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Gravity Control - animation time reduction


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The first 4 powers of gravity is basically a set of blast attacks


1. Crush - similar to freeze ray from ice blast, with immb instead of hold.  Reduce down 1.33 sec animation closer to 1.  Gravity Distorion should also apply the [IMPACT!] bonus to Crush.


2. Lift - similar to energy blast, animation time is good as is but the delay secondary damage tick should be reduced to 1 second. Its mostly thematic, but 2 seconds for a tick is like corpse punching with T9 melee attacks


3. Gravity Distortion - The center of the set.  Hold that causes extra damage with Life and Propel with the [IMPACT!] buff after it is applied.  Activation time from 1.83 to 1.5 seconds.


4. Propel - the Fun PowerⓇ©™ .  Reduce the animation time from 2.07 seconds to about 1.8 seconds.  Increase the distance from 60 to 80.  would be awesome if it did AoE damage up to 4 targets instead of 1 target and AoE KB 3 others. 


5. Add Impact affect to all control powers.  Maybe, kinda, sort off, probably not .  Wouldn't be as damaging as fire, but when not controling stuff stunned or held it would be nice to wear them down; my dominator's /assault secondary just doesn't feel all powerful without a forklift or sink to the badguy's head.


Gravity is a bit lacking in damage, would would love to see a single target attack chain to just beat things up.  Distortion/Lift/Propel repeat against the wall 😁

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23 hours ago, Outrider_01 said:

Gravity is a bit lacking in damage

What??? Gravity has the highest ST damage of any control set. In contrast to most sets, I believe it's actually higher damage on a controller than a dominator. 


Also, all the animations have been greatly reduced over the years. I remember when Propel had a 3.5 second animation.

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IMO all control set single target holds should have their animation time normalized the same way blaster t1/t2 attacks were normalized. There is far too much power discrepancy between what you can do with mind/fire/dark holds in an attack chain compared to what you can do with grav/earth/plant. Even impact being great and all for what it is can be largely consumed by the long animation time of gravity distortion. 

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