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  1. Not sure when you started CoH, but I played since shortly after release to about I12-13ish. The npcs have never had sophisticated pathing and pretty sure the cryptic devs never really programmed beyond zero target, jump objects, and go around walls. EQ1, just mob along set paths and that was 1999. Nothing sophisticated, they just blob when they get to you while trying to move around their buddies which would explain the odd behavior for 1, server finding single path like when there are many.
  2. Found the problem. Turns out no other inherent buffs individual power sets. Mess of coding, and turns out it would drastically make certain powersets more useful causing a huge shit towards one over the others. 75% regen aura? Like the Health inherent or like the Regeneration armor set, traps already has a 150 regen ground placement power so you are looking at 225% on decent recharge if its like Regen armor. Forcefield, yeah +regen and pretty good defense bubbles if it was 75%. 8% resist? Dark and Radiation can already make the bad guy whiff at you aimlessly with -tohit so why try to reduce the incoming damage if they can't hit you. Time itself is a mishmash of random Defender sets with its effects, so regen or resist depending on the consideration. +5 defense? Thats basically 2.5 percent avoidance, unless something changed even con minions where 50/50 (5% of 50 = 2.5%)chance to hit you and higher the level it just becomes smaller. I could be wrong though about the chance to hit on your average minion if it did change over the years, but you have to stack defense with massive amount of IOs and such if you don't have self defense powers. Sounds kinda useless. Your suggestion is good, but its too wide spread since no other inherent that buffs individual powersets like that.
  3. 10 second recharge toggle god mode that runs 24/7/365 (assume no downtime) with massive resist all vs 4-16 min (<-invulnerable) recharge click god mode (assuming no recharge buff/enhancement/IO/hasten) with endurance crash on most of them or a rez on the rest with oddballs like Ice, tough choice. And if a kinetic is around, most of negatives of granite go away except jump/fly.
  4. Oh my god, a useful suggestion that doesn't ask to make the current X powerset to be an easy mode cause they can't understand or how the power is best used or might make something game breaking OP since the problem isn't briken to begin with. Bravo, I like this idea. As for an idea, multipe small heals with a large radius from every target, kinda like fulcrum shift. Basically geting hit by many smaller 50 green point auras so its powerful but cap it to like 8 targets so it eventually heals as much as Twilight Grasps or Transfusion. Becomes useless with smaller target number, but set has a secondary aura.
  5. Long, long, long time ago in an Issue patch far away, yada yada yada blah Fire tank yada blah yada herd large map blah blah jump in a dumpster yada blah WTFBBQ easy mode blah NPC die fast non trivial challenge yada Cryptic decide it was to powerful and game breaking for 1 AT to dominate like that. /fire Brute do it better now. Hint: Its mostly auseless power for blasters, very situational unless a group is locked.
  6. If Tequila isn't working you can always try something different....oh wait sorry, misunderstood the situation.
  7. I had an Archery/Trick Arrow on live, only got one to about 40 when I stopped playing but was one of my fastest levelers playing in groups and he felt very effective while being fun to play compared to kinetic, dark, radiation (in that order, had a rad but just lost the interest in the character around 35; Trick Arrow would be tied with Dark). Just shoot the arrow debuff on fast recharge powers and thats it, pretty much the easiest defender set in my opinion without the toggles and very few place on the ground powers since most where target based. Seen a few comments that make it less then appealing now. Why is that? Higher challenge fights with this +4/8 stuff where they resist the debuffs more? Also, didn't it have a target ground based healing aura arrow? or am I thinking of another set? Swear it had a healing regen aura ground based type power, pretty sure it didn't have two -resist powers when I played it.
