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Pool Clickie Mez Protect with Damage Debuff

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Here's an idea that everyone is sure to hate, half because they think it's too weak, and half because it's too strong.


Add a pool power (yeah, I dunno what else would be in the pool) that works like this:


Shake Free

Click:  Mag 4 protection (all major mez types) for 15 seconds, -30% damage debuff for 10 seconds

Cooldown:  15 seconds

Animation Time:  Short (<1s)

Endurance Cost: 5

Can be used while mezzed


So the idea is that if you don't have better mez protection, you can buy this power; it doesn't need any slotting.  It's perma out of the box, but you'd have to be insane to use it as continuous status protection, since you'd be clicking it constantly and it'd debuff your damage.  But you can use it reactively when you get mezzed and unmez yourself, at the cost of a significant-but-short damage debuff.


Result: it's definitely not going to outperform any real mez protection, but it lets you solo without constantly worrying about stocking your tray with breakfrees if you're a squishy.  Getting mezzed would still suck, but if you're quick to tap the button it's like a second or so of annoyingness and a damage debuff, not 10 seconds of "you're fucked, bro."  You might use it prophylactically before tackling a mob if you see a mezzer in it, while you try to kill/mez the mezzer yourself.


If you want Clarion, you can respec out of it at 50.


It doesn't involve any massive revamp of the mez system or new code.

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