your instructions a try. Thank you again for your time and effort! 🙂
  22. Hi. I've not used Mint for a while, but due to an impending thought about getting rid of Windows, I've had a play and the following process worked for me (tested with fresh install of Fedora 37 and also Ubuntu 2210, which is presumably the closest to Mint of those two). Any comments about steps are hashed out with a # For this I used Mids from the website. DISCLAIMER - I am NOT responsible if doing anything listed here or below causes you issues with your wine setup - I'm not familiar enough with wine to know if I've done anything obviously bad or that might impact use of wine or another program that helps manage it. Also, if doing any of the following causes your wine installation to eat all the cheese in your place of dwelling, it's not my fault. Fedora 37 sudo dnf update #always good to make sure you're up to date sudo dnf install winetricks #This is because you might not want to mess with your default wine setup winetricks --gui create a new prefix, I called mine MIDS just so it stood out, and I went with 64-bit Select the new prefix you just created. make a note of the path displayed in the top bar, probably something like /home/myuser/.local/ and so on. you'll need this later Select "Install a Windows DLL or component" scroll down and select "dotnetcore3" and "dotnetcoredesktop3" #not 100% if these are both needed, but this is what I did to get it working hit OK and there will be some downloading, some complaining about 64-bit prefixes and such, it's all good, just make sure you're installing the 3 or so things it asks for Open a terminal, and we'll assume you downloaded MRB_3.4.7.5.zip into your Downloads directory (some people call these things folders), and we'll make a new directory to host mids: mkdir mids; cd mids; unzip ../Downloads/MRB_3.4.7.5.zip #or use whatever gui tool to do this We now need to tell wine which prefix to use when it runs, and it does this via setting a shell variable - you will need the path you saw in step 3.2, make sure you don't just copy/paste but use the one that is correct for you: export WINEPREFIX=/home/myuser/.local/share/wineprefixes/MIDS We can now run wine against the MidsReborn.exe and get the next bit done: wine ./MidsReborn.exe This will then complain about yet another .NET component you need to download and should hopefully open a web browser window and download the file for you. If for some reason it doesn't, you can get the file from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-6.0.13-windows-x64-installer?cid=getdotnetcore If for some reason there is an issue and the installer doesn't run, you can run this manually with: wine ../Downloads/windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.13-win-x64.exe Go back to the winetricks gui, ensure your wineprefix is selected, and at the next window select "Install a font" select "liberation" and "tahoma". winetricks will now go and download them, expect some clicking about 64-bit prefixes and winetricks running a command until you finally get back to the menu with "winetricks - current prefix is...." at the top. You can now hopefully run Mids with the same command we gave in step 6: wine ./MidsReborn.exe Yes, some of the fonts and things don't look quite right, but this is better than not having it. Ubuntu 2210 1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade 2. sudo apt-get install winetricks Broadly the same steps as Fedora, but we do have another hoop to jump through before step 6 6a. Fire up winetricks as a gui by running this from a terminal: winetricks --gui 6b. Select your wineprefix, mine was MIDS. At the next window, select "Install a font" 6c. select "liberation" and "tahoma". winetricks will now go and download them, expect some clicking about 64-bit prefixes and winetricks running a command until you finally get back to the menu with "winetricks - current prefix is...." at the top. 6d. you can now perform step 6, 7 and 8 and hopefully you should now have a working Mids. Both To run Mids in future, you only need to do the following in a terminal: cd mids export WINEPREFIX=/home/myuser/.local/share/wineprefixes/MIDS wine ./MidsReborn.exe Or, you can create a script so that you just need to type something like runmids to start mids: nano runmids #!/bin/bash export WINEPREFIX=~/.local/share/wineprefixes/MIDS wine ./mids/MidsReborn.exe chmod +x runmids Enjoy.
  23. that previous snippet wouldn't parse if there were newlines between the list opening and list closing.

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