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Here, have a random.


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Look out for me as: Miss Dream Weaver (Corr-Psi/Emp), Ranger Emily (Blaster-AR/Dev/Mun), Dr Amy Weaver MD (Corr-DP/Emp/Power), Dr Regan Sprungler (Sentinel-Beam/Ninja), Agatha Heterodyne (MM-Robots/Devices), Powerstar Gold (Blapper-Energy/Energy/Elec/Chaos/Puns), HarveyTWonderhamster (Tank-Rad/Titan) Elsa Van Arendelle (Domi-Ice/Ice/Showtunes)


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Woodworking as ASMR.  After the intro music fades, turn it up a bit.




Bonus: Also some damn fine woodwork.  That one is a good intro to the way he shoots/edits them though.


Highly recommend both Colored Pencil build vids, the Broken Skateboard build vid, and this masterpiece:




"... And I'd kill to get away; I'd die to make my own way.  And I'd lose to celebrate;  I'd win to see the good days.  And I'll never stop the fighting, so bring to me your worst.

I'll never stop believing that I could rule the world one day ..."

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