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Hi, I had no problem installing on my computer, but can't get it done on my son's.  It's got a GTX970, running Windows 8.1  The game just won't size properly.  I tried running at every possible resolution, tried changing res both before and after loading from Tequila.


I tried running Full Screen, Aspect, and No Scaling.  Tried GPU and Display scaling.  Tried scaling override.  No luck.  I logged in blind (without seeing the password area because it was offscreen), and that got me to the server choice.  But it's not possible to select a server.


I played CoH since release, but it went down while my son was too young to play.  He's heard me complain many a time that they shut down the best game ever before he got to play it.  I gotta team with him.  ;)



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Sounds really annoying!


Have you tried doing "alt+enter" to window the software - and try changing it via there - double click the top bar and should scale correctly.

Might not work - but worth a shot eh?


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