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Click pet games?


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I'm wondering if anyone in the community still has an active dragon cave account? I have played fairly regularly since about uh, 2008 or so, and have quite a large cave full of babies, eggs, and full grown dragons. (Not a euphemism, it's a game, I swear, I'll share links below and yes it's safe, wouldn't play there otherwise.) So the deal with these little pixel pets is that they grow with every click and view they receive. The adult dragons don't grow but the number counts for their views still tickers away. Does anyone else still futz around with these types of games? Just curious honestly.


Is it okay to open a thread for this? I figured to ask cause it's just an cute old browser game I still play from time to time that's not super time intensive.

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My favorites: spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png


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Ahhh forgot to add the little galaxy skinned one! So pretty! o_o
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Just now, Outrider_01 said:

Yiu will have to be more clear how a run down on this game 🤔

It's an adoptable online pet site. Quite fun honestly with the different variety of dragons you can find and obtain. The goal is really simple, grab an egg, hatch it, and raise it to adulthood. There's quite a few different varieties to find and collect and it's just something pretty to look at, if you like dragons that is. The artists there are bloody amazing, they have seasonal events for special variety releases, and it's got quite a nice community there attached to the site. It's sort of like neopets, without all the bells and whistles of the games for farming points and such.

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