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  1. Well, a reasonable person deserves a reply, so: I regret to say I am not going to do that. I find the document quite adequate as plain text; it's a reference document, not some light reading, and as such I don't mind that it looks like a giant list of stuff, because it _is_ a giant list of stuff. I would no more expect fancy formatting to break up a telephone directory. It is also enormously easier to maintain as plain text rather than HTML.
  2. Absent any reply saying why that's not so, in the next few days I'll do the proposed merge.
  3. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Trial_Zone seems confused. It looks like it wants to be a list of the Hazard Zones that include trials... but since when does the Storm Palace? (And if so, why say "Many of these zones contain Task Forces, Strike Forces, or Trials"?) https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Hazard_Zone would then presumably be all the Hazard Zones that don't have trials... except there's "Eden" again. I wonder if I am missing some long-forgotten statement in the early days of the game as to which zone was which kind. If not, I suggest I merge the two pages into "Hazard Zone" leaving a redirect and note on the combined page which zones have Trials.
  4. I think you might have meant to reply to the person who suggested otherwise; I was just commenting on what they wrote.
  5. I _think_ all explore badges are now correct, but that might be hubris. I posted about this elsewhere, but I found some but not all Atlas Park explores had "See Also: Villain Exploration Badges" and were in that category. In my view that is wrong; the see also is bad because they don't appear on the list if you visit that See Also link, and the category is bad because the two categories for Hero and Villain explore badges will contain almost exactly the same things. In my view such badges should list only the See Also and cat for the side they're from. For a page like "International Spy" (that just details a separate redside title for a blueside badge), I suggest See Also: Hero Exploration Badges (the page that actually lists it), but Category: Villain Exploration Badges (which is making that cat do two jobs, but perhaps useful ones). Currently also Praetoria explore badges are in both cats. I submit they should be in neither, and a note should be added to the top of the hero and villain cats that notes that heros/villains can get them and links to the Praetorian cat.
  6. The note itself seems clear enough and I agree it would make a useful addition, but "if you are a natural soloer, do this arc that you probably can't solo" seems somewhat curious.
  7. Added the four Issue 17 Dark Mirror arcs. I wonder what else I'm missing?
  8. I think it surely must be one of those "Mirror, Mirror" style universes that keeps getting pulled back into alignment so people can keep meeting their counterparts. (Perhaps that is why Primal Earth is "Primal"; the other universes do actually dance to its tune). As you say, Praetoria was different centuries ago, yet Cole and Richter found the Well; and surely the universe would diverge with Richter's death, and yet we know from Praetor Duncan's Personal Story that their Miss Liberty was very like ours (in spite of the way her uncle is dead and her father very, very different).
  9. It is? Because I was editing it a little less than 2 hours ago. Please quote the URL that gives a 404?
  10. Ah, I see. I thought you meant "History" pages as in the pages that show the editing history.
  11. Why not import the whole thing, history and all?
  12. Dream Doctor, "Find David Hazen's Missing Journal": "[NPC] Ancient of Frost: You attacked many of us, Scirocco. But you can not defeat us all. We will thrive on your pain before you're taken by Mot." "can not" should be "cannot". Dream Doctor, "Stop Mot from Devouring the World": "[Caption] People of the world, today we make the choice of hope, and that is something Mot can NOT take away, that Mot CAN NOT DEFEAT!" Same "can not" / "cannot" confusion (twice). Michael Binocolo, final debrief: "The Midnighters say that they cannot consider the Luddites offer at the moment, given the blow that was struck to them. Perhaps in the future, they may work together with us." Apostrophe after "Luddites". The blow was struck "against" them. Comma after "Perhaps". X-Ray Spectator Badge: The soldiers of Point X-Ray like to call themselves the "X-Raiders." They are an elite squad specializing in sniper rifles and counter-insurgency and though they find themselves in a completely unfamiliar environment they still employ their military discipline and peerless training to the effort. They don't generally welcome super-powered individuals but seeing as you've come as far, you've clearly proven yourself against the "hostiles" and so they offer you a grudging respect. Though they are not ready to give you the title of fellow X-Raider... yet. "to the effort" is gibberish; not even sure what was meant here. "you've come as far", maybe "so far" or "this far". "Though they ..." is a hanging sentence fragment. Maybe a comma after "respect"?
  13. I'd like to have a discussion about "Connecting Zones" in zone infoboxes. Blueside, this is a list of zones connected _other_ than via the monorail, which makes sense because the monorail goes to all the same places. (I don't promise you that every single blueside zone follows the same scheme.) Redside, you have a list of every connected zone, usually assuming that the ferries and black helicopters are in something like their issue 18 divided state. I think this was a pragmatic way to go about it in issue 18. Mercy would otherwise tell you it had no connecting zones, for example. Now it's a bit unsatisfactory because every villain city zone should list every other villain city zone. I suggest we continue to pragmatically recognise we don't want to describe redside zones in the same way as blueside ones, because blueside zones do have doors between them and redside ones don't, but do something like the infobox on https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/index.php?title=Mercy_Island&oldid=281946 to avoid the redside infoboxes bloating with the list of the same seven zones.
  14. No, it made no sense at all, and obviously I know the backstory for Ouroboros. You might as well suggest that all the Echo: Galaxy City badges should say "This is a blasted wasteland of rubble".
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