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More Destroyed/Broken/Dirty Base Items


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I am loving the new base item additions of street trash and broken furniture. I would appreciate even more versions of items that are broken, damaged, dirty, moldy, etc. for use in "ruined" supergroup bases. For example, I wish I could place the moldy couches and wall details found in flooded office instances.


It also feels like many of the ruins pieces available (such as building rubble) are too large. Some smaller variants and additional rubble/rock piles would be fantastic!

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If you can get me the name of the contact that gives out the mission I could take a look. A lot of ruined versions of objects don't actually have an addressable name in the editor for bases to use, since they are often map wide texture swaps of the regular versions, so they can take a little extra work to set up.

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I believe it was a mission from Montague Castanella in Night Ward, the one where you defeat the Animus Arcana. There were several missions I did in Night Ward and First Ward that had these flooded or destroyed office areas. Sorry I can't give you exact mission names!

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