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  1. Animation options, SJ/CJ have the lowest "shimmer" aura noticeable after flight but can be turned off (SS has shiney feet and teleport has that light up animation). Change Beast/Ninja to "Enhanced Run" or what ever, now allow the animation to be changed to any of the ninja/beast/prestige/Sprint. Would love for Ninja to just use the Sprint animation.
  2. Sure, why not. Group like leadership toggle that is -100% damage, -100KB. Insert flavor text, "by absorbing the surrounding energy and force, all knock back is reduced." Self toggle only, -250% damage -100KB, "suppressing your power, it greatly reduces the force behind it." Fixes problem, give up something. Seems fair, as a lot of people assume KB is a huge problem when its ignorance how to use it and that AoE solves everything. Also puts power in the hands of another player. Its like, they are going to kick you any way if you don't comply. So comply and lose something in return. You want KB? Come with the powerset you chose, deal with it. Someone else ignorantly hammer tosses freak across the room; why does it matter since they probably made some random dumb ass choice that same day that would annoy you; <--tl;dr can't fix stupid, why fight to suppress it.
  3. Just tell the kiddo not to play with the children, its going to appear on the internet because of anonymity and people never group up. Quit group, find another that is hopefully not lollipop-ing the community drinking fountain (lead facet 😉) with a stereotype meme of crap that has been in the movies since the 80s. If anything, perhaps she should mention those idiots sound like the sea gulls in Little Nemo Mine! Mine! Mine! Karen! Karen! Karen! Bunch of mindless birds spouting an unoriginal one liner.
  4. Whats is everyone carping about? Thread seems a bit fishy. Oh cod, I can't stand these types of jokes. Just like a school, everybody is fishing for humor. Guess this thread is the o-fish-al source of smelly humor. I haven't really had time to mullet over, but I flounder every time, a think-tank might be required with something a brain-sturgeon to come up with a joke. Three fish jump into a bucket... I have met my nemo-sis, but I whaley need to stop. What a turtle disaster and sounds a-trout-cious. Cod, that was a eely bad attempt. I took the bait, sorry they were not fin-tastic. I am getting a haddock, these jokes are a pile of carp and I am hooked but not quite up to scale of something funny. Anyone else want to mussel in ahead of me, while I come back with oar jokes. We dolphinetly have a greater oppor-tuna-ty here, but puns are making everyone look gill-ty of krill-ing people with laughter. I’ll bait these puns can keep on going, some of us are clown and suckers. Mean while, I think I am going to get something to eat my chums, something worm.
  5. Pfft, easy enough to out run in most cases if not interested. Kill badges, kinda hard though. In and out mission running, macro port. Standing near the drones with protection INSP, loved it when morons got zapped after they couldn't TP foe.
  6. It doesn't make sense. If Bob, Burt, Rob, Tom, Dick, Harry, Larry, Jack, Zack, Rick, Chuck, Jerry, George, John, Paul, Mike, and Greg can't take that unstoppable behemoth down, why would the 83 other henchmen want to get their ass kicked? Of course they are gonna go after the other heroes. Safety is not always in numbers and quantity, sometimes you got to sacrifice a buddy to fake a fight. Tanks will just break the spines of villians, they like to walk instead of confinement to a wheel chair.
  7. Generally, you don't want to be near the door in a city of violence. Safer to walk from the back of the lot incase a villian is making a getaway while demolishing the building.
  8. I do, its the problem of the teammates or NPC's standing in the way, think mosh pit over the face planted hero. Howling Twilight is the same mechanic, 80 foot range with 15 foot radius rez....Defibrillator is 7 foot activation and I don't know how big the radius; assuming its the same. Shouldn't need TP Friend to stack and rez a group (thats just convience), I like to combat rez the important team member as you got awakens for wipes or at least until the battle has moved to the next room. 7 activation range just feels like a single target Resurrect in Empathy which is 10 by itself. what I would like to see is a PBAoE EM Pulse (like in rad) which rezes the group with a stun component, a sleep is a joke (rez, team mates toss an AoE, NPC immediately activate powers cause lol endurance drain/recovery with 1 endurance cost powers). if you are trying to rez 1 person who might be the primary buffer/debuffer or melee, a good stun will hold the baddies long enough to get toggles on or reposition. Yeah, if its AoE you got to assume its more like a combat rez since squishy classes don't need to toggle powers that much; not counting FoTM defense builds just as the thought behind SO slotting. Rez, full health, full endurance, you would be popping damage or control powers (assuming your melee are not showing off and arm wrestling the bad guys like lumber jacks). If its out of combat, you always got awakens as a back up. Yeah know, I was just thinking on Trick Arrow. What if Acid arrow had fire or energy damage component, to trigger Oil slick. Fire Oil slick, target the group of baddies, and hit them with Acid, easy light up. I think target cap rules might apply to that oil slick pet, but it would put the ability to light it more reliably in the same power set instead of relying on a power outside Trick Arrow. I mean, how does Ice/Trick controller light it easily? Huge advantage goes too the Thugs/TA MM or Fire/TA controller.
