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  1. Indomitable is a good choice, usually a low population. Free server transfer and renames makes stuff easy for PL and INF transfer. Keep one name reserved for the desired alt you PL. (don't mean renaming every other day and server reshuffling, that's a hassle). @ Incandesce if you want help, that's my alt account. On most mornings PST, (Smash @ together with Incandesce, someone uses it as a forum handle that isn'tme))
  2. I did, several times. Got it to work. Finally reinstalled to the suggested spot instead of on another drive. PRESTO, no problem. Still not sure why the failing monitor, forced restart pulling the plug, and reinstalling like that worked. Got to test that other monitor again, probably that excuse "swamp gas reflected off a weather ballon" while the moon is aligned with a bowl of fried chicken reason causing problems; it just had to happen 😖 Still wished I had that funky build, been brain farting random farm builds by combining different combos of not normally used together from; from the popular farm builds. They look sorta impressive.
  3. So, got some random error and Mids won't run Windows version, and that the entire story Well, its a long story short. Kinda funny really. Working on a funky build. Left the room, took a dump, and monitor took a dump on me. Only gone 5 minutes. Monitor flashing, turned off into "sleep mode" and monitor powered up like hitting a key repeatedly. Went to sleep mode again, rinse repeat every 10 seconds. Could not turn off from the task menu, so had to hold the power key on the tower (monitor turned off fine normally, picture kept flashing of desktop). Same thing happens after computer reboots. I was not happy, worried it as the vid card. Luckly I had my old monitor, plug it in and no problem so it has to be the monitor. Kinda pissed, didn't get a chance to save that funky build after spending almost 2 hours on it; probably not a great combo anyway. But Mids doesn't work, anything else seems to run normally until I find it weeks later I bet. I get similar results for another build program (similar concept, entirely different theme) for an entirely different game, but that one just doesn't load at all. Anyone got an idea to problem solve it?
  4. What do you identify as? Hero Villain Vigilante Rogue Faction-less Lawful Good Neutral Chaotic Evil type person, unbiased about who they hang out with. Except Larry who is a jerk. Harry, he is an asshole. Not Barry, until he paid me back. I don't want to talk about Sue, we broke up but keeps calling and doesn't have a clue. Definitely not Mary, too possessive and psychotic. Betty, meh she is ok but washes her hair a lot; can't figure out if she doesn't like me or a clean'o-phob. The twins; Patty is cute (who I REALLY WANT to hang out with) but her brother Dick (you can figure out what I think of him) is always failing to understand the "Bro Code", either he thinks I am not good enough or Patty can do better like WAY BETTER then me; thought he was my Best Bro but guess he is Patty's Big Bro. Ya know what, Dick is a jackass and the one person I can't stand so any of the others I wouldn't mind hanging out with. And Batman, too dark and moody.
  5. What I try to say, but I am very bad at it. I am just more tolerable of stupid vs being ordered how to play a game. Game has always been easy, knockback isn't really a factor on low hit point stuff that's going to die quick unless you are getting blobbed by Malta Sappers.
  6. What you say is true, but more often you will see people with the "now manditory" build powers. My thought was, how many powers in primary/secondary are effective for a certain combo. Some power sets have choices that are the core of the set, others build upon having several that work in synergy to and some prim/sec are exceptional together. Hard to gimp yourself, but imagine unlimited power pool to the limit of maximum of total choices. Now imagine you only take 2 primary/ 1 secondary; the minimum until PP are available. I would find it to be incredibly frustrating to play with 12 power pool choices that don't work with each other.
