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  1. What's new in this club
  2. I Can Haz Web Site? https://hero-react.herokuapp.com/Splash The web site is up and running. Right now, there's not much more to it than what you see in the screen shot. Obviously, there's still a lot of coding left to do, but the pieces are starting to come together. What we have now is two Heroku free web sites, one for the API, and one to serve pages like the page shown above. Both are slow when first starting up, but once awake, they're pretty fast. Once we have a paid site, the wake-up time goes away. In the mean time, if you see things like "Class_Blaster" and "Inherent.Fitness.Health" instead of "Blaster" and "Health", give it a minute and it should automatically fix itself. If it doesn't clear up after a minute, just refresh the page. What's Next? Coding the Power Set Picker and Power Picker so you can start building a toon. Edit: Repository links. All repositories should be public. hero-core (includes Android and iOS subprojects) hero-react scatterbase
  3. In Mids, for the Sentinel Energy Aura powerset, the Power Armor power allows slotting Heal/Absorb enhancements and sets in the game, but Mids does not allow it. Furthermore, it is probably miscalculating the extra hit points provided by this power. I can provide screenshots, if need be.
  4. I wanted to make a list of future enhancements to the AI for when I'm able to develop this again. Option to not use unique enhancements (purples and ATs) in the build Evolve powers, meaning swap out existing powers for ones that better fulfill your goals. Tag .bwc files with metadata such as what AT the file is meant for (could be 'Any'), what powers it targets, etc. Use said tags to present the user with a list of .bwc files on the wizard's first screen that apply to their toon. The wizard would only search the Templates directory for these files. A suggestion was made to be able to tell the AI things like "I want this power to have at least 80% damage from enhancements". I like the idea, but am unsure on what the UI for that would look like. If you have any suggestions, give a shout.
  5. More bad new guys. My backup PC is flaking out on me now. This means that, for now, I won't be able to continue development on this project. That was my last PC and Mids only runs on a PC. Work on the web and mobile versions continues, as I can do that on my Mac.
  6. For this week's update I have the Character screen running in the web. In a previous post I mentioned how the architecture for this system is a GUI shell talking to a Rust core, which in turn talks to the cloud. The screen shot below is that shell, populated with some dummy data. Earlier this week I posted the cloud API. The next step is to build out the Rust core so the shell can interact with the cloud. The web version has been tested on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome on Windows and Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on the Mac.
  7. I was able to reproduce the problem. A short term fix is to run Slots / Enhancements -> Slots -> Clear All Enhancements before running the Wizard. I'm going through the code now to find out why this is occurring. The error dialog you're seeing is a permissions problem. Use the File Explorer to make sure C:\Program Files (x86)\Hero Designer AI MVP\Data\Config.json is not set to read-only, as shown in the screen shot below. You open this dialog by right clicking on the file and selecting "Properties". If the file is not set to read only and you still see the problem, the system could be preventing you from writing to the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory. You can try installing the software in a different directory, such as Downloads.
  8. these are errors i get when closing the AI mids not sure if this is realted
  9. ok so this is the original build (has not been play tested yet) This is the final build the AI came up with and the settings file: AI Character.bwc nm figured it out
  10. It definitely should not be doing that. But I loaded your build and ran it through the wizard 5 times and never got those results. I tested this by loading your build, clearing all the enhancements using the Slots / Enhancements -> Slots -> Clear All Enhancements menu item, and running it through the wizard. Is it possible to post your original build, the one before running it through the wizard, and a . bwc file? This will let me reproduce your situation. The .bwc file saves your wizard config. You can make one with the "Save your Choices" button on the 3rd screen of the Wizard.
