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Teleport destination validation not working

Kai Moon

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On a couple of my support alts, I'm accustomed to targeting an enemy or teammate, hitting a combat teleport macro, then healing or buffing or debuffing.


With the most recent patch, this is a crap shoot. If the target's behind a wall, sometimes I can teleport there, sometimes I can't. In all cases, the destination is valid (after all, an enemy or teammate has walked there), but it's completely unpredictable whether the destination validation will allow it.


For now, I'm putting my teleport macros on hiatus, since they fail just too often.


(Yes, this is PvE.)

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It could be out of range for the updated teleport mechanics.  If your target isnt in line of sight then it now uses pathing beacons around the corners to check for range.  That non straight path can put them out of range but i wouldnt rule out jankiness either.

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