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  1. You are over defense and have to much gas in the tank for recovery of endurance, once you are Incarnate its just a waste of slots. Try this Note the enhancements, I swapped out some aegis resist to the endurance reduction splits. As you got Winter/Purples, they all come with +Fire resist so its pointless to have the pure resist. I changed the sets on some, the Mass Levitate works best with a Force Feed back +Rech will help to increase recharge for short duration and since it pretty much goes off everytime it adds up. Burn and Ball lighting have -resist procs, far more useful then a damage proc. Here is a modified one of my Psi/Fire if I ever get around, its 40% defense but there is a P2W vender buff with +5% to cap it. 2.5m an hour, cap it at 8 hours and its 20 million investment cost which is like 30 mins to run a round of Brigs maps. Fire epic, fire damage gets a bonus +dmg for Fireball and the fire proc with Firery Embrace. Incarnates to your flavor, I prefer the Pyro.
  2. Good point, but I am just comparing the powers. Illusion itself has Group and superior invise (self). Pure garbage powers for control set, only tertiary support really and pretty minor....illusion/dark and its 4 powers to slot with LotG
  3. They were meant to pull enhancements out period, an oddball single lower slot or a full IO set. It saves time so you don't have to respec twice.
  4. AH -> Search unsloters -> Buy 20, covers all your basic needs. Pick 20 out, toss in storage and respec the rest out.
  5. Controller numbers Power Defense Rechare/Duration Grant Invise 2.5% 3 sec / 2 mins Group Invise 2.25% 4 minutes / 2 mins Fade 9% 3.5 minutes / 1 min Take your pick, but if you want pure invise it will probably lose defense as the power pool would be superior to Group/Illusion or Fade/Affinity for the duration and not the percentage.
  6. Its a mini travel power, all travel powers are exclusive with their lesser counter part; SJ/CJ are the only ones inside its own power pool and not counting the P2W. Running SS/SJ, ninja will toggle both off. CJ/SJ detoggle each other, as well as ninja detoggle both of them. Ninja will also suppress in combat just as the other travel powers.
  7. Teen titans cartoon series, Hive Five, big guy wearing black body suit with gold chains about the size of Cyborg and animalistic face like Beast Boy as a gorilla. Pretty much the 1 of the 5 main goof ball villains you would see in most episodes.
  8. Don't group, avoid KB power sets. Problem solved, biggest problem are AoE/Cone...nobody cares if you are bouncing a boss across the warehouse.
  9. Aka anti-faceroll NPC so the game isn't easy mode. Stun/hold, solves the problem instead of keyboard licker mode.
  10. Side suggestion but could there be a side window for stuff that scales. So if you want to check a possible attack on brutes, you don't have to right click to hold furry, slide the bar up, then go right click the attack. Things like PBAoE hits like endurance drain to buff, regen, +DMG like dark armor or resist (I forget). Kind of a hassle to select a power with right click on something then go back to the power description/effect window, scale it, then go back to what ever else you wanted to check. Side window that is for scales only would make things easier since you can just reference instead of selecting 2 powers.
  11. And immobilize protection, just no -fly protection that most immobilize have.
  12. bad guys running is working as intended. If Joe, Bob, Fred, Ted, John, Nick, Rick, Don, Ralph, Frank, Jack, Pete, Mike, Will, Ed and Paul got their asses handed to them in no particular order due to taunt cap.... I would be running like hell so I wasn't #17
  13. I am watching you human. One of these days, it will be your last.
  14. Damage scale is easy Blaster still higher then you can crank it 11 As high as you can crank it 10 GM_Jimmy 09 Cats 08 Arcanaville Math 07 Fact 06 Not fiction 05 Fabric of reality 04 Plot hole 03 Regen 02 Fire Brutes 01 Every other AT Realisictly, blaster out damages and destroys all those things. GMs edge them out, as they can nerf them. Please don't nerf blasters 😨. Cats, nobody can stand up to a feline and blasters just have a staring contest. And Arcanaville Math....nothing compares to it as it wipes out reality and more powerful then a plot hole which is definitely a fact and not fiction. So, blasters are off the charts
  15. Pancreas, Performance shifter, sprinkle in endurance reduction, Incarnate powers with +recovery or Endurance Reduction, and spread out the unused slots. You really only need just the base slots. I cry seeing fire brutes with the Energy Mastery epic as they are adding more gas into the tank to continue the fight longer when a farm should be ended as quickly as possible and they could pick up an AoE instead of 2 +endurance passives.
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