  11. thank you for response i have messed with this a bunch of times now, and i noticed something if i just select damage and nothing else it is using both superior and non superior versions of ATO, even though i am pretty sure you cannot slot both of them in game, i could be wrong but i think this will throw off alot of basic people like myself. again apologies if this is actually allowed and i am misremembering edit: i am referencing the slotting here in sub dual and psychic wail specifically edit 2: upon closer look, it is not using both versions of the enhancements but it using the same enhancement multiple times.. specifically the superior defiant barrage Acc / dam
  12. Tell the wizard you want damage bonuses. That should be all you have to do. It'll slot damage procs wherever it thinks it makes sense. The following damage procs are supported: AnnihilationChanceForResDebuff ApocalypseChanceOfDamageNegative ArmageddonChanceForFireDamage AscendencyOfTheDominatorRechargeChanceForDamage AssassinsMarkRechargeTimeRchgBuildUp BlastersWrathRechargeChanceForFireDamage BrutesFuryRechargeFuryBonus CloudSensesChanceForNegativeEnergyDamage CriticalStrikesRechargeTime50CritProc DecimationChanceOfBuildUp DominatingGraspRechargeTimeFieryOrb EradicationChanceForEnergyDamage FuryOfTheGladiatorChanceForResDebuff GaussiansSynchronizedFireControlChanceForBuildUp GhostWidowsEmbraceChanceOfDamagePsionic GladiatorsNetChanceOfDamageLethal GladiatorsJavelinChanceOfDamageToxic GladiatorsStrikeChanceForSmashingDamage GlimpseOfTheAbyssChanceOfDamagePsionic HecatombChanceOfDamageNegative ImpededSwiftnessChanceOfDamageSmashing JavelinVolleyChanceOfDamageLethal KheldiansGraceRechargeFormEmpowerment MakosBiteChanceOfDamageLethal MalaisesIllusionsChanceOfDamagePsionic MaliceOfTheCorruptorRechargeChanceForNegativeEnergyDamage NeuronicShutdownChanceOfDamagePsionic ObliterationChanceForSmashingDamage OpportunityStrikesRechargeTimeChanceForOpportunity OverpoweringPresenceRechargeTimeEnergyFont PerfectZingerChanceForPsiDamage PositronsBlastChanceOfDamageEnergy SciroccosDervishChanceOfDamageLethal ScrappersStrikeRechargeCriticalHitBonus ShieldBreakerChanceForLethalDamage SoulboundAllegianceChanceForBuildUp SpidersBiteRechargeTimeGlobalToxic StalkersGuileRechargeChanceToHide StingOfTheManticoreChanceOfDamageToxic SuperiorAscendencyOfTheDominatorRechargeChanceForDamage SuperiorAssassinsMarkRechargeTimeRchgBuildUp SuperiorBlastersWrathRechargeChanceForFireDamage SuperiorBrutesFuryRechargeFuryBonus SuperiorCriticalStrikesRechargeTime50CritProc SuperiorDominatingGraspRechargeTimeFieryOrb SuperiorKheldiansGraceRechargeFormEmpowerment SuperiorMaliceOfTheCorruptorRechargeChanceForNegativeEnergyDamage SuperiorOpportunityStrikesRechargeTimeChanceForOpportunity SuperiorOverpoweringPresenceRechargeTimeEnergyFont SuperiorScourgingBlastRechargeTimePBAoEEnd SuperiorScrappersStrikeRechargeCriticalHitBonus SuperiorSpidersBiteRechargeTimeGlobalToxic SuperiorStalkersGuileRechargeChanceToHide SuperiorWillOfTheControllerRechargeChanceForPsionicDamage TouchOfDeathChanceOfDamageNegative TouchOfLadyGreyChanceForNegativeDamage TouchOfTheNictusChanceForNegativeEnergyDamage TrapOfTheHunterChanceOfDamageLethal UnbreakableConstraintChanceForSmashingDamage WillOfTheControllerRechargeChanceForPsionicDamage
  13. i just checked this out today, how does this handle procs as a damage source? if this is not the right place to ask please point me to where.
  14. Current release Mids AI MVP Installer version 0.1.0 -Functionally identical to release 0.0.26. Code-named Maria after the robot in Metropolis .
