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Costume save/load screen organization


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So, currently if you save and load costumes, you get... a list. A long list, if you're like me.  Multiple alts with multiple costumes, sometimes switching out for seasons or specific events - they add up. But the costume editor just gives you a list.


You can move files into subfolders - but the save/load screen knows nothing about subfolders.


I'd like to see this changed and tweaked a bit. Things like:

- Search. OK, probably only the big altaholics would use this, but... yeah. We already can name the costume files, a search would make this even more useful.

- Filter - by body type, at the very least.

- Ability to organize into subfolders. This is what I'd like most, I think. Creating a folder for "default costumes" for things like supergroups or organizations, or creating folders for my most clothes-horse-y characters to just keep everything inside and organized.


It wouldn't need a *lot* to make it more useful - but it would be nice to have a few of these as QoL features.

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