  9. Thread is too long to read about such a hot topic, but something worth a watch though it concerns police more. Short video Long Version Makes you think, his reaction to the hate of his race or job in life hits home. How does one mans death by another man who is an idiot has nothing to do with race? The guy who did it, complete and utter moron...the rest of civilization over reacts. People die every day, but why does the death of one man because of his skin color cause such a huge outcry? - death of another man whose color is different, just a foot note in the news unless a celebrity - women raped, forgotten until the next reported victim (not talking about those groups who seek more justice, thats a whole other issue. I just mean the one report in the news you may see that day) - children kidnapped, assaulted, exct cause more emotion but its again forgotten until the next victim - Yet one man's skin color creates more outrage then the above? And we still remember, to the point he is now a moment in history in Wikipedia? Yet that other child, man, women for another reason is forgotten. The common individual, who is not a celebratory or well know individual; just the common person...unless you are assaulted, shot, or arrested because you have a dark skin color. Why? Regardless of race, gender, or age....why is one man with a particular skin color a "justified cause" for the mass of riots, violence, and disrespect against another man because of his skin color? We are all human, but the stupid actions of one man (that one officer or officers involved) does not equal creating such uncivilized behavior. Humans are dumb, panic driven individuals who point at the least likely more "obvious" cause of a problem; somehow the uniform and epidermal color is the answer. I thought the one man died because the other man was a total idiot, I must be wrong. Personally, I want to say this before I will walk out of the thhread. The Sympathetic Get Out of Jail Race Card is getting old, like a spoiled and rotten Vahzilok corpse. The individuals involved will be punished, the rest of civilization needs to step out of the problem and let the justice system handle it. Shit, I don't think I can drink coffee with or without creamer anymore. I might offend someone. Note: the color of Sympathetic Get Out of Jail, the blue background is a terrible color to read on. Highlighted lines look awful and the color selections are terrible. The multi color Race Card, is the only intentional part and its more of a joke on how this PC crap is getting out of hand.
  10. Want to throw in Electrical Affinity. Its new, but it doesn't seem to be well thought out and is clunky like running a marathon wearing one boot and a sneaker. Static is cool, but it serves no other purpose then increasing the number of targets to buff; at almost 20 stack there is no benefit over 5 unless you are in a raid. 90% of the time you are in a regular group; except for a large MM group and up to 42 pets. Faraday Cage is useless, 10 second resummon pet shield that adds +5 static. Problem is the stationary summon and its the same size as Toggle bubbles while Maneuvers is twice, but it doesn't move so requires a lot of summoning. For a ground summon, it should have a bigger radius. Only benefit is the mez protection to your own character, like melee level. Galvanic Sentinel is a debuff pet, but it moves a bit slow and does zero damage. I can't tell if this thing is dying off to fast or the 2 duration is wearing off it gets aggro easily, the hitpoints are low while the heal can't keep up. The 4 primary buffs Rejuvenating, Energize, Insulating, and Empowering are good but they need a slight duration increase. It becomes an attack chain, you can't use your other set that much Rejuvenating Circuit needs a buff, for a heal its kind is kinda week with that target cap but not much benefit beyond 5 static 95% of the time, Building static should increase something beyond the target cap LOL endurance drain, yeah its always a theme with electric but it just doesn't have much use and really limits the entire set with how many endurance modification. Not enough -damage debuff outside the T1 and Galv Sent yet you gain aggro like crazy. Ampped - T9 defense god mode, should be more of a group buff and not a single target. Especially as you can buff Galvanic Sent by accident if you lose your intended target. Defibrillator - This, This is the one power that needs a huge change. That activation is so short range I have been stopped by my own team trying to rez someone by a pixel. 7 melee target AoE rez, same radius as Howling Twilight. If you are going to go with a melee code, at least make it act like Spine Burst or other PBAoE attack so the rez just activates as that 7 melee to target kills the 25 radius when it doesn't activate. Static stack building vs Water blast building, works against each other. when you are building 1 vs the other, more minor issue. Its not really a bad set, it just feels like a 2004 release era set. Practically complain about everything I know, but after a week of "Oh, these buffs are nice!" I got into the habit of acting like a heal bot. Was getting frustrated, as I couldn't find a rhythm that broke it; buffs are so nice but frustrating to not cast them with the short recharge after enough haste.