  15. BTW, if you want to play with the server, the API uses the patern COMMAND/ID. Here's a list of valid command's with a sample id and link for each: archetype Class_Blaster https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/archetype/Class_Blaster enhancement_set Absolute_Amazement https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/enhancement_set/Absolute_Amazement enhancements_for_set Absolute_Amazement https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/enhancements_for_set/Absolute_Amazement powers_for_power_set Arachnos_Soldiers.Arachnos_Soldier https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/powers_for_power_set/Arachnos_Soldiers.Arachnos_Soldier primary_power_sets_for_archetype Class_Controller https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/primary_power_sets_for_archetype/Class_Controller secondary_power_sets_for_archetype Class_Stalker https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/secondary_power_sets_for_archetype/Class_Stalker ancillary_power_sets_for_archetype Class_Brute https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/ancillary_power_sets_for_archetype/Class_Brute pool_power_sets_for_archetype Class_Warshade https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/pool_power_sets_for_archetype/Class_Warshade enhancement Crafted_Basilisks_Gaze_A https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/enhancement/Crafted_Basilisks_Gaze_A power_set Scrapper_Melee.Ice_Melee https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/power_set/Scrapper_Melee.Ice_Melee power Defender_Buff.Cold_Domination.Benumb https://gentle-dusk-67062.herokuapp.com/power/Defender_Buff.Cold_Domination.Benumb
  16. Version 0.0.0 of the database server is up. This is running on a free account at Heroku. Their free accounts go to sleep when not being accessed and take a few seconds to wake up when they get a request. Eventually, a paid account will duplicate the capabilities of the free account so there's not a sleep delay. But the free account will never go away. It will always be available for use. The final code will try to connect to the paid account first, and if fails it will connect to the free account. This is a read-only database that stores static info like archetypes and enhancements. Another database, yet to be written, will store info that can change, like player builds. WARNING: DO NOT TICKLE THE DATABASE SERVER! Tickle Tickle Tickle
  17. Status Update So, for this week's Show and Tell, I don't have anything to show, but a few things to tell. I spent the week doing "spikes", which means exploring new tech. Out of that came a new router for React, react-awesome-router. Silly name, but it's easier to use than react-router and it has route guards, which I need and react-router lacks. Doing this required refactoring the existing React components into a functional style. For iOS, the UI is now responsive, adjusting automatically to different screen sizes. Ditto for Android. The Android UI was also re-written from scratch in a functional style that preps it for the upcoming release of the Compose framework. It also now uses Jetpack for navigation. Edit: Well, ok, there's one thing I can show. Here's a screen shot of the new responsive Android code running on a tablet. And the new responsive iOS code running on an iPhone SE...
  18. I hadn't heard about MAUI. It looks pretty cool. The design philosophy I went with was to have the core written in Rust because it's the most reliable language I know of, it's portable, and it's super fast. I can use that speed for the AI stuff. And then around the Rust core are best-in-class front ends for each platform. It's a bit more work to do it that way, but you get full access to the capabilities of each platform. Anyway, that, along with everything needs to run for free, are the reasons I went in the direction I did. But I'd hate to duplicate effort, so I'll take a look at MAUI once it's released. But the Rust core is honestly going to be better for me than something written in some other language. Edit: BTW Rust can run inside .net.
  19. Electron is actually one of the things we'd discussed. I'm more of a web designer, and Zed has a good foundation in Javascript, so we'd be able to more easily handle the front-end stuff while Metalios works behind the scenes. But yeah, lots to talk about, tons to consider! With .Net MAUI on the horizon, that's also a strong contender for us.
  20. If folks want to have a look at the code, it's here: Hero Core On BitBucket with an additional library here: Scatterbase Hero Core is the Rust library and there are sub-projects for the Android (Kotlin), iOS (SwiftUI), and WWW (React + Tailwind) runnables. Scatterbase (Rust) builds and provides access to the database.
  21. Thanks. My plan was to have this be a supplement to Mids, not a replacement. That's why I only targeted platforms that Mids doesn't support. But if you guys want a Windows version too, it can be done. The core is written in a language called Rust, which is like a modern-day C++. I can be run on pretty much any platform, including web browsers when it's compiled to Web Assembly. Adding a new platform just means writing a GUI shell to talk with the core. The core handles most of the work, like calculating stats and talking to servers. Edit: But just to be clear, yeah, this is still in early stages. The core exists, but is basically just a simple proof of concept at this point. The database, including HeroBase, exists. There's some code, including the core, running in simulators on iOS, and Android, and in a browser. But the character creator screen is just an Adobe XD mock up. Servers need to be written, communication with cloud storage needs to be written, tests need to be written, etc. It will take some time. Edit 2: Another way to get a Windows version (and a Mac version too) would be to add Electron to the web version. Electron turns web apps into desktop apps. And sorry for this post being a bunch of techno-babble. It just kinda happened.
  22. MRB Team: discussing what steps to take moving forward to a more crossplatform-compatible, possibly web-based Mids successor Magicjtv: LESS TALK LET'S DO THIS Your determination is starting to make us look bad! 😛 In all seriousness this is looking great, especially for early stages. It's giving me some City of Data vibes.
  23. I just wanted to drop a line to the Mid's guys to say if they want to merge my AI code into the normal Mid's code, I'm ready to do that.
  24. Depends on if you're playing on other servers. The Mids that is evolving here is based on HC. If you don't plan on going anywhere Else, then I'd just keep an archive just in case and then drop them into the default location as well.
  25. Enhancement Picker Doesn't need much of an explanation. Tapping the "i" gives info about the current set.

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