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  1. Demons/Pain is very thematic, though the attacks on the build I use are fully intended to be used.
  2. "Tsoo tsuck." on a Tsoo mission. Which generally tsarts 30 minutes of tsoo many tsoo puns from the team. It's tsad, they just won't tstop! The "Get the G-Cells" mission: "By the sea shore?" The "Rescue Polly mission"--"Polly is right here!" or "Polly rescue Polly?"--while playing my parrot alt Polly's Revenge. Probably alot more I'm forgetting…
  3. Are you trying to use the macro method, or the popmenu+bind method? If someone more experienced doesn't respond, I might be able to help with the popmenu+bind style, which is what I use. I use them with all my alts now, not just my farmer.
  4. I'm having issues with a particular bind for some reason and wondering if it's just a limitation I was unaware of… I cannot seem to combine a costume change emote (cce) with loading a bind file (bind_load_file). The idea is an animal alt which, say, has a wolf and a bird form. When I switch to wolf form, the costume chages, with emote, and the travel power binds to my mouse buttons would switch to Beast Run and Sprint via loading/over-writing the existing binds. When switching to bird form, same idea, only now is hover/fly. Tried cce, then bind_load_file (us
  5. Wish I had some good photos, but I play City of Heroes with… Mac Pro (mid-2020) macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) Radeon RX580 8 GB BenQ SW2700 main display (plus x2 Samsung SME1920NR, one on each side) Ergotron LX monitor arms Anthrocart corner workstation X-Keys (XK) 28 "Button Bar" (emotes) XK-3 Foot Pedals (layer switching unrelated specifically to gaming) XK-24 (quick targeting) XK-80 (not used for gaming) ZSA Moonlander keyboard with Cherry Brown and Gazzew Boba U4 switches (ssssssh!) Steelseries Rival 500 mouse (I disli
  6. Sentinels are the blaster I always wanted when I have zero plans to use more than SOs and non-set IOs. Never could really feel the blaster groove (or constant dying), and only ever made one I liked enough to keep, and that took having a friend make me a custom IO set-based build. I enjoy Sentinels more day-to-day; really doesn't need to get much farther than that.
  7. I'm using a Steelseries Rival 500 mouse and just started using an Azeron Classic keypad. The Azeron is expensive, and takes some getting used to, but feels worth it so far. Definitely easier on my wrist. Now my girlfriend can have the Fang. She wants to play, but WASD on her ergo keyboard is just too awkward.
  8. Anyone have a fire/rad build they'd like to share? I'm just overwhelmed by MIDS, but would like to try kitting-out my controller.
  9. Sounds like the perfect server for those wanting to exist simply on SOs and generic crafted IOs. Self-limiting and easy to find like-minded users. Nothing wrong with having alts and friends on two separate servers. 🙂
  10. Well, since you kindly invited me to give my 2¢ worth…I quickly skimmed (sorry, crushed for time and I try not to dive too deep on these sorts of things…) and I understand the gist to be the "no set bonuses" noteriety as an option? I'd have no use for it. I have no idea how the math would work out. Since I assume my "kitted" builds are leaning on their bonuses as part of the equation, I assume such a noteriety setting would fundamentally change the playstyle. (NOTE: I don't make my own kitted builds…I try to use MIDS on my own and my brain melts…but I had a friend who made kitted b
  11. For those looking for limitations and oldschool gameplay, isn't there a server out there that caters to that? What is Rebirth's restrictions? I really am not an expert on all the variant servers honestly, but I suspect some in this thread might be. And some of these alternative servers have lower populations so maybe their Market is expensive, forcing your hand on builds? Just a thought…
  12. And before I accidentally cause caustic words to be exchanged: I don't have a "solution" to the OP's "problem"…except to agree *I* think it's a problem as well. However, the cat is out of the bag. HC made "easy levelling" a core precept and they got it. Power Creep has happened, it's done. To nerf things will just drive players away, plain and simple. There are servers out there that have the game set to a sort of "Classic" mode and we could go over there if we wanted. I settled on HC because I figured sheer population was a plus, and it has been by and larg
  13. Yah but RP shouldn't be the answer…and my exposure to RP on HC has so far swung completely the other way (more RP than gameplay). I used to "RP light" on Live (Virtue? Intinity? I forget)…but that middle ground doesn't seem to exist on HC like it did on Live. I found RP on HC to be either awkward or too intense.
  14. To the OP: Most fun I've had is finding a group of players who don't use the IO system (or barely do…just simple crafted generics, not sets) and are chronically low on funds from not using the auction house (except to sell stuff). They also don't use build guides and "feel" their way around a build. Less than a handful even have tried to use the incarnate system. This does a number of things: The game reverts back to the way it was designed and each AT feels relevant again and +2 is a challenge. I've never felt so useful and I can see the impact I make.
  15. Quite the opposite usually…PuGs almost universally don't talk on Torchwood, even between missions. Even if I tell bad jokes and make puns, best I can get is "LOL" and silence. And if I stop to type that long the group has moved past 2 more packs of adversaries in the meantime.
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