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  1. I wonder how well Energy Melee/Fire Aura would work? I don't have one so not sure. But hear me out. Burn, Assassin Strike, Total Focus, Energy Transfer. So maybe farming +4/x4 😄 Darn it, now I have to try it out!
  2. My journey to 50 through content is what I enjoy the most. Then they usually get parked except on some occasions, I'll run through incarnate stuff.
  3. 14 Level 50s. 57 characters between levels 9 - 48. Thanks for asking about my stable. No one else seems to care but me. 🙂
  4. Find myself going back to Martial Arts and Super Reflexes. So Brute, Tank, Scrapper or Stalker? I'm still trying to figure out which one is the best. I've 3 of the 4, 50'ed. The Tank is one I haven't 50'ed yet. Probably the Scrapper. /shrug STOP ASKING SUCH HARD QUESTIONS
  5. Take the Atlas bank robbery mission for example, red-side. Those used to be brutal. You walk in the bank, next thing you know there are 9 Longbow mobs along with whatever else you decide to attack at the front door. Now...it's a cake walk. I'll adjust but it's like I said - all too easy.
  6. I get that but at level 7? I'm one and two shotting pretty much everything. Was just sharing an opinion. We have them. And most of the time, you don't even have to ask!
  7. I haven't made a new character for quite some time. I've been working on lots of ALTs and trying to get those Vet Levels on the ones that are 50. Just made a new character yesterday (Ice Melee/Energy Aura Brute) and with the SOs being available really early...well...I bought and slotted them. At level 7. Now, it's too easy. Before the SOs being available at level 22, I felt there was a bit of a vetting process that I personally enjoyed to see if I liked the character. Not saying nerf this or buff that. Just an observation.
  8. It makes the character just a little more special when they earn and buy their own stuff. I don't do this for all of my characters but the first few 50s I hit, did this and I'm more fond of them because of it.
  9. Thank you for providing the new updates. I was having an issue with slotting the Scrapper ATO Scrapper's Strike, specifically the Acc/Dmg/End/Rech no matter what I did. Tried a reboot and that seemed to fix the issue. Just sharing in case someone else has this issue.
  10. Great question. I have three Corruptors that are covered with filthy, old dust. There's just something else I'd rather play.
  11. A drunkard not wanting to deal with bids.
  12. I would re-emphasize the crafting of recipes then selling versus just selling recipes. You can convert them into something worthwhile for someone else to buy on the AH (for a profit). As far as slotting, I think most of the advice here is spot on. I think your other issue is INF though. I bit the bullet long ago and decided to spend my time Marketeering to earn INF. I also on rare occasions run the fire farm for INF and drops. I want to be able to buy whatever I need whenever I want. I have 80+ characters that need to be treated like they should!
  13. Somewhat related, I've started to go through respec'ing all my characters that have the Fighting pool to use Kick instead of Punch so I can use the KB recharge proc in Kick.
  14. Great question. There are two kinds of people in life. Those that can't get into playing CoH/CoV over time or those that can't stop playing at all. You either are or aren't.
  15. Don't forget to download/install Mids. I swear I spend as much time in that than I do in-game. And if you're a badger, get VidiotMaps.
  16. In theory it would seem that it would. I've tried playing Titan Weapons and couldn't find the groove. Maybe I'm just dull and don't get it. Everyone else around here talks about Titan Weapons like it's the sheot.
  17. I used to be Scrapper Fan. Then Brutes came along and I was Brute Fan. Then Stalkers were fixed so switched to Stalker Fan. Then Tanker AoEs were buffed so now I'm Tanker Fan. I keep going back to Stalkers because of the massive damage they can do. The thing I like about Brutes though is the momentum-feeling that keeps saying in my head, "Defeat faster, faster, faster, move it, move it, move it..." MOAR FURY
  18. You wouldn't be let down with an Electric Melee/Shield Stalker.
  19. I thought it was 5 transfers every 24 hours. You see how rumors and disinformation starts? lol
  20. Have you rolled a Blaster lately? I'm having fun on my Fire Blast/Atomic - he's redside. I'm finding that the Atomic secondary seems to be better than Energy secondary so far (Fan Mail is a Fire/EM Blaster - my "main"). At level 30 and climbing.
  21. Funny you mention that. Correto is just that on Ex.
  22. You can't be named Obsidian and NOT have Dark Armor. THAT is a sin. Wait...????
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