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Struggling with Elec/Stone Brute


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I have an Electric Melee/Stone Armor Brute; probably my fourth fifty since I found out about Homecoming in 2019. I haven't touched him in a couple of years. But, with some of the recent changes to Stone Armor, I want to revisit him; however, I'm really struggling to find a build that 1) works with my playstyle and 2) contributes to "the Team". I run a lot of TinPex, ITF, MLTF, LGTF, Kahn and iTrials - I just enjoy that content. A lot of these a run for speed, so a measure of stealth is the norm for me.  I don't think I have a single toon that doesn't have full stealth (an IO + SS or Stealth). Historically what I've done is toggle between Rooted and SS for battlefield mobility.

What I'm trying to figure out is: how essential is Granite Armor? It seems important to fix the Fire/Cold Defense deficit. Or to "tank" the BBEG.

If it's necessary, how necessary is Teleport?

If Teleport is necessary, how does one deal with stealth?

Anyway, I'll include my current build. I'm hoping to not have to get into Hecatombs, Armageddons, Blistering Colds and Avalanches if I don't have to.


Brute - Electrical Melee - Stone Armor - Stable Release.mxd

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Granite is still good. but really it's just not necessary anymore as you can achieve good def and resistance without it. I find I actually prefer the other armors, especially the fire proc in Brimstone and the +recovery in Crystal. So unless you just really want a Granite build, I would really suggest going the other route. Teleport I find wanes with the necessity of Granite, so you can easily afford any other travel power you'd like. 

My tank Stone/Rad defense sits at ~53 s/l/e/n, 66 psi def, 37 f/c defense. His resists are ~60 s/l, 40-45 e/n/p, and 85-90 f/c/t (not including tanker ATO proc values). He can also make use of 3 prf shft +end procs so needs no outside recovery, and gets the bonus fire damage proc from brimstone, as well as decent def/recharge/end/perc debuff resistance. Like yourself, he was a teleporting Granite machine a year ago, but this is a hell of a lot better IMO. He's not completely fine tuned so you could probably tweak out some more defenses and resistances.

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