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  1. None the things listed are required to place HC, except for friends. So, make some friends with a like minded view, slot SO, and avoid the AE or evil scary P2W lady. Its like, its already there....just have to choose not to use it.
  2. Looks good, couple of things though Stealth, half the defence suppresses when you attack so you are at 40.5 or so. Optional buff on the P2W vendor, gives 5% Def to all, Will push you over 45% but its 2.5 million INF per hour and it stacks to 8 hours. You are way over Endurance in the gas tank, but that is a personal preference. 4 slot Stamina, Superior Conditioning and Physical Perfection with the +end procs, and you have Consume. Suggest you remove the 3 extra in Stamina, free up some slots Remove 1 slot from Combat jumping, the percentage is tiny You can ditch Super Speed while picking up Devastating Blow hits pretty hard and the text says single target attacks will cause Contaminate to damage nearby targets 5 Slot Devasting Blow with Crushing impact for +5% recharge Or keep Super Speed, drop the 4 slots freed up from Samina and Combat jump. You can also slot Brawl and mule in Crushing Impact while keeping SS Irradiate takes PBAoE, though I don't know the damage it can do. It fits damage procs, works pretty well but that's a personal preference Suggest swapping out the -todef Shield Breaker 6 slot for 5 slot Siroccos so you still have +fire defense with 5 slots. 6th slot you can put in Achilles proc to reduce resist. Healing Flames you can change to Pancrea, only loose 1.25% recharge and that is tiny. You got 1 slot to play with Any of my suggestions to free up slots, you can put into health using the Miracle and Numina which adds a bit of passive Recovery to endurance. I think you could get about 5 or 6 free slots to play with if you wanted from the suggestions to remove stuff. Use your imagination 😉 I was like WTF? Really slow recharge....oh wait its mostly regular IO. that is cheap. Covers the defense nicely, I would say its 25 million at most and probably way cheaper than I guessing. I would say this build would be decent on +2, +3 would be a bit boring with the low recharge but it could do +3/+4 if you got the time. I was so bored last couple of days I made scrapper farmer builds (they are ok, but lack Taunt aura like a brute so things scatter and I used Caltrops with the assumption stuff is slowed enough to take damage from Burn but caltrops has its own fear effect) and a bunch of brute farmers with Electric armor using Savage Melee, Psyche Melee, Radiation Melee, Electric Melee. They are not top performers but way different then common Fire Armor (Burn is the top winner, gives 3 damage auras if you use Spines or Radiation melee) and Electric armor beats Fire if you wanted to use it for normal content (need a different build focused on Lethal/Smashing def).
  3. Sentinel set, Ignite swapped for Incinerator and Full auto with Sentinel stats... Full auto, 90 degree cone? Half the range, but 4.5 times the width? Buckshot? Same range/cone, blaster is +4 targets and only 10% more damage? Aim ??? How the hell did I miss that the first time I looked at it. Sure, blaster might have better stats like damage cap but that lack of mez protection and armor/def with better working stats like the full auto cone... You know what, nerf AR/. Got to make the other sets look even better.
  4. Top 10 Blaster - - - - - - - All other AT except brute Brute Ranking? Or did I misunderstand the question 🤔
  5. Not at home, but Rad/electric brute or scrapper? No Burn for a third aura but irradiate with procs works ok. Scrappers lacking taunt effect to keep them bunched can use caltops and pin prick to death, slow them from running away and the extra bit of damage. Got a list of wacky builds, won't be top tier but fits criteria of 45% and capped resist to fire plus AoE.
  6. EA? Electric Armor - Nice spread of resist types, passive recharge power, heal/regen/Endurance discount in a single single power, Endurance drain power. Knockback weakness can be overcome with IO. Energy Aura- Typed def, can slot quite a few LoTG, stealth power so no damage aura like Electric, heal/regen/Endurance discount single in a single power, endurance drain power. Depends if you want Def or resist, electric edges out slightly as it can get some smashing/lethal def which can cover most split damage types and anythingthat fails a to hit check gets reducedby resist. Both get about the same passive rechage, electric gets pass 20% + 2 LoTG = 35% with def powers taken from power pool (CJ, Weave) and energy can slot 5 LoTG easily for 37.5%
  7. Troo logic, couldn't be any more Troo
  8. And what would a33% do exactly? Acc, The attack is low damage, no matter how many times you hit its still low. Recharge? Still going to be long. Damage? See accuracy. Endurance reduction? Kinda a joke, since you will still be hitting with a half ass slotted power more than the endurance red and the return on investment will be low net sum. Well you only got like 3-4 slots in most powers by 20 and have to consider slotting; so even with 1/1/1/1 ACC/Rec/DMG/End isn't the best answer. And the topper, replacing them every 3 levels. So there is a use for TO/DO, easy to replace since you level pretty quick even if its weak. On the other hand, slot a level 10 IO equal to a DO and have fun for another 12 levels to slot 25 which equal SO and don't wear out till 50 when you can finalize your build.
  9. Slot the -resist from Achilles heal -defense set in the 6th slot of Atom Smasher, You can get around 5 second recharge with enough recharge so that second AoE attack can tag for bonus damage. Unless its very short like the BU proc and Scrapper ATO, really hard to get a decent attack chain when you are buttom mashing and it pops up while the attack you want to use is more then half way recharge, then the stupid 2 second animation and fail to capatilize on the proc 🤥
  10. Toggles drop completely, T9 starts to act like the Incarnate toggle powers as they run for 2 min while recharge of the power is like 30 mins unmodifeable recharge. Massive boosts to def or resist, +regen and recovery, +damage and tohit, but if the target isn't dead you face plant by the end of the duration mid battle. Power is an oh-shit, not an every other mob group power, with huge benefits but something to keep in the back pocket. Incarnate before Incarnate, demi God before being an all omnipotent knowing asshole type of character everybod hates.
  11. 2 slot hasten boosted +5 and about 180%hasten gives you Perma hasten at just under 120 sec recharge for 120 duration, no Incarnate. After that, all my mids builds show insignificant jumps of recharge unless you use incarnate, which can drop hasten to like 105 recharge. Or 1 slot hasten, about 160% recharge and Ageless gives 130 Hasten recharge to just under 120 and its perma while Incarnate is up. I am not Arcanaville or Luminary and definitely not a number cruncher but you are getting insignificant bonues to recharge that may shave a few seconds off stuff. Might want to see if there is something else you can get, another bonus.
  12. Defiance 1.0 had is lonely, it wants some company for useless inherent. Low health for damage bonus? Players actively trying to stay alive? Pop health, BOOM! Inherent was useless. Had to take it out back behind City Hall and beat the hell out of it. Insert those petitioning it back, to "play on the edge". SO enhancements miss being the center of stage, slot without bonuses and set +4. Have at it, no +def to exploit 400% damage bonus.
  13. To work with the brute, Radiation debuff or Kinetic buffs would increase the efficiency of the brute. For a separate farmer to do something else, the blaster would be fun.
  14. Problem is, the hold is single target...and its the only other control power besides Flash, Decieve, and Terror. No ST immobilize, 1 ranged attack, 2 stealth/def buffs, and a confuse, kinda lack luster for setting up containment. Only picked blind because it sounds like an AoE, kinda like a Flashbang going off. Could change Blind to an AoE immobilize with sleep component and Deceive into a hold "as the target is held captive in their mind" cause a ST confuse is kinda useless if a target gets hit by Spectral Terror.
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