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beast/kin and pet armor procs


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I have a level 38 beast/kin mastermind.  He already has 2 of 6 possible pet armor procs.

  1. Mark of Supremecy: pet regen and 10% global resist in Wolves
  2. Command of the Mastermind: 5% AoE defense in Dire Wolf

Four other armor procs are available.  I plan to add another 10% global resist proc and a 5% global defense proc from pet damage sets.


If I wanted to go full-on protection, I could double up on these by getting the same procs from the recharge-intensive pet damage sets.  If I choose to do this, my first thought is to move the Mark of Supremecy set to the Lionesses.  Then the 4 non-mastermind-specific procs would go into Wolves, along with an acc/damage and acc/damage/recharge elements from one of the 4 sets.  I realize this would greatly reduce their damage potential, but they, and the other 3 pets, should live longer.


What is your opinion on the pet armor procs?  How many would you slot in your pets?

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That's what I did. I put the full Command of the Mastermind set in Dire Wolf, the full Mark of Supremacy Set in Lionesses and the 4 pet/recharge intensive pet procs in Wolves. With the T1 henchmen at -2, I don't feel like I'm losing that much damage. I also didn't want to lose the 6-piece bonuses on the ATOs. 

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What I did with mine, which is a beast/cold, but slotting for pets should be pretty similar no matter what secondary I'd think except /storm which has an extra spot for pet sets. 


Split up the MM sets a bit to get the extra recharge bonuses, but fit in all 6 special pet procs, good overall enhancement values for everything, and even fit a couple of damage procs in (which tend to be very effective on pets).  Note that this is more of a level 50 slotting though as I used some purples as well as boosting some to 50+5 to get the enhancement values I wanted.  Someone could probably tweak it to be even better of course.


Slot 1 SoulBound Dam +5
Slot 2 Sov Right A/D/E +5
Slot 3 Sov Right A +5
Slot 4 Sov Right +res Proc
Slot 5 Call Arms +def Proc
Slot 6 Touch Ldy Grey Proc
Slot 1 Command A/D
Slot 2 Command A/D/R
Slot 3 Command A/D/E/R
Slot 4 Command R/Aoe Def
Slot 5 Mark E/Res
Slot 6 Mark D/E
Dire Wolf  
Slot 1 Mark A/D/E
Slot 2 Mark A/D
Slot 3 Soulbound D/E +5
Slot 4 Exp Reinf +res Proc
Slot 5 Edict Master + def
Slot 6 Ice Mistral Cold Proc




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