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  1. So it looks like your attack chain with Hasten up is Slow ET, TF, EP, gap/misc click, Fast ET, EP, Power Crash and for the 45ish seconds Hasten is down you have to go to Slow ET, TF, EP, Power Crash, gap/misc click, Fast ET, EP, Power Crash. That sound right? That's enough DPS to take out AV's without issue. Just doing napkin math, with Hasten down and no build up you'd push 200+DPS and a level 54 AV regens something along the lines of 102 HP a second so you'd have enough damage output to put those down, but it might be tiresome, Lore Pets and Daggers will speed that up quite a bit. GM's on the other hand, at least level 50 ones (they have a hidden level) take quite a bit more to be able to put down. 350+ according to @nihilii and I've never known them to post bad info. So you'd need to look at some major revisions to crack that threshold or just use Daggers which should allow you do defeat just about anything. If you do want to look at major revisions to your build I would follow the link Myrmidon posted above and look for Sir Myshkin's Bio Armor Blank as a framework to build off of.
  2. Bio/EM should have more than enough DPS to clear out +4 AVs without needing the Dagger, the Dagger should speed things up quite a lot though. It might help to post your build so we can get an idea of what your slotting looks like. I had a Rad/EM posted in the Pylon damage thread that puts out 400+ DPS without having Hybrid active, you ought to be able to blow that away with Bio to push your damage higher.
  3. There are 3329 attacks in game that cause KB/KU. 2807 are Mag 4 or less. 320 are between 4.002 and 8. 98 are between 8.36 and 12. The other 104 range from 12.46 to 300. So Mag 4 is going to cover the vast majority of what you face. If you want to swap the slots out to get to 12 go for it, but there's not a huge reason to do so. You can also grab 10 points of KB protection for 90 minutes from a base empowerment station for the low low cost of 2 pieces of salvage which is my preferred method of gaining KB protection vs giving up slots. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Knockback/Enemies_with_Knockback_Powers
  4. Herostats is likely what you're remembering. There was a version that worked for a little bit after Homecoming started up, but a change in the games code not long after broke it and the program no longer works.
  5. The buff doesn't display in the power tooltips because it's applied as a buff from the Inherent. so Shadow Maul says 120, but then get's a 50% arc buff to be 180 in game. Slice says 90 and ends up 135 etc. From the patch notes these are the only powers that ignore the Arc/Radius buffs : The following powers ignore Arc Buffs: Battle Axe > Pendulum Claws > Eviscerate Claws > Shockwave Spines > Throw Spines Titan Weapons > Defensive Sweep Titan Weapons > Titan Sweep Titan Weapons > Arc of Destruction War Mace > Crowd Control All Judgement powers The following powers ignore Radius Buffs: Electric Melee > Lightning Clap Electric Melee > Lightning Rod Savage Melee > Savage Leap Spines > Quills Radius Super Strength > Hand Clap Super Strength > Foot Stomp Titan Weapons > Whirling Smash All Judgement powers
  6. Tanker&Brute changes right toward the top has a nice breakdown.
  7. The general consensus on Savage is that it's best on Stalkers. There's a wonderful thread there which goes over the combo in detail. even if you prefer to stick with a Scrapper you might find the set review useful
  8. You're right if you're trying to actually use SS but if you're just there to steal Rage, KoB and Foot Stomp to fill in with full buffed Cross Punch, Gloom and Dark Oblit that are proc'ed out then you can hit 2 min Pylon times with SS/SD
  9. I'm using the BETA update on MIDS. I normally also have a custom Ageless that shows me just the last minute of buffs and I fix the Perfect Zinger procs to have the right proc rate but I try to revert that stuff to stock before posting to avoid any issues for people who download the build. really sorry if I forget to do that posting late last night.
  10. RAD/EM Tank. Musculature Core, Degenerative Core, Ageless Core, Assault Radial all tier 4. Pylon times with Hybrid on run from a best of 1:46 to a worst of 2:10, with most clustering between 1:55 and 2:00. Hybrid off best time was 2:13 with most at 2:25 to 2:30 I settled on a priority system after several attempts at a static attack chain centered around Slow ET, TF, Fast ET. I tended to get my best time by skipping a slow ET for either CP or Energy Torrent as long as the gap for TF to recharge was less than the animation time of CP/Energy Torrent. I'd guess this gave me marginally more up time on the -RES procs which then boosted the damage of the subsequent TF+Fast ET. This build solo's +4/8 ITF with insp fine, but can't handle a Werner Rules ITF, I'm ok with that level of squishy on a Tank but not everyone will be. For teamed content you're plenty sturdy to stand up to most any challenge you'll run into if you're being buffed. I'd switch to a different build to deal with Recluse/pack the right candy loadout for him. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1611&c=764&a=1528&f=HEX&dc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
  11. Tidge's slotting with no other bonus will yield 276.4 damage. Your adjustment changes that to 245 damage for a +5 Arma Damage IO, slightly less with a Oblit swapped in. If you assume Musculature Core because we're going proc focused then you get 304 vs 265. Now personally I have the Arma Proc tied up in Crosspunch as part of my ST chain, so I choose to trade some damage out of Whirling Hands and get a pile of mitigation by placing the Overwhelming Force Damage/Chance for KD there ending up with 251 vs 265 compared to having the Arma Damage IO.
  12. Tank, Scrapper, Brute, and Stalker all show the same behavior.
  13. Alpha slots aren't impacting Power Crash from what I can see. Is there a flag to set that I can update so Alpha will impact this power like it does for others? Thanks for all your hard work and testing! Edit: After a little further testing shows Power Crash and Fast ET aren't inheriting any buffs from Incarnate slots, Set Bonuses or options like Offensive Adaptation. Hopefully that helps narrow down the issue
  14. You can use Boppers tools from his Signature to check your PPM rates. With a 4 second and 8 second single target attack you'd expect FF to fire just under 18% of the time on the 4 second attack and just over 31% on the 8 second attack. So about 24.5% of the time between the two of them. At low level before you have the +end IO's slotted a lucky streak where you proc two cycles in a row can really bottom out your blue bar quickly.
  15. Does anyone have a definitive best single target attack chain for Savage? Normally it's pretty easy to pick out the best dpa attacks, leverage procs and max global recharge, but I can't see the best chain in this set clearly to save my life.
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