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Minor Prison Break Event bug


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The Prison Break Event has what I consider a small bug.


In the last phase, the super powered bosses often fly. I try and be a considerate player. So, I chase after him to make he didn't get stuck somewhere and screw up the event.


I ended up downing him well away from the event start. The event completed, but I got no reward box because I was too far away from the event marker.


Honestly, the rewards for the event are uninteresting. I just don't like it when you're penalized for doing the right thing.

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Which is "funny" since the event screams at you that the prisoners/Freakshow/bosses need to be dealt with in pretty much every part of the Brickstown map. Also annoying since the basic prisoners, the Freakshow, and the bosses will run out of the event area and break the event fairly routinely. While not a fix, on the rare occasion I bother with the event, I just wait for the runners to (hopefully) come back and get event credit/rewards.

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