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  1. This is a chance to bring back the time honored tradition of getting curb stomped in the LRSF and having the whole team go load up on Warburg Nukes and Shivans, then go back and ROLFSTOMP the Heroes in 20 seconds after you have the whole team unload their temps on them.
  2. Zapp lacks the flags to pick up the bonus +crit from the ATO and BL has 70.58% of it's damage in DOT vs 33.39% in Fireball. Those are the two major differences which come to mind for me that might account for some of the gap.
  3. It starts kicking in at 60% health. Agile, Dodge and Lucky each give you 0.33% resist to S/L/F/C/E/NE for each 1% below 60% health you are. So for example at 50% health you have 10% resist to S/L/F/C/E/NE if you have all three of the SR passives. If you're using Mids Reborn there is a slider built into those powers so you can play around and see what your resists will be at various hitpoint levels.
  4. You can look to Sovera's FA/MA Tanker post for some inspiration. The combination will be a bit squishier on a Brute, but the build theory and power reviews in the post will still be useful to read
  5. I was going through the Scrapper Pool Powers on City of Data and I noticed that only Project Will and Wall of Force have the MLCrit flag to allow them to be boosted by the Critical Strikes proc. I'm guessing that since these are the only two powers which have the flag, they have the flag in error. The other option would be that the flag is missing from all of the other pool power attacks and needs to be added.
  6. I was noticing that for Scrapper power pools only Project Will and Wall of Force have the MLCrit tag that lets the power have it's crit rate boosted by the Critical Strikes proc. @UberGuy Do you have to add those tags on your own or do they populate based on what's in the game data? If it populates from the games data then I'd guess it's a bug that PW and WoF have the tag when nothing else does.
  7. Guassian's is 1PPM; from your last attached INV/RAD build you got Fusion coming back in 32 seconds with 93.26% local recharge, which will have an 79.566% chance to trigger the buff/20.434% chance to fail. Invincibility is a 8ft radius toggle, so it will have a 8.772% chance to trigger per mob every 10 seconds/91.228% chance to fail. So the chance of getting 0 triggers while saturated is .9122810 or 39.928%. So 60.071% chance of at least one trigger. So in the 32 seconds it takes for you to cycle Fusion there are 3 activation for the proc to go off in Invincibility. T
  8. Standard disclaimer, I only play solo and only at level 50 so I can't say how the combo does leveling up or in a team setting. I've been playing Demons/TA and it's rare to lose a pet. Between Pet Uniques, unresisted -tohit in flash arrow, unresisted -damage in PGA+Ice Arrow, +resist in EMP Arrow, KD in whip attacks keeping problem mobs on the ground and Oil Slick Arrow melting mobs the Demons don't get hit often enough to outpace their own healing.
  9. With RoA there's an expectation that some/many of the mobs will have moved from the damage area before the damage is applied and that reduces the effectiveness of the power which offsets some of it's benefits.
  10. Unless CPH has changed his tune I wouldn't expect more powers similar to Master/Practiced Brawler.
  11. I think the RoP changes on Beta might mean that you have to rethink the builds which are leaning into a RoP>Melee Hybrid>RoP rotation to bolster resists. I'm not sure what you'd use to make up the difference.
  12. Kat/ENA/Soul Brute 3 runs average time 7:24 Rad/EM/Energy Tank 3 runs average time 7:16 SS/ENA/Soul Brute 3 runs average time 6:38 Rad/WM/Soul Tank 3 runs average 5:53 SD/SS/Soul Rank 3 runs average 5:22 Rad/SS/Soul Tank 3 runs average time 4:36 This was a fun test and makes a nice AOE counter part to crushing Pylons. The test does feel like it skews heavily toward AEO centric toons. The 1st two toons on my list can pull consistent 1:45 pylon times with hybrid up. The last is more like 2:35-2:40, but in this test he pulls ahead by a mile due to being able
  13. Is that the Brutal Simulator or is there another one that we can run?
  14. So you'll be ahead movement speedwise in the new system. You'll no longer take AB since it's a server tray power. You'll replace with AB with EM, which will take your LotG Recharge and when toggled on make you fly faster than you used to fly with AB turned on and when you really want to go fast you can hit AB now and bump all the way up to 102mph. It's a netgain for you
  15. You get better than the old AB in the new Evasive Maneuvers. Fly+EM with nothing slotted will put you at 87.95mph fly speed. On Live Fly+AB slotted with a level 50 flight in each will put you at 79.02mph, to match what you now get in Fly+EM you would need to run Fly+AB+Steam Jump/Jump Pack. AB will now bump you up to 102.27mph for 30 seconds.
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