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  1. I have to agree. I played with EM quite a bit today and after a short adjustment period I got into a zen like state where the TF landing into ET crunch was like a metronome or the Tic>Tok on a clock. It was especially noticeable on AV fights, the way the attacks flowed just felt like a natural cadence for me. My 1st 50 back on Live was an EM/ELA Brute that got shelved after the nerfs long ago and with this updated I'm looking forward to him being reborn and not feeling useless and gimped.
  2. Rad/WM Tank Incarnates: Musculature Core Pyronic Partial Radial Degenerative Core Longbow Radial Support (not used) Ageless Core Assault Partial Radial Click Ageless>Hybrid>Hasten>AB hit start on timer Attack Chain is Jawbreaker>Clobber>Shatter replacing Shatter with a Build Up/Hasten/Ageless/Radiation Therapy/Pyronic as they come up This build is heavily leaning on procs. The variance in runs can be frustrating. I've gotten two unicorn runs of 1:58 and 1:59 with Hybrid on and also gotten as bad as 2:28 and 2:32 with Hybrid on where I whiffed on multiple Clobbers or Force Feedback procs weren't going off and I had to fire off a Bash to fill a gap. In general I see results clustered between 2:08-2:18 with Hybrid on and 2:25-2:40 with Hybrid off. Taking the high end of the range to low ball I get: 2:18= 405dps 2:40= 367dps For fun I grabbed an offensive amplifier and with Hybrid on those runs were 1:55, 1:59, and 2:05 which makes me wish I could find a way to cram an extra 15% recharge into the build. I used this build for a solo +4/8 No Temps No Deaths ITF and it worked fine. Won't hold up well enough to do no inspirations or buffed enemies. I only play solo and at 50 so don't pay any attention to the power pick order, I'm 100% certain that things can and should be shuffled around to make things more workable at lower levels. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1530;746;1492;HEX;| |78DA65544B4F135114BED3990A2DE5594A79B4A514E89316EA233E0921021AA0848| |889CB6602D73A813E32ED02E2CA851BE373C54E8D26266EFC056EFC133E70E50F10| |4DD4A831A69E99F3859ACC04FACD3D8FEF7EF79C73A7B0BBE07B75E9D69C507C177| |7F47ABD7855AF6C4BD35DD04BC6A6A0A763BE512D472FEBE5B234DB681DE180E282| |BC2E2B7599BBA26F197AC3A8568AF366B96A06E02EC81D2973D7747AD337A5E85CA| |F5677724B46E946C3A894FAEDD5E26E4D9A4659561A76BED7366ED4A4DCF2D9AFAB| |52AF51B07FB1666CE6162BD22CED1159BD21CDBD411292A5FF3B09FA512C994D557| |C5785C86BC2F503F89351FBC578CA2BF034351177B12FC1782C094C31A6D38CAF53| |44CFFC42D967DB69E25199C7AD2699BBBD48CB8426BC7B14E3270CD33AEF11BE6D6| |1FB7DB739F72EE97543AF1B7ABBA0B70B7A7BA0F71EC5B621B60DB61EC4F421B70F| |B9F729D6630B6DBA3D836CEB3FA43DC38482D70375D63070933525FA54DBFF80723| |B385774BC61FD0A75BA13B5EA5CE6BCC115E02AE3708131BFC67896EAD2CD39AEEE| |E72EFBFCC32FD9177AC2EB87B4572F9F49EB0DB1AE50983112018E02A38CEB6992C| |4BCC27FC07C2AE90B308F3B1054EC73447F737C14B58AA24663A8D1D871CC03E506| |51D7A04562F956D837FE0DF857D89C6BB4F710F61E6AD223CED12947B0F34886D58| |C5B5340DD9FC0144CBC55EDD34EA0FBF18FCC7A9E72C3A86A185D88A33B71742BF1| |89D70974EB11556C9473D4D177EC4BBD077E001E305E20FE18263306BE34F8D3B3C| |C3735476BBF474C9DE18E4C613267297712B9937FD89685C62CB8B2E09A46CE34A6| |FD2999935C1325F918BE678C31AA7606BE4C866F451E3840BE1C6E570E9DD8A08AC| |FB00E65065394C7F484B4A31B4C7F563752DAD1FD6FA61DDE198725EFB09C70584E| |3A2CAB0ECBBA866DADEF826DF1F41C7D159A9FBDFF7D356CEF9796455130D7EDCB8| |A3D2D878EE8AF5EE7576785AE401E276D3DFB9615BB46FB5B114BC1D6BB3FD07A7F| |116BBDFF03A42F0A18| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  3. It really depends on your slotting. @Bopper has a tool linked in his sig that will let you compared the two. For my Rad/WM Doublehit blows away the stacking damage but with different slotting that answer will change.
