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  1. My 1st Main was an EM/ELA Brute and after the ET change he just wasn't worth playing anymore. I would love to see some changes that would make me want to recreate him.
  2. I'm not sure what I did with the formatting to mess the spoiler up like that and it won't let me edit so here's the build. Sorry about that. Mystic Might.mxd
  3. I normally play Brutes, but the with this combo it's much easier to soft cap the Tanker version which left a lot more room for procs so I went this route. The build plays great solo. I was able to solo an ITF and can run the annoying end game groups like Malta, Carnies and Arachnos at +4x8 though I need to be on my toes for Sappers. I'm wanting to start teaming instead of just solo'ing all the time and wondering how badly I'm hurting myself by not having taunt? I could drop Hasten to pick up Taunt. The main reason to have Hasten is to cycle Rune of Protection as fast as possible. Everything else recharges fast enough from Global Recharge+FF procs. I could drop Spirit Ward+RoP and replace with Taunt+One With the Shield, but RoP feels vastly superior to OWtS because with FF procs I can have 50%+ up time, get PSI coverage and not have any crash. For context I only play level 45 plus content and am not worried about losing abilities at lower levels and I already have the Incarnates at Tier 4. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Mystic Might.mxd
  4. I was pretty shocked Artic Aegis was available for my Ice/Shield scrapper.
  5. Been playing since the day after the ED patch (great 1st day in an MMO) and never been able to get into a Scrapper before. Mainly the mob scatter would drive me nuts and cause me to delete every prior attempt at the Class before. I see Shield Defense has a taunt component to it's AAO so I'm hopeful I found my unicorn at last. I went Ice Melee both because I've never played the set before and it had enough AOE to not make running +X/8 not drive me crazy taking all day to clear things. A couple notes. I know range isn't softcapped without Incarnates. I only play level 45+ Content so that shouldn't ever be an issue. If I wanted to get there I could drop 4 slots from Health/Stamina+the Proc from Moonbeam and slot up Boxing with Mako's Bite. Endurance is dependent on Ageless, but I run Ageless on all of my characters so that doesn't bother me. I like the +tohit and +recharge Cross Punch gives and would like to keep it. Power ordering will be different in game. This ordering let's me slot everything how I wanted in MIDS Have I missed something major here to have a functional Scrapper that can solo fairly quickly at +4/8 (+3/8 after the Incarnate Shift) for all of the 45+ Arcs? From time to time I also like to do things like solo the ITF but I normally only do that at +1 or +2 because taking 10 minutes to kill and AV drives me nuts. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1516&c=690&a=1380&f=HEX&dc=78DA6D944B4F5341188667DA7328BD41CB1DA11690DA4ACB690FB8305EE2429420342169E2B61CCB088D27D0504C74E9C29D31C68D7FC0EBC61F62BCFC0DEE987841E3A57E9DEFA535A993364FE79D79DF996FCE9CE6EFCE84DECCDEBF2C64C715D7A9568B85D28653A9A80D33EFAC944B825A70AEA4460AAB65E52E8FF8A83F703CA59857AE52160DF3AF78636046DD526B5565B1EBB82BC28BEBEBAE75ADBCB2BA595E5B09E9DE82722AD409E84EA1A2D4729067B9F56983572BE59255D874DCDB145B58BFE316F34E75536DDC1BA09D4CD2379314683543BCF50A611BA2FD2333F00E7CCF0C7D403F4CD3A5F698A2576ACDD353A75F185F784EDB57F00899DF9941F24AF64A09AF016F88C6BCC8F56E61CD6D66D70EB8CBECD903F799928ED6E43A8459A3263CA4F8A0F8B412A67C3FE70B7F5AE835FB684A105A10FBF1921666CD084F717EC70F10754450670475765076A70CE89CCE51CE3628278A5AA3C8CEA2D64E9ADF8D75BB31F63021442FEFD8EC7DE0D15ADF4FF01733F99B39F107AC3127E939F6C3DBEF35B536608026F3441BE8630EB7332DF20EC23BF88CF332CFC117C87F09BE025F332354C7106A1C9AE7B318FECCB4293786DCD892A1B5930E78132C31479799E38A3945DE38BCF1395E6B644930D3E817A99F24EF6364A478DD28ED690CDE319CE3A973E025F03C73FC027891394DEB26E04D6C931633C4E91D7017DC6326F7C10366FDCAA6E04D6538EF8C0D5A6016CF2DC7CC6EB1778CEE4A1AE798C6DDCC8059DA93859B6CE16E75518D3968B97EA933868DC6BB4C9FFA8D8F1B8D37B5363FD1FC3DD13233D7A2D82DCA748B72B6455968AE28449B47EF75D180449AD4B3FC117AD359A9ED071AFF08424E7275874DCD2347719B6EF05B625F97FAA91FFCEB4BB1EF5353F3CAA77CC29E2738E96F7C4BEC4366ED3FED119D918D7DE976D447020EED2FAB2A065A
  6. You can see the numbers in Mids. When you hover over the damage for a power in the information window you'll see a breakout of the damage. There will be a fire damage proc there. If Fiery Embrace is off it will be listed as a 0% chance. If Fiery Embrace is on it will show as a 100% chance. This isn't a damage buff, it's a proc so it bypasses the damage cap and isn't something you really want to miss out on. If you would rather see the in game numbers under the power details you'll see a 2nd damage listed that says something like Only if Fiery Embrace.
  7. Any AT that doesn't keep mobs from scattering either via built in taunt, pets with taunt or built in immobilize is 0 fun for me.
  8. jojogladco


    I have been using this build for a few months and enjoy it quite a bit. It's far from optimized, but very serviceable. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1444&c=677&a=1354&f=HEX&dc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
  9. Is there any particular reason this can't be handled with 2 mutually exclusive powers?. Similar to the Sentinel Master Brawler/Practiced Brawler. Rage stays as a stackable power with the crashes outlined in the patch notes and a new power that's non stackable Rage is added.
  10. I used to assist St0n3y with testing Mids updates back in the day when he had stewardship for a couple issues and know 1st hand how laborious it can be to add items into the DB. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into giving us and up to date hero planner!
  11. Thank for bringing this back! Greatly appreciated. Working fine for me so far.
  12. Donation sent. $15 and I'll do the same monthly
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