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"Launch CoH" Crashing (how do I reset launcher options?) - Mac

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I am on a Mac (High Sierra).


Like an idiot, I unchecked the "disable hardware acceleration" and now the launcher crashes. I was trying to diagnose an audio issue, not sure why I thought this might solve it.


I can't figure out how to reset the preferences to defaults, or a plist file I can manually edit, or whatever to fix this.


I tried re-installing the Homecoming Launcher (Launch CoH.app) but it must be picking-up the preference from someplace, since that didn't work.


(On a side note, I tried using Island Rum, and it's still borked…it updates fine but when I click the green arrow, it gets a green checkbox, waits, then unchecks and never launches. So BOTH my methods to play are borked.)

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