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  1. This. No point to save infinite Salvage that is dirt cheap. Just save the red rares, at half a million a pop it might seem insignificant but making the IO is around that price; kinda evens out.
  2. Considered Energy Aura? Typed defense, but should be easy to back it up with positional defense and a moderate amount of resist.
  3. Mace, solid heavy hitting single targets and several cones. Has a hefty, satifying feeling when you slug baddies with it.
  4. You say stalker at one point. Dark melee another. And how Dark melee has no build up. If its dark melee stalker, build up -> assassinate -> placate another; though I don't know if it puts it in a pseudo sleep. Been a long time since I played a stalker, but plate seemed to put the npc to sleep without the normal graphic. If another melee AT knock up/back/down/stun ect one raider to at least put it out of the right for a bit. Other sets, learn to work with what you got. Higher up in dark melee you got a fear attack, doesn't help much as you out level skyraiders but it can be a useful tool. Any stuns, preferable range to knock one out. Controls like Ice blast holds to get the Malta sapper Eventually you learn to take out the biggest threat, which isn't always the biggest bad ass on the block.
  5. Two statements that contradict one another. Witnesses have less credibility, so long as their is actual evidence to back it up further it would be valid. Testimony for "WITCHCRAFT!" only works when you got the smoking gun, magic bullet, and a photo of the man on a grassy knoll...grainy video footage doesn't count. You have that grainy photo and it is one person behind your statement, if you had a hundred then you have a platform to stand on. We still don't know what did happen at Rosswell yet we have evidence of "something" we can't verify and vague "witness accounts" to what we don't know happened in 1947. Please don't state "valid proof in scientific and legal fields" as this is a video game, not a courtroom. You kinda sound like those type of "I know what I am talking about" guys but don't really sound like you do know know. The statement of "I know what I am doing" and it turns out to be a disaster 😞 World was flat and everything circled the earth at one time. But then they noticed evidence that gradually changed that thought....and this process only took a few thousand years of observation to eventually come to the conclusion it wasn't true. But 14 years ago in 2006, isn't so good and the fact that the game was dead for half of it....yeah I am not believing it. MACRO MACRO MACRO! (below) Mash a keyboard key and your inspiration turn 3 of one kind into any other of the same size. This one is a macro to make reds out of everything and cap damage for farming. Would be pointless, you don't do it in the middle of battle. The way you are saying it, you can turn 7.62 mm bullets into 5.56 mm under fire. PVP is generally alpha damage big hits or quickly hitting them over time in the shortest duration possible to wear the bar down quickly; if you are spamming Ice Bolt for more then 30 seconds you are doing it wrong when you got 2 other hard hitters, you don't have/need to combine at all during this process. Turn outs, they only carry what ever size they need, pop them, and end the battle quickly. Why would you change up a tier when you can already carry it? Oh, sure lets turn 3 tier 2 reds into a tier 3...which sounds weird cause you can just carry 3 tier 3 reds and get 3x the damage. where is it grayed out? Test server? And same type...ok so if all the inspiration types you could change up it would now have a list 3x as long and a mess just to right click (usually if you need an awaken or break free out of what you got). Macro, I wouldn't even know where to start and the one I gave is simple; I read of people having a ton on bar 9 or something while being overly complex. I said above, you don't sound like you do know. You can say one thing, but in fact know nothing at the same time unless you actually worked for Cryptic/Paragon Studios/NSoft. Lastly, you pretty much lose the debate when you pull out that statement. You can't settle it unless you got the developers behind Statemen, BABs, or Castle on speed dial. Or any of the others, except Positron as he was kinda of an ass. But if you got Positron, I want it. I got an earful I want to tell him involving a lot of the symbols above the number keys after you hit the Shift. 🤬
  6. I agree now, its beyond situational and useful with those stats. I I was just rolling around in my head Boost Range from the Blaster /Energy Manipulation secondary which only affects range for attacks, pretty sure LRT could be converted to something similar that only affects TP and would have maybe a 2 minute duration; long enough to teleport across IP. Not counting enterbase command.
