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Complete Bind & Macro Guide

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Hi - SO glad to be back!


I know there's a lot of guides out there, but serious players might find this one quite useful. I spent my playing years documenting and checking a thousand details. I hope it's still seen as useful.


Shenanigunner's Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide - http://www.dgath.com/coh/

v3.20 Technical Guide (27p3)... 140 pages of complete, comprehensive and validated info on on the nuts and bolts!
ALSO:  GABB Bindfile  ·  BadgeDRADIS  ·  City of Zeroes  ·  Teleport Guide  all at  www.Shenanigunner.com

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There's some useful guides in there. Thanks!


Here's a rather specific question. Does anyone know of a way to toggle up different Real Combat numbers windows? I was hoping there's a way to switch up which 10 stats are being shown by just making a couple of binds. As a /Bio brute, it would be nice to see different stats on cue when changing adaptation modes.


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Request hi-res icons here. fBfruXW.pngnFRzS1G.pngZOOTsRk.pngh1GKuZo.pngNG0EFBL.png8lnHKLt.png3f2lHyL.png7KPkl2C.pngHPucq9J.pngBlbsQUx.pngXdnlqXI.png9sfLlss.pngu1MqVyK.png9E28NED.pngTrwSZIP.png

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