  8. "Devs" have a budget of $75 dollars for next month until next donation collection.. This from a donation pooland it is the leftover of $9800 dollars from 341 people, ONLY 341 people. Half which is to pay lawyers, while the other half is to run the server...FOR 1 MONTH ONLY, seem it costs almost $5000 a month; if you haven't figured it out the game is not run for much proft unlike NSOFT/Cryptic before servers shut down. This means the "Devs" are pretty much doing it as a hobby and nostalgia; I could be wrong though. In my opinion they are not the developers, just the caretaker of an old game even if they can code it now. This doesn't entitle you to think you are correct, as the Internet lets everyone basically debate the issue in a way. Would it be nice if the changes happen? Frankly, it would...at the same time it is a copout and a crutch to make it easier. The problem isn't the set, its between the keyboard and chair. It isn't an insult, you just don't know how to use the set effectively to great effect and how much of a power house it can be. Your team mates are noobs of -9000! power level (meme is getting old sadly, new generation don't it) if they are complaining. Kinetics is primarily a buff set, it not a healer set. It isn't a debuff either, regardless of the minute amout it debuffs. Its too make your team stronger and best as a primary buff while being a secondary heal. Works better with 2 AoE that isn't a stupid aura click, thats just a small buffer heal. You have to be dynamic and place your self where your needed. Your squishy should not be behind the tank unless they are a balls to the wall Blapper blaster, its on the squishy if they over aggro. Everything should be locked down, melee mopping up the tougher stuff. If it is all FUBAR, it was just not meant to be and it was more difficult then you though. You are not a healer, Dark is not a healer. One is pure buff, other is pure debuff. Heal is just extra, one you put down the buff/debuff you spam heal and what ever your second ability is (not mean set, just what your capable of from all your powers). I played a 50 fire/kin controller, ice/kin corrupter, kin/ice defender, and maybe a mid level fire blast kin defender or corrupter but I forget; last played at least 5-6 years before shut down. I learned how to get better, how to apply it, save teammates asses, and if it failed it was on them OR just one of those FUBAR moments. But I never asked to make it easier, cause the set is far easier to use now to changes let alone how easy to level. I just roll with what I got, 49/50 AR/Dev from shortly after release that did not have the 4-5 changes in Device it has now except the bonus damage on targeting drone; was such a painful slog after Issue 4 and other nerfs that when he filled 49 to 50 I just left him there at 49^ arrow up with 50 SO slotted in silent tribute/protest and now Device is so much easier. Don't even get me started with Defiance 1.0 Reaper Salad tossing based on hitpoints to damage buff that does not work on a glass cannon, blasters are already fragile chipped/broken glass ware to begin with TL;DR - Improve your self, educate others, and learn the dynamics of Kinetics. You will only get better through the struggle and understanding it.
  9. Not to sound insulting, but why are people/players getting so lazy. I can sell 7 trays of enhancements in like 10-15 second but I don't time myself so it might be off. Back in the day, we only had 10 and it look like 3 seconds. With patience, you can check your inventory to not sell the rare recipe or salvage, might not need it for one toon but your alt might. Its just a few minutes of your time as CoH has such a simple double click.
  10. Or passive non graphic armor as in works but not like melee passive sets, like tough / weave except for the activation bobbing. OP doesn't say what AT, this is assuming melee sets.
  11. Fire/Kin, stun with immobilized or hold, run in, fulcrum, hot feet, and they melt to your pets, bosses require another hold to get them solidly locked down. Near perma hasten, keeps every them up quickly.
  12. Some costume pieces have different color tones like metallic or matte, you might have 2 colors you like but looks slightly off. Changing colors around can make it look look like what you want. Try changing colors for powers, some look like there is 3 colors with only 2 that can be changed (third is basically an undercoat like paint, you can't change it). I have spent too much time in the editor with up to 8 different colors to tone down Fire armor to a blackish red which is pretty subtle.
