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  1. I do think it's a pity that Homecoming isn't in a position to just get one or two of us pedantic gits to go through fixing these. In particular, there's a huge amount of low-hanging fruit which can be found very quickly just by grepping the strings in the game for common typos.
  2. There's a fair bit of its/it's confusion in First Ward. Also, Blind Makwa: Midnight siezed the Midnight Mansion and all the artifacts and sorcery the Midnighters had accumulated over the decades. That sorcery includes The Book of Binding and The Dust of Chains, and I need your help to get it. "siezed" is definitely wrong. It also seems at least odd that this doesn't say "Those artifacts include ...".
  3. I wouldn't go that far! I, and I'm sure many of us, have sat at the keyboard contemplating the following: such-and-such can't happen, I am absolutely sure of it nevertheless, such-and-such has happened. I think we're mostly missing #2 here.
  4. I am absolutely not saying this has happened, or is likely, but surely it is theoretically possible that something on the rewards side looks at what badges you have got and happens to do something inappropriate if you have the level 99 vet badge? (Again, I am absolutely not saying this happened. I expect the answer, if Faultline indulges my curiousity, is that the reward side doesn't look at what badges you have got at all, or in very limited ways).
  5. I think the most obvious way to make this work would be if, combining two patterns, if either the primary colour trumped the secondary, or vice versa.
  6. Victory's quite friendly with Homecoming (you'll notice the Wiki is run off Victory's systems, and Victory runs the same version of the game).
  7. I've just seen Faultline on Discord complaining we can't quite decide if coordinates are x,y,z (as in the Coordinates page) or x,z,y (as in one Demo Editing page and the Location Header template). The two points of view seem to be that a triplet of coordinates should always be x,y,z (which I agree with, and from what Faultline is saying, seems to be the internal representation) versus an idea that the Z axis is always vertical. I've changed this since I hope a decade-old convention amongst demo editors might now be dead... but this is a pretty drastic move and if anyone hates it, s
  8. Well, only one. Odd; I thought I reviewed pretty well every new user edit. I fear I've been lax about proposed deletions, too; I've been through and cleaned the lot out.
  9. I remember a discussion about this a while ago with at least some HC developer participation. As I recall, that's not practical, but something that might be practical is to have buffs that you _can_ apply sorted to one end of the list, so (for example) if you're an FF defender you'd see anyone's Deflection Shield at the left-hand end whether you or another FF defender applied it to the target. Another way the ordering could be more useful is if they could be sorted by how they are applied - by which I mean, imagine that single-target ally buffs always appear on the left, shorter du
  10. "Most respecs don't fail" is... kind of what I've been saying all along; it seems to explain the observed facts (go away and change something and, hey presto, it works). But also "GMs shouldn't tell players things which are known not to be true" is not a major request. When I started, I would not have expected that anyone would disagree with it.
  11. I don't think I've asked that the devs do _anything_ (although now I think about it, it does seem like a bit of logging would very rapidly shed light on what the causes are, if it's anything but bad luck). Your proposal is obviously bad since it will only increase the confusion for VEATs. But that's not the same thing as telling players something which is known not to be true, is it? If the current guesswork is wrong, telling people to train is useless but harmless (other than confusing VEATs). But doing that doesn't have to involve saying it "always fails".
  12. Guilty as charged, but honestly when I swore I'd take that whale in tow, I anticipated a considerably shorter conversation along the lines of "it doesn't always fail, it probably doesn't often fail" "oh, we'd better not tell people it always fails".
  13. That seems a bit besides what I'm saying right now, which is that ideally that volunteer crew wouldn't tell players things that are definitely not true. (And not harmless; of course, it's pretty confusing for the VEAT player...)
  14. I mean that yesterday a GM said on Discord that it quote always unquote fails, I pointed out that wasn't true, and my remarks were removed from Discord while the untrue statement from a GM was left. Furthermore, said GM absolutely did "quibble" with that point. This ("always") just isn't true. Ideally, "GMs shouldn't say things that are known to be untrue" shouldn't be controversial. I've not quoted the quibble since I'm kind of torn between this apparently being a forbidden topic and the sheer absurdity of the situation.
  15. We've now reached the state where a GM can say on Discord it "always" fails with untrained levels, even though that is absolutely unequivocally known not to be true, and I can't point out that it isn't true. I despair.
  16. Not a typo; the briefing NPC simply doesn't know or care about the distinction, as many people do not.
  17. Well, again, most respecs work. Does a large and busy base matter, or is it just that if a player is in a base and has a respec fail, they are more likely to be in a large and busy one because more players are in busy bases than empty ones? We don't know. I had to think about this, but I see what you mean. No bad habit to be in if you like slotting patterns that would have been impossible on live. I mean, that doesn't seem implausible. (We could just as well be in the situation where everyone tells people to zone on a respec failure because we "know" that works, and I'm as
  18. We don't know that at all, both because "99%" is a number pulled out of nowhere and because, as detailed upthread, everything we see is consistent with the idea that respecs almost always work and so stopping whatever you were doing the first time will seem to be effective. Again, as detailed upthread, it's no surprise that when respecs fail, we tend to find things which you'd expect to be true anyway - being in a busy area is the obvious example. Most players are in busy areas; that what makes them busy areas. That seems as likely a scenario as any.
  19. Well, it's been a while, but today I tried "in a busy area" - ie, Excelsior, next to Ms Liberty, in the evening on Saturday. Four respecs in a row all succeeded. Hence, I suspect "busy area" is as much of a red herring as "untrained levels".
  20. I have little to add to this, besides that Discord user Grey Rellik identified the bug; I am just reporting it.
  21. The bottom right of the front page has a link to the available help, but also - assuming someone is basically coherent and well-intentioned, almost anything they might write in that page would be better than nothing.
  22. Indeed. Why not register an account and create it? I'm not being snarky here. The Wiki is edited by a handful of people, a few of whom are very dedicated and the rest of whom (like me) look in now and then. There is more to do than that number of people can _possibly_ do. At least one Wiki admin (me) reviews all edits by new users; if you make a mess, it'll be cleaned up. A brief stub would be better than nothing.
  23. Better overall? I dunno. But it's arguably better at travelling around by jumping - certainly no worse - which is unfortunate if Super Jump is meant to be better at "the core thing it does". Conversely both Fly and Super Speed offer clear improvements on their Origin Pool equivalents now for that core purpose. This would be very easily fixed by making Mighty Leap's speed cap slightly lower, with Takeoff putting it even with Super Jump.
  24. It's unfortunate, I think, that Super Jump isn't really better than Mighty Leap now, in spite of the stated aim that classic travel powers should "be better at the core thing they do (running, flying, jumping)". If anything, I think Mighty Leap has come out better, since jumping still faster and further seems more generally useful than slightly fiddly vertical mobility, the latter being available in a number of ways from the P2W Vendor.
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