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Sergeant DaCosta's Task Force


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Not sure if anyone's doing any Mission Architect content outside of farms these days so I thought I'd mention that I did a thing. In particular, said thing is a Mission Architect story that spans across 3 arcs (i.e., 15 missions), basically making a task force of sorts.


Story Details
Sergeant DaCosta's Task Force
Morality: Heroic 
Levels: 40 - 54
Keywords: Non-canon, Ideal for teams, Custom characters
Length: Very Long (3x 5 missions)


  • Agents of Change, Part 1: The American Way (Arc ID 48597)
    Chapters 1 - 5
    As a simple favor for Captain Nolan, you've been asked to help out with PPD Sergeant Giancarlo DaCosta's department as they have been stretched thin lately. But now something suspicious is going down in PI and you find yourself having more than the occasional run-in with the US Agency as you go investigate. Wait, the US what? Who even are these guys? 
  • Agents of Change, Part 2 - Taken Identities (Arc ID 48598)
    Chapters 6 - 10
    Your involvement with the US Agency isn't over yet. Your continuing investigation for Sgt. DaCosta has now looped in SWAT Lieutenant Martin Zarovsky's own investigation, bringing you to some familiar (and, in some cases, too familiar) faces as you both chase down the truth behind the impersonating act you witnessed earlier. Is a larger conspiracy at hand? 
  • Agents of Change, Part 3 - A Foreign Soil (Arc ID 48599)
    Chapters 11 - 15
    The truth behind the seeming duplicity you witnessed earlier has revealed something of an inhuman plot and it would appear that the US Agency is mixed up in it. But are things really what they seem to be? Your continuing investigation is taking you places and Sergeant DaCosta is looking to your task force team to save the day. 

Story Features & Caveats
- Custom baddies as well as allies across 4 unique (and well-populated) factions.
- So much flavor text, so much story text: Pay attention to the Clues gained and Mission Start/End Popups. Everything is right-clickable for more info. There is story everywhere. Even some little jokes and references.
- Despite the amount of flavor added to parts of the arcs, some missions only really require a couple items to complete (in spite of the number of glowing things making glowie noises at you).
- 4 of the total 15 missions will be legitimately fail-able to impart a sense of urgency. So be careful.
- There are a couple defeat-alls but none of them will be timed missions. To balance this out, there are also some small mapped missions.
- The difficulty increases the further you go into the entire 15 mission arc. The difficulty starts at Easy from Missions 1-5, then it scales up a little to medium for Missions 6-10 and then it's mostly medium-hard for Missions 11-15.

If you give this a play-through, let me know if you encounter any errors and typos. As it is, I encountered quite a few bugs in dealing with Mission Architect and made do the best I could.

Please be kind in your comments. 


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