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Can't Connect to DBserver

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Was just playing fine last night.  Am now getting this error after I launch client, login, select a server, it hangs then eventually errors with Can't Connect to DBserver. 


I've verified files, no dice.  

I was going to attempt to uninstall/reinstall the HC Launcher but the link in the forum guide isn't resolving for me.  DNS issue?  https://manifest.cohhc.gg/launcher/hcinstall.exe

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This may or may not help, but if you are comfortable getting in your router or modem it is worth a try. 

Log in to router and change the DNS Servers for your Internet. 


1) Document the DNS Servers you are currently using so you can go back if it does not help.

2) Change to well known DNS, easiest would be Google: Primary, Secondary 

3) Test the connection, if it works you are good to go or if not you can return to the original settings.


Good Luck.

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