  13. 7 other people are meant to make your character better even if the situation is not optimal, other wise you must have a bunch of the same class running around using nothing but inspirations while everyone is complaining its taking to long. In your situation, even 7 other people can make a single tank do a decent half-ass job unless everyone are idiots at lower levels, higher levels with strong AV yeah I can see your point. Everyone wearing butt helmets and licking their keyboards = terrible team when you can't all click together. Let me put another way. Asking to a developer (or who ever runs CoH now) to change something since the player can't deal with the problem sound weak, I would rather they the player better themselves, learn to figure out the problem, and use other player/AT to help them. Synapse is loaded with energy damage, one TF doesn't justify changing a set just to make it easier for Stone. The TF isn't broken, its just not an optimal situation for stone at levels sub 30. All sets are designed the way they are, moving Crystal would be like having Instant Heal for Regen just to deal with the same TF at an earlier level or Assault Rifle getting Full Auto earlier since its 60% lethal damage with long animation times, might as well let be a bit more better against high lethal resist npc by doing just a tiny bit more damage. Dark Armor has no resist to Lethal/Smashing, just a tiny defense to them, should DA be given Lethal/Smashing Resist? Lets exclude the fact its loaded with -to hit which is basically +defense when the bad guys whiff at you, just pure standard resist. Might as have AT, one powerset, max defense/resist at level 1, high scrapper crit with brute bar attacks and just change the graphics, get rid of support sets, and call it a day. Game is designed so players support each other, TF where meant to be done as a team and those team mates are supposed to plug the holes you lack at earlier levels; then the difficulty ramps up even more as you gain more powers in higher levels to make those holes even stronger after you have filled it yourself. They can change it, but I would still rather see people working together to the fix problem instead of "Oh, its broken cause exemplar is canceling one of my important powers in a sub optimal TF. Can you please fix it." Stone doesn't get +energy resist at the level of a Synapse TF, but its last power is a toggle instead of a click at higher levels, sound balanced doesn't it? Cause other tank sets are stronger in the beginning but the click is situational later in levels post 32/38, the Granite toggle can be used when ever post 32/38 with a much shorter recharge then "Very Long" at the cost of Energy resists for another toggle in the early levels. Anyway, I am out. Just tired of the "its broken" people in most games I play now because players can't deal with a "situational" problem and the actual situation isn't breaking the game through a hack or just making it unplayable because of bug. The situation is designed that way it is for a reason, Stone Armor in the end is very powerful compared to other sets but brutes have it more diffult in a Synapse TF, it just has to suffer like everyone else until its stronger.
  14. Right, right. I forgot, games have become MMSORPG, S stand for Solo. I forgot that since 15.5 years old that -there is no way CoH could of been designed and released around April 4 2004 under the term MMO meaning more then 1 person -Villians squeeks by at 14 years, 1 month at Oct 5 2005, 1.5 years before brute. -tanks adapted to turning stone armor to turn it off when they needed to. Sure the developer didn't mean for a massive rock to be like the rolling boulder from the Indiana Jones movie. Kinetic tended to solved that issue with a click instead of 50 enhancement slots -IOs didn't exist for a while, turning players into solo wrecking machines. -Long, long, a time ago the term squishy actually meant something...not sure must of been something something dark side of the force muliplier that a support set can be. -tank classes took it on the jaw, damage classes beat things down. One protects, other supports the protector. Parasite mutual relationship. -players didn't need to soft cap or max defense. Bubbles turned blasters into decent pseudo super reflex sentinels before the AT existed. -players wanted a challenge, simple misunderstanding lead to easy mode solo content on max hard setting so its NOT a challenge any more. -The need to run all toggles all the time plus dipping into fighting the fighting pool. Was a time nobody took fighting and toggles turned off when you logged. -Clicks that don't run 24/7/366 days a year like other tank/brute 32/38 powers, lets exclude server downtime. -Smart players learned to turn Granite off when they need to. OP much? See above about final last power in defense sets comment. My bad, thought humans wanted social interaction and assistance to feel like a god to face a challenge. I hear Windows still comes with Minefield and Solitaire for the that feeling if you don't download Candy Crush on your phone. Total misconception on my part. Didn't think people want easy mode and have to ask game developers to dumb down games now. Wonder why all these power sets exist that are different instead of being the same, why can't we be level 50 with max powers, same set, and IOs rail road spiking Contaminated into the ground solo? That would be a challenge! tl;dr - Sarcasm not directed at anyone. Forgot OP complained about Crystal Armor, people complaining about Granite threw me off and a dumb comment about "no AT should rely on another" (regardless if its a buffer or something else) when its obvious that toggles have defense holes for a reason until higher levels. Any set or AT gains a massive force multipler when paired with another, Stone actually has an advantage over click powers without a crash at 32/38 since Granite is a toggle ( unless it changed, haven't looked at all of the sets); it also had disadvantages such as the problems with granite. As for their TF the OP mentioned, all classes have problems and further compounded by exemplar, try playing a blaster without IO and that mez hole. Defender buffs fix it, just as much as a Stone Armor brute.
  15. Threads a bit long to read but aside from Bonfire and taking the IO out of the equation their are two issues that should be pointed out if your annoyed about KB -You might not know how to utilize and dislike powers with KB, thread just seems like people want easy mode. -Your idiot team mate throwing NPC around a grand slam, you have the option to communicate the issue and migh lack the ability to say something, boot them from the group, or leave if its so frustrating. Just an outside lookingin POV
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