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  1. Bellicose

    Name Release

    Just deleted Frost Kitten - thought maybe one of the resident cat-girls might want it for an alt.
  2. Trying to create am Arachnos Soldier - keeps locking up the game.
  3. There are a few Power Sets that I've never really tried. I had thought about building them as Brutes as I do enjoy brutes. However, with the recent changes, I've been considering whether these might be better served as Tankers (or Scrapper or Stalkers for that matter). I'd thought about a SS/Rad Brute (I'd recently done a Inv/SS Tankers and was underwhelmed - of course, that was before the changes) Also, a Psionic Melee/Dark Brute A Battle Axe/Fire Brute And a War Mace/Dark Armor Brute. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. Bellicose


    Just finished up a Rad/Regen Sentinel; and, while I've never liked Regen on a melee toon, I really enjoyed it on a Sentinel. Now I want to try an Ice/Regen. Ice has always been my favorite Blast set. Played around with a build in Mids, but I feel that it lacks focus. I'm in the tall grass a bit, because I'm not sure what direction to take this build. I'd like to keep the budget sub-100 million. Here's what I have so far: Sentinel - Ice Blast - Regeneration.mxd
  5. I have an Invul/Fire Tanker. I'm pretty pleased with him at level 50 with all of his Incarnate abilities unlocked and a full IO build. Recently, with all of the FotM talk going on, I decided to build an Invul/Super Strength Tanker. It's highly represented; and, I see them all the time. I had always just chalked that up to being a very 'iconic' combination. Nevertheless, I powered through and now have one with all of his Incarnate abilities unlocked and a full IO build. Regarding that IO build, I really went whole hog. Got the IO sets that allowed me to reach soft cap Defense on all damage types. It's a nice build. Been playing him lately and got to Tank the Crimson Prototype, the AVs in the Miss Liberty TF, Apex/Tin Mage, etc. Really impressive. I genuinely felt...Invulnerable. That being said, I don't feel Super Strong. The damage feels middling at best. Only one real AoE attack. All Smashing damage. Just underwhelming. So, am I missing something? Is SS a real gem and I'm not playing it right? The idea has entered my head recently, that I could just pry all of these high dollar enhancement out of the SS Tank and throw them in a storage bin in the SG base. And then respec the Invul/Fire Tank and get the same great benefits of a high dollar build on a Tank whose damage is superior. Am I missing something about Fire Melee? Is it not as good as it seems? I would really like some perspective here.
  6. Coming down to the last week here. Will the WSTs get updated soon?
  7. Honestly, so many good suggestions. Mine is leveling pacts. I'd like those back.
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