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Female characters making male grunt noises on most jumps.


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When jumping in a character with a female body type, the voice used is as follows:

Forewards: Female, higher pitched.
Standing: Alternates female and male.
Sides: Male, gravelly and deep.
Back: Male, gravelly and deep.

Unknown why this happens, it seems to be a relatively new issue.

Edit: This was my first time playing a dual blade stalker, and it seems to only occur when weapons are out as a result of recent power-use attempt. Curious. Maybe this issue has been around longer than I thought due to sheer obscurity and the situational, minor nature of it?

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I am, yes, however the issue only seems to crop up with weapons out, so if this is what causes this bug to occur there's a LOT of moving parts to it (I will also have to check to see if this still occurs with beast run disabled, however on characters of mine that use beast run animations/travel power and no drawn weapon powers, I have yet to see or hear this in the tested circumstances, IE backwards jumping and side jumping, stationary jumps etc)

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