  11. myself and another stood in a farm for almost 10 mins waiting for the rest of a group. Turns out they were in another map, as we stood in the exact same one. Last week myself and another couldn't get in a map, but the click trigger hadn't been touched as one couldn't get in at the start and I died to hospital.
  12. Tragic back round lore is just that, tragic back round lore. Here is how I see it.... Josh's world turned upside down when his father was shot and killed in the line of duty He was a man possessed registered himself as a super-powered individual but was made a special He is known to let his still simmering anger over his father's death boil over on occasion Blue Steel beat the man nearly to death and left him for dead. He led one of the early crackdowns against the Clockwork, though has rarely spoken of the encounter. Determined. Rookie attitude, get the job done. Brash and hot headed, quick to anger. Tragic moments, tempered his self identity and cooled his attitude. PTSD like, doesn't want to talk about his mistake that changed his life which is kinda a theme with returning military vets from war. I am over analyzing it, but I interpret Batman hero; a vigilante and any arrest would actually be considered unlawful Blue Steel, registered officer who can arrest criminals under the law Cowboy Cop and By-The-Book Cop turned Veteran Instructor; Batman is just pure vigilante with no trope but his own. Creates a villain through their own actions, both seem to regret the action (Differing interpretation for Batman with all the different writers) Blue Steel isn't just a reference to a uniform color and a badge. It is also color of tempered steel, after a forging process to increase increase toughness by decreasing hardness. Blue Steel becomes tougher on himself to become softer; teach the younger heroes how not to act and do something similar to the greatest screw up in his life. Blue Steel is just the opposite of Batman. Not all tragic hero stories require their family to be slaughtered, sometimes its the brutality of their own actions that cause the hero to change. Also consider this bit of Clockwork King background Ironically, the Clockwork King shares many things in common with a stereotypical nerd. (writer opinion near top) stealing a spool of copper wire from a cable service van major assembly line production seemed underway. There were dozens of Sprockets attempting to construct CK was a nerd fascinated with robots and could animate things with his mind; he wanted to build more of them. Clockwork were not really originally malignant, just building more "toys" but in the process an officer was killed, not all actions are legal but sometimes they result in worse case scenario. Compare it to the original Joker back round were he was just that; a Joker who played tricks and pranks before he was created to be incredibly insane and brutal. I over analyze things, not trying to defend the character itself but the back round. Make more sense for a TF having Blue Steel attempting to seek redemption and forgiveness from the Clockwork King for his actions, but it doesn't happen. I just see Blue Steel-Clockwork King as the same to Batman-Joker, similar type of characters with a different way of how they were created and the hero never truly defeats his archenemy. I don't think I am explaining my point of view well, there are so many tropes of character back rounds that are shared with so many comic book heroes and action movie stars it is easy to spot the similarities.
  13. You can only use plain IO in most of the base powers all classes get. Sprints/Prestige can only use IO plain, or IO Travel; they can't use Universal IO set. Stealth works, No Steadfast +Knockback protection. Rest takes only normal IO. Brawl takes melee sets and normal IO Swift Hurdle take normal IO Health/Stamina take normal or IO sets for heal/endurance.
  14. There are melee control sets. Lots of knockback, knockdown, knockup, stun, and fear. AoE holds are kinda weak with the amount of attention they can ge, their AoE immobilizes are rock solid when the bad guy is laying crippled and broken on the floor. The secondaries sets are a mixed bag of armor, defense, status protection, and heals as well as some defense debuffs. Also comes in three generic flavors of classes and one side dish that has a shadowy hidden spicy flavor, ike taking one devastating hit to the mouth.
  15. Electric Affinity, you can tell my corrupter is casting and doing something. It is a buff set that is basically an attack chain on your group for heal, recovery, +recharge, damage and to hit. Spam Spam Spam! Got a list of gripes about half the powers, but the 4 primary ones you can tell the character is buffing. Sadly the set doesn't really work on corrupters with the short duration and short recharge, you can buff the crap out of the team but almost no time to use an attack. Might have to drop all but 2 Fire blast and go all secondary + power pool old school Empath style.
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