  7. Neverwinter Nights Would give you a better link, but I prefer Wiki as a basic source as a reference to find better ones. Cryptic Studios who developed, of City of Heroes/Villians fame. And it came out exactly 6 months after the great and final moment of CoH/V, kinda makes you wonder why... 🤬
  8. I just can't stand teleport personally, only 1 character on live for theme. After seeing extra powers in all the pools I was taking a look at everything a while back, so I was glossing over it. I assumed it was some boost power, was at work. Took a look just now at Long Range. It sucks. End of Discussion on that. 5 min recharge and massive wind up animation, you are better off running sprint. Does it work off the map? Or just forward until you hit the other side of the zone? Better replacing Long Range with passive buff that affects teleport, reduce endurance and increases range like you are getting free enhancements. That would be worth 3 power picks. Even hover in the in Flight put into Teleport would be better. Sorcery needs to be hit with the Statesman's Fist of Nerfbalacing, its just too good with an Absord / Range Attack / Flight / Teleport / PBAoE damage aura ? / Mini-god mode like a melee; which is shorter recharge timer but decent enough resist with just a shorter duration time but that status protection is too much. Only reason I am against the suggestion, is you can pick where you want to go with how you describe it. No other power has anything like that and would just go round robin with another improve this travel pool, but We got off tangent when you started saying things like 7.5% IO Recharge and I countered with secondary picks as to why. Its just better to buff teleport period, the cost is too high and the range is too short...its basically a snipe power in similar end cost with twice the range or change long range to a passive "Quantum Understanding Something Something Lame Name" power and move it down a tier. No other power pool would have something like that and it would have "that cool" factor you stated, SJ has a silly forward jump attack while flight is just another toggle, and
  9. And again. The point...you would now travel faster and farther then the other travel powers. Just. The. Travel. Powers. Teleport is still faster except SS maybe horizontally, why should other travel powers now suffer more? The other powers are now slower than before. They already lag behind, basically would lag even more. Does teleport suck with the clicky ports? Down side of porting. Instant all axis fast speed? Sounds better then slower flight and super speed is stuck to horizontal. Jump is slower than others. Can teleport itself be buffed? Why not. Six slot the bastard, but give it amazing IO bonuses. Even 3 would be fine, the universal boosts all travel equally but TP suffers from more active clicking. Not fair against toggles. No one said you have to take that power. Sorcery is same as teleport itself for travel. The entire TP pool is a pocket knife of utility, the other travel pools don't benefit groups or against enemy. Maybe GFlight but that is situational. And any other boost power is a joke, it should never of been implemented and TP buffet instead. Example...neighborhood porting in Fault Line....and beside flight SS sucks more and SJ might land in a canyon. The suggestion...easy bypass. And skyway.
  10. The game, based on the universe with Drizzit which I can't remeber...hid names behind a global as far as I could see. Yeah, it and the Star Trek were basically a single server with many instances of the same zones but it was a cool idea. CoH can't support it, I would never give up a name..got it first and haven't got around to it yet; would you give up a reservation just because someone asked they wanted it and you wanted it? Not likely, unless you were courteous.
  11. Define bypass. Up, up, and away so it is over terrain. I did say it couldn't go through. Turns, sure but I would assume the player could make a good gut estimate and land close. Also, going up and down like the hypotenuse then teleport down (I hate math, longest line of a triangle that is 45 degree up and then teleport down to cut that over shoot) Never said the actual power couldn't use a buff to endurance reduction or another smaller increase in distance. Just the instant teleport idea. And the annoying things you list, agree but it comes with the power and why people don't really take it. As you said, it's a bug/non-feature. Makes a bad excuse to support your suggestion. (Not to seem like an insult, I just do that that a lot and its just me 😞) All powers suffer travel times to trams/ferry. Just different speeds. Sorcery pool would be better option for travel, hover/flight with a mini tank ability (I think, only glanced at it) Teleport pool has access to various abilities, think of it like a swiss army knife or tool kit. Just have to think different. LOTG is outside an argument, you are talking about travel powers I would assume by "bypassing" an area of the zone. SS has end reduc and speed, SJ has end reduc and jump, Flight has end reduc and speed, TP has range and endurance reduc. Secondary powers like CJ and Hover can slot +7.5 Recharge which is a bonus. Hasten is +50? Recharge at minimum 2 slot excluding massive IO builds, which trump for a single IO on recharge speed. Could teleport get some kind of IO bonus? Sure, probably easier to change Jaunt bonuses. Nit picking because it does give a tactical bonus, which I agree teleport lacks except for boulder Granite tanks. Tiny defense bonus is minuscule except for a IO defense build. Same for Hover same but gives range bonus as well for those big hitters. SS gets stealth at cost of an IO or stealth power. TP...nothing except bypassing groups in a mission. Lacking as you said. Thats basically my argument. Every power power must slog distances; at different speeds. No one travel power set of the actual travel power has a "cool factor". Can teleport get something like defense bonus to fit an something like an IO, yeah but I don't know how. On the other hand, as I said above...Teleport set is utility. It can Group port which no other set can do itself...cool factor sorta. Your comparing the utility of powers, not travel itself. All travel powers are available at 4? All are the same if considering point A to point b. Some travel powers have a more valuable and desirable secondary. But! If TP is at 4, leaves choice for something else, as long as you don't factor in an IO build. I get what your saying, but you keep bring up stuff for IO builds vs your initial suggestion for travel.
  12. Teleport is unique. Its instant movement to another point bypassing terrain (except it can't go through objects), every other one is linear. Flight is on every axis but slow. SS is 99% horizontal, 1% going up odd protrusions. SJ is making an upward/downward curve like Lombard street except its up/down. You basically want short cut, easy mode, cross zone with no effort and this is fair to balance/equal to every other travel power?
  13. Probably a synch bug. Same thing happened about month ago to me, went in AE mission and I was waiting with 1 guy for over 5 mins. We loaded into separate instances of same map, rest of group was in another.
  14. Thats a personal issue. It isn't required at all to get the powers, but you want the more useful one like its manditory. Complaint is similar to when Fitness was a a power pool, to many thought they had to give up a lot 2 picks for Stamina yet in a way both swift and jump are useful; they just didn't see it and considered Stamina to be the only one. Picking all your primary/secondary means you give up power picks or power picks for the primary/secondary. Boxng is subpar, but so is a lot of other first tier powers. It could use a buff, but not the option to skip. The buffing from picking more of the melee powers is a joke, even brawl gets a bonus. Tough and Weave should buff the attacks.
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