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Radiation Emission: Icon Swap


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If you note form the descriptions of the powers, the Enervating Field is -DMG...but the icon is -DEF. Radiation infection has the opposite problem. I am aware that these icons have been swapped for a very long time at this point, but please, if you could, please fix this.


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The icons work either way to be honest.  EF also cuts resistance which is appropriate for the shield-down, and infection reduces ToHit, which isn't exactly matching the attack-down but is still an offensive decrease.

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If you notice, the shield down also has a target reticle icon on it. It is both -defense and -to hit. As for your other statement about -Res being a shield icon...you are both right...and wrong.


Of all the powers that have -Res in them, only two powers have only -Res where it is and is not paired with another debuff type, both of which are in the Sonic power set. It is only in those cases, or when -Res is paired with -Def that it will have the shield icon. Otherwise, it seems that -Res is the lowest in the icon hierarchy regarding which icon will be displayed for he power.  And yes, it appears that there is an icon hierarchy.


Examples follow (Support Sets Only):

-To Hit seems to be lower than -Visibility as the power Trick Arrow: Flash Arrow shows.
-To Hit is higher than -Range or -Damage paired with a second debuff as shown in Storm Summoning: Hurricane, Nature Affinity: Spore Cloud(-DMG -Regen) and Temporal Manipulation: Time's Juncture(-DMG -SPD)

(We get the targeting reticle for the above three examples that shows us the -To Hit native icon)

-To Hit is lower than solo -Damage, or -Damage paired with -Special as shown in Dark Miasma: Darkest Night and Poison: Weaken

The -To Hit showing below -Damage for Traps: Seeker Drones on Masterminds is likely a case of a grandfathered icon.

-Res and -Fly are lower than Slow (-SPD) as shown in Dark Miasma: Tar Patch

-Res, -Fly, and Slow are lower than Immobilize as seen in Trick Arrow: Entangling Arrow

-Max End has no icon and can't be considered higher than -Res.

-Def is usually the highest in hierarchy as seen in Storm Summoning: Freezing Rain, Time Manipulation: Slowed Response, Traps: Acid Mortar, Cold Domination: Sleet, Thermal Radiation: Melt Armor, and Pain Domination: Anguished Cry.

Certain high tier powers (tier 8 or 9) will supplant -Def with a more unique icon as in Poison: Venomous Cloud and Radiation Emission: Fallout.  These icons don't match with normal buff/debuff icons seen on other powers.

Of special note: Nature Affinity: Corrosive Enzymes, a power with both -DMG and -Res just like Radiation Emission: Enervating Field, has the -DMG flame as its icon.

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