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  1. You can farm with anything, fire brutes excel at it. You can take your MM and if you got S/L defense build, just run at a rate you can manage like +1/+8. Hell, even -1 works as your pets will just slaughter everything and lower influence isn't the end all benefit as generic recipes sell for up to 100k. Now PL with a MM, yeah a brute will be better.
  2. Depends on how you are building, the problem with 5 slot Luck of the gambler is you are getting less benefit out of the enhancement modifer (+Def/Endur Reduc/recharge) unless you are chasing those IO bonuses. 5 slots would be good for a tier 9 click, 3 slots for a toggle. Notice the different highlight colors, I would put in a Toggle 1/5/6 to save slots and a Click 2/4/5 if I was trying to milk slots, other wise Click would be 2/3/4/5/6 if I wanted to crank down the recharge and up the +Def. If its confusing and I feel like I do that when ever I try to explain something, i
  3. Only incompetence is the OP's inability to just ignore the lines of text. Its as simple as tuning it out. Speed read general and don't bother with chat, no reply if they send you a tell.
  4. You have every defense toggle 5 slotted, you could as easily take 2 slots off and get any other bonus you need.
  5. lol might as well homogenize them. SR is different, not inferior. Can it use buffs? sure, but not comparative to EA or Ninjutsu that basically turns SR into Ninjutsu or EA. You want to play those 2, go ahead....I see far more SR players then the other 2. the topic of the post seems to be PVP not lack of a heal or resists nor do the test server changes you suggest to check out have anything to do with a heal or resist. It suggests resist bonus or PVP elusively changes.
  6. Electric armor, decent typed resist spread With S/L defense IO build, mitigate a lot of damage Endurance drain power Endurance Reduction power Regen to health, COT bosses are a bane Lack of KB protection isn't an issue not withstanding Grounded, IO resist set are built in with 3 slots or you can chose to slot +KB IO.
  7. See Fiery Embrace, best example for a click that is short term + damage and on that recharge duration. Maybe less +bonus than current form, but should be able to count on a buff that doesn't nerf the player.
  8. Fighting pool ? Its fine as its, its filler for stats not for god mode Super Reflex power set ? Its nerfed in PVP because reason, its over powering if people can't hit you without fair balance. PVE build, with 45% soft cap smashing/lethal defense I can avoid 3/4 of the damage in game from swords (lethal), smashing (mace), and split damage like cold (cold/lethal) or energy (energy/smashing).
  9. For brutes or tanks, it will need a modification. Its just too powerful on paper Mids theory if playing a scrapper which is something I have been looking at, can almost cap out resist or massive regen. It's not Willpower levels of regen buts enough to make Regeneration cry because of that short recharge and that Ice armor gets +hit points and native lethal/smashing defense on top. The tl;dr - it would be too good on a brute or tank, avoid about 80% of damage in game, increase hit points for anything that gets through, and low recharge to pop that kickass T9.
  10. Slight improvement to the above build, perma hasten while using domination bind and 2 spare slots thrown into brawl; put where ever you want.
  11. You are not capping fire, you are capping cold resist and defence. 🤷‍♂️
  12. See alternatives, casts like teleport friend or foe does now in a single power. Not through ally, either on ally or on enemy (aka solo).
  13. tl;dr - Radiation debuff, Dark Affinity, Dark Miasma, ect - let them have the ability to run off a team mate like Sonic's Disruption Field. It steps on uniqueness of Sonic, but stuff dies so fast at higher levels most is defeated before it really takes affect and you end up casting a toggle that sits around while the target is dead and the toggle turns off 10 seconds later. Alternatively, let them be casted as a placed pet with no target or maybe it goes with idea 1 but uses the difference to cast on any target; kind of like how TP Friend/Foe now works. Last alternativ
  14. Looks kind of like Ice armor; Melee/Range defense, a PAoE slow, Absorb and weakness to almost every other damage type. Basically, it will get ripped apart with anything not S/L resist (low numbers, probably around 60% with IO bonus) or Psi when it hits. But the E/N/T damage type are covered with Melee/Range defense checks which they are pretty common, as there are few PBAoE Neg attacks used by NPC while Eng blast/melee are pretty common for melee/range; toxic unless spines/darts ect can be avoided if positional checked but painful if untyped. Semi-balanced, but it has too many positives in
  15. Soft cap smashing lethal defense, then find a en Energy Blast and melee farm, no pure damage like Electric Blast. Smash defense easily checks the split NRG/Smash damage of energy, resists reduce the energy when hit and the regen negates the rest. On a PVE build no less.
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