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  1. You can shuffle the slots into health up into Against the Odds, Taunt, or CJ/defense power for some set bonuses; Against the odds is your taunt toggle so keeping stuff clustered for AoE isn't a bad thing. Maybe shuffle 3 resist/health into One with the shield and just roll with it, god mode looking like Cappy A himself with the incarnate Rebirth Radial you got Regen numbers of Wolvy and half Invulnability of Supes in there. I might steal this build and modify it for my scrappper just to have one character with a T9.
  2. Scrapper - Lower resist, random burst damage in crits Tank - Higher resist, higher target cap Brute - Tanker resist, extra 3 DMG enhancements in fury bar, higher damage cap, smaller target cap Tanks are the jock, scrappers are the flashy show off, stalkers are the quiet kid, and the Brutes the middle emo goth edge lord brother that just blow right through everything.
  3. Its a brief description, not a memoir of your character and their abilities since they were born. Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy American industrialist. As a child, Bruce witnessed the murder of his parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, which ultimately led him to craft the Batman persona and seek justice against criminals. He resides on the outskirts of Gotham City in his personal residence, Wayne Manor. Wayne averts suspicion by acting the part of a superficial playboy idly living off his family's fortune and the profits of Wayne Enterprises, his inherit
  4. Stop saving, problemm solved. Everytime the suggestion for universal storage came up, this thread explains it all. You will always have far more than you will ever need. Its pointless to collect, game shits out more than you can get rid of it. Every hour or so, just check your inventory and build the ones you want like procs, LOTG global recharge, KB protection, what ever, Right click + D will delete salvage stacks or single recipes At a merchant, right click + E sells stacks of recipes and salvage. DO NOT TRY ORGANIZING! While yo
  5. +100 points for showing your age, one of the best characters on MadTV In the world -95 points for not acting your age. That SMH makes me SMH 🤦‍♂️, come on man just use l337 speak instead of sounding young
  6. You can't widen cones, only lengthen them. Basically by increasing the base and multiplying the heigth (length), you increase the area it can cover. Like adding an extra room onto a house, than dropping it on a Wicked Witch to make sure you don't miss.
  7. change the graphic of ice armor, looks more like cold air flowing over an ice block. use a dark color, looks a bit like fuzz. Much better than the old block look.
  8. Nope, I read it. What you are saying applies in the era of I4 with SO. A tank would only need about 15 slots dedicated to the resists/defense, rest can be dedicated to attacks. Tanks can't really train unless you got retards who don't know to stop that continue to run through groups. aggro cap means they can only pull 16 and anything else is aggro on the team member who went to flirt with the next group; which tanks cannot pull off very well. a defender or corrupter could slot radiation blast for -defense to enhance the character with what ever their buff set is. T
  9. lo you are playing the wrong game my friend. People can slot how ever they want and still function. Once you get to IO set, it doesn't really matter what you pick and slot.
  10. Derp me. I was looking at typed. You are soft capped all posital, +5 boost the defense and you can cap that AoE. So for a hodge podge build with defense and resist, you pulled it off. I noticed you have 6 LOTG global recharge, can change it to something else. Maybe move the +3 defence global in tough to it, free up 1 slot.
  11. Reconsider your slotting, first line of defense on a defense based set is....defense. You got Deflection slotted with resist, where as you cold get another 5% defense out of it with defense sets. Change out the sets with CJ, put more defense in Deflection. You could probably get by with 75% resist and soft capped defense, having capped resists doesn't help if you are getting slapped around with -15% from the soft cap and getting hit by anything with a -defense debuff further making it worse. Here is a defense build I had been looking at, with low recharge trying to make a cheap
  12. I am not going to critique or give a suggestion this time as I already did, I just have one question What is your end goal for for this toon ? I look at the title and the build, I get 2 conflicting answers that I cannot come to a conclusion of 1 as to what you are trying to do.
  13. Avoid TW, the mechanics are clunky and you start to lose that fun factor real fast. If the set up time was 1 or 2 attacks, no problem....its all of them, generating the momentum to counter the delay in the set up or unlocking the certain ones that rely on it. For a first time player, play something like Katana/Claws/Savage/Martial/Kintetic. Much faster animation times and recharge, the clunky slower ones are a turn off for a beginner; Axe/Mace/TW. Energy Melee is probably ok, explain the slower animation time in the last attack can be countered with the other one. Fo
  14. Who the hell listens to that idiot? Guy is a moron. Don't listen to him! lol 🤣 How is it working out? Never thought I would be useful in a build creation, more of a suggestion in how to go about it and point people in a direction they may customize it to their needs. Yeah, drops are faster. Its not as efficiently in drop percentage, but if you can blitz through a few more missions in the same time as a +4/8 it averages out more. I have to AFK farm with my SM/Fire on +3/8 as I used stealth to cap out defence; before they buffed it into Invisibility. Used to be ab
  15. Agree, but for a melee attack working the same way its not very great. Since the dot damage takes so long to apply, it's inefficient on anything not a boss. With enough recharge, the dot stacks but if you EXHAUST! one time you are on cool down for like 6 seconds where the damage is still barely finished. And fast enough recharge means I can just hammer the first 3 attacks and Hit rending flurry at 4 Bloodfiry to keep up an attack chain while clearing minions around. Get the recharge bonus consistently going, clicks like Firery Embrace or Bio clicks come back a little faster.
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