  4. EM/ELA was my 1st 50. I'd love for a rework to make EM tolerable to play again. After the ET animation change he got shelved and never brought out again. I'd love to see the old animation come back, maybe tied to some sort of energy builder/spender mechanic that gives you the old animation and damage when you've built up enough energy to transfer out. A 2nd AOE would be nice also.
  5. The only two ways I know are to either teleport in to where they spawn so that you show up as the cut scene ends before the actual npcs spawn, so that they agro onto you 1st instead of Rommie or use super speed to achieve the same effect but it's a lot harder than teleporting in. I'm hoping someone knows an easier way. I can only pull off the TP maybe 1 try in 5. The super speed I've got to work once. I have the most luck with the TP version on my mystic flight toons. You can fly to the top of the map to fly above the spawn point and use the built in TP to zap straight down.
  6. I've always wondered at is this was accurate or not. From what @Ghostpilot says here you can slot up Dark Servant with all available procs and get good results, but never tested it myself.
  7. I summon where I want them to be and use the Stay command as the summon finishes. That tends to keep the Cataphract up spamming it's -regen attack at a distance and never wandering in to get smacked by an AOE.
  8. Sleep and immobilize aren't part of the purple triangles. So mag 4 should keep one in place. EBs is mag 6 for whatever reason.
  9. jojogladco

    New Tank

    Nothing feels super sturdy at level 10-12. You don't have the slots, powers or enhancements at that point to feel powerful. Any particular reason you want to solo 1-50? Tankers can do it, as can any other AT in the game, but you might have a smoother solo 1-50 experience on a different AT. Teaming would allow you to get buffs, tank for those buffers and watch more offensive focused AT's blow things up while you're holding agro. At your level getting into a Posi 1 and Posi 2 would be a great experience and net you a few levels of XP. Once you get to level 22 you can start slotting generic IO's and be at a power level that gives you a decent idea of what your sets are capable of. As for what is sturdy at end game? Any of the armor sets can be made tough enough, you should check out the Tank Gods thread for some ideas.
  10. I've had fun with this Electric Armor/SS/Soul build. 2:41 to 2:45 for Pylon times with Hybrid clicked, honestly never test without, because when I go to fight an AV it's going to be up to start the fight. Only have Tier 3's so far so there's some headroom to improve, but don't know that I'm going to get there as Rad/SS is seeming like I might enjoy it just a little more. Once the FF procs start rolling you spend a lot of time at 240% recharge, 280% the 1st minute when Adrenal Booster is going, which in turn makes it easier to keep the buff going. For a damage focused build I can still tank decently. The Tanker ATO in Lightning Field usually keeps 2 stacks up even against 1 target and 1 stack gets you capped to S/L/F/C/E/P. I had a choice of either chasing set's to almost cap N with 2 stacks of ATO but have Toxic down in the 20's or get Toxic up to mid 50's with 2 ATO stacks and N at about 62%. I went with bringing Toxic up. You can always use a 2nd build to go full tank setup and drop 5 powers worth of Procs for set bonuses+swap out Incarnates to defensive minded choices. If you like to have Taunt it's easy enough to swap out Kick and lose a little bit of the benefit you get from Cross Punch. The build does pretty much nothing below level 45. I'm one of those weirdos that has never liked playing at below max level, it's easy enough to use an alt build for exemping down should you want to do so. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1571&c=747&a=1494&f=HEX&dc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
  11. 597+1147.9+785.3=2530.2 plus 75% chance for 13.39 damage gives 2540.235. I don't think it's counting the self damage in the total or we'd see 2882.34, unless I'm missing something which is always possible.
  12. My 1st Main was an EM/ELA Brute and after the ET change he just wasn't worth playing anymore. I would love to see some changes that would make me want to recreate him.
  13. I'm not sure what I did with the formatting to mess the spoiler up like that and it won't let me edit so here's the build. Sorry about that. Mystic Might.mxd
  14. I normally play Brutes, but the with this combo it's much easier to soft cap the Tanker version which left a lot more room for procs so I went this route. The build plays great solo. I was able to solo an ITF and can run the annoying end game groups like Malta, Carnies and Arachnos at +4x8 though I need to be on my toes for Sappers. I'm wanting to start teaming instead of just solo'ing all the time and wondering how badly I'm hurting myself by not having taunt? I could drop Hasten to pick up Taunt. The main reason to have Hasten is to cycle Rune of Protection as fast as possible. Everything else recharges fast enough from Global Recharge+FF procs. I could drop Spirit Ward+RoP and replace with Taunt+One With the Shield, but RoP feels vastly superior to OWtS because with FF procs I can have 50%+ up time, get PSI coverage and not have any crash. For context I only play level 45 plus content and am not worried about losing abilities at lower levels and I already have the Incarnates at Tier 4. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Mystic Might.mxd
  15. I was pretty shocked Artic Aegis was available for my Ice/Shield scrapper.
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