  7. And which power set are you going to play? That let's you have enough room. Back in the day -fitness (now free) -travel power of choice -hasten from speed, usually -utility, usually an optional Now -leadership, maneuver usually and tactics/assault if there room -fighting, 3 tightening the build -hasten -leaping, CJ Unless you are picking 4/4 from your primary/secondary (which is impossible in most combo) you won't have room for anthing else in +5 power pools. Made a dark/ice dominator, trying to cap Defense to all damage types minus psi, 8/9 dark and 4/9 secondary with your standard power pools for Defense/hasten and 2-3 epic, only got to 40-41 in 6 types with a P2W +5 Defense buff. Was very tight build, basically a contoller with 4 blasts. There would be no more room for power picks and there is not a lot of great stuff any way for utility. Everything else is kinda situational or optional unless you build for defence. Gonna try 3 positioning types, but there is less real IO bonuses
  8. Goes both ways. You don't like knockback, solo or specifically not waste your time by announcing before hand "those with KB need to apply". BOOM!!! Headshot to the problem, face it before it happens; don't bitch later. That was sarcasm, as you point out. Easy mode is easy mode, not like Fireball is really gonna kill anything but minions with one hit. Now targeted AoE cones with KB, simply reduce the magnitude and problem solved, they cause more headaches then single target. -crutch -crutch -crutch Doesn't solve anything, bandaid fix for player percieved problems when KD actually doesn't break the game. Break as in either OP unbalance or completely useless like Intangible powers. Learn to improve your game play, solo, or suck it up. As much as it destroys your enjoyment it also destroys their enjoyment, learn to improve as someone said above or just stay away from KB. Believe me, if I had power I would be abusive if I so much as see dumb ass names or ugly ass costumes, I can deal with powers or stupid actions but looking at passive dumb eyesores drive me up the wall. And it turned into a disaster, done with thread as every is gonna keep bickering or showing their point of view. You got mine, please don't tell me yours as it won't change.
  9. I meant an entire KB set that has damage added, basically a damage set added instead of pure 6 slots of group annoyance as you knockthings across Steel Canyon' next zipcode.. Make 5 sets, what ever. 6 slot can be damage like an attacks with huge knockback at the same time. In the meantime another set, bonus 3 can -30% and 6th can be -30% for 60% total reductionKB damage attack that reduces ragdoll with a stun proc. There are sets in the entire IO system that give passive 3-4 status protection on bonus 3 that isn't Steadfast so I didn't see a problem for passive reduction on regular KB reduction. Why not a knockdown/recharch IO, the AT specials have multiple standard recharge/damage a AT beneficial /proc as an example. There are +hit/end and +regen/recovery double bonus heal IO, can be a knockdown/stun proc. Takes work and imagination but anything is possible if its tried. Trying to remember but I think there are new endurance modification sets on test that will benefit endurance attacks like Electric blast, with damage added.
  10. Or everyone get over it? Why should 1 person or group dictate how someone else plays? It is usually ignorance on how it's used, Simple knowledge improves player performance. When, how, and where it is used to best effect. it's also ignorance that "AoE is king" as that is just easy mode and brings to question why single attacks exist. Perhaps decreasing damage of cones and AoE would decrease the perception AoE is better, as less damage would shift the belief AoE is superior vs who should give a fk! if an AoE hit as knockback flings crap everywhere; either attack is now considered less in value. Yeah, pretty sure that won't fly. Two options that are better then changing the entire game are - Make IOs more valuable for knockback, there is like 2 procs and no one uses +kb sets anyway. Add set bonus -kb all together instead of IO enhancements, -kb reduction distance, add damage/acc to make attacks more effective to the set to and the ENG snipe would not be slotted with +9999 KB distance (who does that except for lol factor?) -Reduce the effect on cone, that is the #1 cause of annoyance to people. No one cares about single target KB. -Get over it
  11. All you have to do is click find, wait, click again if it doesn't show, and profit when the info finally comes up. It isn't a huge and tedious problem, just takes patience for 3 seconds for the server to catch up. Sucks with multiple stuff, but taking your time can avoid the costly mistakes.
  12. freaking lag double post, dude you are spreading! 🤧
  13. Fine, you got me. Ignore everything else I said Lets re-examine the issue. 1. You goof in the auction house. Also, inf easy to come by if you screw up. 2. You know you have lag; which you can solve easily yourself slowing down before bid. 3. Suggest a fix, will most likely not even happen and you will still continue to have the problem youself. See end of #2 4. ??? 5. Need a band-aid protective helmet to prevent the issue, which you can solve by looking at #2. Also, I got time some mornings after work. If you have a farmer and on Indomitable (or have no issues transferring, working on another farmer soon I won't complain about transferring), send a global to @ Incandesce (smash them together, someone has a forum handle as my global) Martial arts and Eagle Kick, cutting as fine as a surgeon with a scalpel.
  14. Play EVE online, you will see the difference between my definition vs yours. That market is savage, and "people benefit off money they didn't earn via market mechanic". tl;dr - You f*** up in EVE, it isn't a market mechanism. It is misunderstanding how it works, you will see a lot of scams and the game allows it. That is my pov if how I see it. In the case of CoH, I said you screwed up. A simple anonymous 5 line last bid, it's hard to not screw up. And pull the crayon out of your nose, leave out MF, benitit and not earned if you are trying to explain something clearly, easier to just say you screwed up. We can all misinterpret something.
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