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Giant mecha rampage mission

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I feel this could be doable (not sure how easy though) since the game can already do the following:

  • Destructible environment (like on mayhem missions)
  • Costume replacement - replacing player's model for 1 mission
  • Giving the player temp powers just for 1 mission
  • Suppressing the player's own powers for 1 mission


So basically, setting could be the enemy group's outdoor base (something like the Council base in Striga, as example). Player steals a mecha (let's say, Kronos-sized) and has to escape the base, rampaging around and shooting lasers/missiles at the enemy (could be a large army, like in the last Vincent Ross mission).

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Haha I suggested something like this for the ITF mission 3, where you could somehow take over one of those tall robots and stomp around for a bit.  


You can make an outdoor AE mission and add the Kronos as a Giant Monster ally, and drag mobs to it for stomping fun.


Some of the new arcs have a mechanic where your toon is reskinned and given new powersets, I don't remember the name but you're Back Alley Brawler's nemesis and you beat him up - a mechanic similar to that where you're reskinned as Kronos and stomp around would be incredible.

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