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Stupid City of Heroes video


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Hi everyone ! 


First of all, my first intent is not self promoting. (My second is, but, hey, who doesn't ?)

Let me explain, i'll try to make it short:

A few months ago I asked people to help me for a video on CoH. I said I would send them the link when I was done, but, even if on my friend list, I'm not around as much as I used to be. So, if they connect, I'll probably miss them.

So, if by chance, you happen to come across them, please tell them to find this post so they can get to the video.


Or you might be interested in it yourself !


Still looking for

Rainbow Recluse

Mekki (Done)

Gumbo Shrimp

Sojvet Lightning


They may have left the game, but you never know. I promised to give them the link, didn't think I'd take me that long.


Here's the link to the video. Thank you all for your time ! o/

(You may want to up the sound, Youtube did bad things to me and it became super low.)


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Passed on to Mekki. (Fellow Reunion person here).

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A big thanks to Doreno75 for finding Rainbow Shrimp through Discord.


I miss Rainbow Recluse and Sojvet Lightning. They may have left the game; thanks to the people who DMed me in game that I didn't get to answer to, and those who tried to dig in discord and skype.

I'm kinda done with the game, but I thank you all nonetheless, it has been a wonderful journey.

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