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The redone Cavern of Transcendence is great


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We tried it on Wednesday (grav-thermal controller and grav-stone dominator), got our arses kicked; Thursday, same dominator, a grav-ice dominator, and a staff-WP tanker; a desperate struggle with waves coming in from behind, many deaths and one complete wipe. It's really challenging now, and not in a way that just depends on the interface screw of having no map or having to click all eight eggs at the same time. Thanks.

Homecoming Wiki  - please use it (because it reflects the game in 2020 not 2012) and edit it (because there is lots to do)

Things to do in City of Heroes, sorted by level.   Things to do in City of Villains, sorted by level.   Things only Incarnates can do in City of X.

Why were you kicked from your cross-alignment team? A guide.   A starting alignment flowchart  Travel power opinions

Get rid of the sidekick level malus and the 5-level exemplar power grace.

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