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  1. I can't think it would ever be supposed to be the case that you can slot an enhancement that doesn't have any effect.
  2. I notice the new Dev's Choice arcs appear on page 2, sorted between the arcs that are both Dev's Choice + Hall of Fame and the arcs that are just Hall of Fame. IDK how feasible this is but I think it would be best if the newly crowned arcs appeared at the very top of the AE list. I have at least some conflict of interest here since I am reasonably friendly with Darmian, the author of the most recent pair of winning arcs.
  3. My feeling is generally to remove it unless it is something I'm aware is a persistent source of confusion for returning players, in which case I'll try and leave some mention to the effect that things have changed (which implies, in general, mentioning how things were on live).
  4. When Blind Makwa passes you onto Cerulean, he says "Trust Master Midnight if you wish, but I warn you, he will betray you as he did me". This is odd because he's talking about Cerulean, the idea of trusting Master Midnight hasn't been mooted, and Master Midnight didn't (as far as we know) betray Blind Makwa.
  5. I do think it's a pity that Homecoming isn't in a position to just get one or two of us pedantic gits to go through fixing these. In particular, there's a huge amount of low-hanging fruit which can be found very quickly just by grepping the strings in the game for common typos.
  6. There's a fair bit of its/it's confusion in First Ward. Also, Blind Makwa: Midnight siezed the Midnight Mansion and all the artifacts and sorcery the Midnighters had accumulated over the decades. That sorcery includes The Book of Binding and The Dust of Chains, and I need your help to get it. "siezed" is definitely wrong. It also seems at least odd that this doesn't say "Those artifacts include ...".
  7. I wouldn't go that far! I, and I'm sure many of us, have sat at the keyboard contemplating the following: such-and-such can't happen, I am absolutely sure of it nevertheless, such-and-such has happened. I think we're mostly missing #2 here.
  8. I am absolutely not saying this has happened, or is likely, but surely it is theoretically possible that something on the rewards side looks at what badges you have got and happens to do something inappropriate if you have the level 99 vet badge? (Again, I am absolutely not saying this happened. I expect the answer, if Faultline indulges my curiousity, is that the reward side doesn't look at what badges you have got at all, or in very limited ways).
  9. I think the most obvious way to make this work would be if, combining two patterns, if either the primary colour trumped the secondary, or vice versa.
  10. Victory's quite friendly with Homecoming (you'll notice the Wiki is run off Victory's systems, and Victory runs the same version of the game).
  11. I've just seen Faultline on Discord complaining we can't quite decide if coordinates are x,y,z (as in the Coordinates page) or x,z,y (as in one Demo Editing page and the Location Header template). The two points of view seem to be that a triplet of coordinates should always be x,y,z (which I agree with, and from what Faultline is saying, seems to be the internal representation) versus an idea that the Z axis is always vertical. I've changed this since I hope a decade-old convention amongst demo editors might now be dead... but this is a pretty drastic move and if anyone hates it, s
  12. Well, only one. Odd; I thought I reviewed pretty well every new user edit. I fear I've been lax about proposed deletions, too; I've been through and cleaned the lot out.
  13. I remember a discussion about this a while ago with at least some HC developer participation. As I recall, that's not practical, but something that might be practical is to have buffs that you _can_ apply sorted to one end of the list, so (for example) if you're an FF defender you'd see anyone's Deflection Shield at the left-hand end whether you or another FF defender applied it to the target. Another way the ordering could be more useful is if they could be sorted by how they are applied - by which I mean, imagine that single-target ally buffs always appear on the left, shorter du
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