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  1. just going to tl;dr my opinon - Ice Armor on Scrapper/Stalker. Icy Bastion is 5 min recharge, 30 sec duration. Use it as a basis for the other T9, adjust for 60 duration and longer if need be. Some of the crashes are because the duration is like 3 mins long, so you go from Wimpy "Burger next Tuesday" to "Popeye the Sailor" for 60 seconds and could be Brutus after it wears off during a fight.
  2. Siphon Life - You got Healing Flames which is better and as a farmer won't need that much anyway, unless you run trash farm "challenges" that load up with high smashing/lethal split with fire attacks. Firesword is no problem, Greater Fire Sword/Fire Sword circle to much damage when every mob use them. Dark Consumption or Consume - Pick one, you have 2 powers that are +END straight to the blue bar and only need 1. Eventually after you incarnate, you mostly use it as an extra AoE or mule. And see if you can fit Touch of Fear, can proc it out though I don't know how goo
  3. Naw, I mean the type that had no idea how they wanted the game at release. It's like a chef sending out a a burger, I pay for it, and the chef decides to take back the beef than substitute a vegan burger. If a game has to revamp its combat or crafting process in the first 3 months from release and I was paying a subscription, the game is a paid beta test. Happened a few times to me, including "suddenly" going to F2P like SWOTR.
  4. Burn, never have much issues with EB. Just target them and punch them to wear down the hit points, burn dies half the work while it gets minions in the process.
  5. I have stopped playing some games when they pull this shit like I4 and ED. It's not the nerfing complaint, I don't pay a monthly sub to beta test function and game play than they completely overhaul the mechanics. I don't care if the game was out and I join after, but a complete revamp while I was paying since release and its been a few months, I leave. I left CoH for a year after I4, always liked the COH but I don't waste money on unfinished games. Same with Vanguard, SWOTR, and a couple of others. Only came back to COH because it was fun.
  6. Gravity Control > Singularity Singularity will now slowly pull enemies towards it, allowing it to make much greater use of the Repel effect While the old effect counteracts the new effect. Just because the mechanic exists, doesn't mean its ever going to be used by itself. Itself isn't even that useful on the pet, its more like flavor text and effect to justify the repel which is 6 magnitude. Gravity really needs a single power, pulls the target in....then punches it back out. Like Ki Push for the blaster secondary, but twice as much ragdoll effe
  7. If you are in a group, most minions will be dead by the time the animation is done and the DoT damage is over 10 seconds; you team will kill most bosses in 6-8 seconds. Its radius is 8, your buddy groupmates will toss out an AoE Immobilize and holds have a radius of 30; basically you cast and minions are dead the boss starts to turn crispy then a team mate throws out immobilize outside the radius; even an AV with triangles down can't take damage if its 8.1 radius outside the burn. AV fights are where Burn would shine, but triangles up/down and team mates can cause havoc. If you a
  8. Fizz, if your on Excelsior I got some time today. If you see Deadbloke in atlas AE, I don't mind helping you level.
  9. An alt of mine and a friend's, we call the dolts. Stupid lazy slackers, more comic book and anime nerds. My friend's alt has 7 PHds, is a fashion designer, and solve lots of complicated problems. My alt, dumb as shit and has a Bachelors degree in art...they give those away. One accidently created the universe by exploding all the matter after compressing it to the size of a marble in the past, the other gains their power from the death of the universe in the future...aka very powerful; but with great power comes a great stupidity for these two. Both are pretty much useless in ordinary day
  10. Depends on the build, you can 4 slot Boxing or Brawl to get +3.75 smashing/lethal. Maneuvers/Weave default is 6.38 Maneuvers/Weave slotted 3 each with LoTG, 9.83%. 4 slots, 6 total with the 2 powers. effectively you spent extra 4 slots in 2 powers to get an additional 3.5% defense. Brawl or Boxing by itself with 3 extra slots, 3.75 (slotting just 1 of the 2) Maneuvers/Weave default is 6.38, 1 LotG 7.5% recharge each = 7.39% Brawl 3.75 + Maneuvers/Weave 7.39 = 11.14%. 11.14 - 9.83 = 1.31% more defense. Effectively, you spend 3 powers for that 1.31%
  11. You got garbage slotting all over, lots of useless procs preventing you from getting full set bonus. Damage procs don't help that much if you are suffering the basics in +Def and Recharge. Personally I am not a fan of SS/Fire, tried it but Rage crash killed the fun factor. SS/Fire/Mu, gives 2 AoE fitted with a -resist proc. 3 -resist, including the one in burn, and you got some utility. If you were adamant about Fire epic, just remove it and try to reach 45% defense using Winter set Frozen Blast followed by how much recharge you desired. And +5 boost Hasten/Rage/Firey
  12. Ditch the Kismet +6 acc in Cloak of darkness, free up one slot. Take one of the resist slots in both Murky Cloud and Obsidian shield. With those 3 slots, move them to brawl. Slot 3 + Brawl base = 4 slot Kinetic combat; +3.75 smash/defense which you are losing from the armor toggles. Now change Murky Cloud and Obsidian Shield to gladiators armor; pick up +6 KB protection.
  13. Yup, that would be it. Pretty sure I didn't click it, but problem solved.
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