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  1. Okay, I have to ask the obvious: Besides the Vidiot Maps and the sound mods, what other mods are there? For example, has anyone made an in-window clock? I used to use HeroStats for that; always found it annoying not to know what time it was IRL while playing. Feels like Vegas, where they try quite intentionally to keep you from the current time. 😜
  2. FF/FB defender here (redside). A whole 14 of us! My forum reading would lead me to believe FF is superfluous in an IO-dominated game. So far though, he's quite the terror. 😈 I plan to take him to the incarnate game just to see how the build performs. Apparently my habit of building based on theme has me building lesser-used combos…
  3. I've never had one with an IO build or permadom but I did find earth/earth actually great fun, nonetheless. I'd love to have one really kitted out. Just...have to run with the speakers turned down low. LOL.
  4. I'm on Torchbearer, if my 2¢ worth has any relevance… Until last night, hadn't seen another Mind/Psi dominator (which I thought was odd, the forums mention them plenty). And it seems to be the most popular dom combo according to the stats; I guess I just don't play in the same circles as these folks, or they all exist on some other server. Or possible I just didn't notice (though psi AoE noise is tough to miss). Of course 388 isn't alot by any measure, spread over five instances? I've played a Claws/DA to 50 three times prior to HC, and am working on him again on HC. I doubt I saw this combo more than a handful of times in those long years. And yes, I played this back in the days of the looping /DA sounds. Only 17 of us on HC, so I guess I'm as much an oddball on HC as I was on live. I remember on Live meeting another Claws/DA was like "hello brother, you sadistic soul!" Seriously, two Claws/DA's seeing each other would stop, take time out, and say hi. Not sure why I enjoy the combo so much…maybe it's because his concept and visuals are just so much fun.
  5. +1 to this. I'm a button-clicker too and use a fair number of trays. Really a pain when I slip-click in the heat of battle and simply end-up hiding the tray I need. *bleh* (I never got into the number/macros thing for attack powers because I have so many alts and optimize the trays for each playstyle. My visual system has always trumped muscle memory in this case.)
  6. Ah, thanks for correcting my faulty memory. Good to hear PCSAR survived in some form, was a great group of people. My lasting memory of the last day on Live was I re-created CFI-MEDIC911 for nostalgia's sake ("going out as I came in") and literally got re-invited to PCSAR seconds before the servers were shut down. It was very fitting. 🙂
  7. This is happens in corporations with great regularity; Marketing being possibly the worst offender? I could name off many examples, but this might sum it up best: I'm always stunned that people can speak this gibberish with sincerity like it actually means something…
  8. Snopes is your friend: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/irregardless-merriam-webster/
  9. Paragon City Search & Rescue (PCSAR) supergroup on Virtue--and I think on other servers--back on live was one example. Taxibots was the other common one. The Hollows was a really scary place back then, everyone loved the assistance. And we didn't just sit, but actively patrolled the more common pathways in the zone so people could make it to missions without dying. This was also back when you could create a pre-ED "pure empath" (yeah I can see the eyerolls now) they were really useful and sought after back then. The Hollows patrol was quite common. Once ED hit though, such patrolling declined quite a bit (since it nerfed the "pure empath" as a concept). Not sure at what point the mission arcs stopped forcing us all to the Hollows, but when that happened, patrolling medics and taxis lost their jobs. 😜 Given the option, everyone skipped the zone. I did my time patrolling back then with CFI-MEDIC911, but I'd never create such an alt now. Really doesn't make sense in the current landscape of the game (IMHO). But I'm also not going to discourage you either. I enjoyed my time being "hero to the heroes," some of the most memorable I've had since I started playing. You might feel the same way. Let us know how it turns out?
  10. Anybody else on a Mac have Island Rum try to update yesterday and get stuck under "Scanning…" after it downloads the ZIP? I've already rebooted once. I tried just re-installing Island Rum, but that got me a "CoH.app" that launches as "Wineskin.app" and leaves me stuck with no idea what to do; doesn't seem to follow Dredd's instructions. 😱
  11. Except in some cases, I want both Beast Run and Ninja run separate on the same alt. I have a cat alt who uses Beast Run as a travel power, idle animation, etc., and combines Ninja Run + Dual Blades for some great synergistic animations during combat. Also, someone mentioned making it so Sprint can't be combined with NR/BR and...please no. I combine Sprint + NR/BR for more speed while traveling. On animal alts I often never get a "real" travel power and rely on Sprint + BR.
  12. Yeah I figured Delvkai, and was afraid it might be a custom texture. More just wanted to provide of an example of what I was aiming for. I've been in awe of the cleverness of some base designers using existing pieces for unexpected purposes, so figured I could ask. 😀
  13. This area in Atlas Park, just off the SG base beam-in is more what I was hoping for...
  14. This one has been driving me to distraction lately. I am building an outdoor base with a huge forest. I have specific paths I want to make through the trees. The ground is a grass plate, but looking for some way to show a worn path through the trees. I don't want rock slabs or signs of human habitation; the base theme is nature-only. So think a worn footpath through the forest, or a deer trail, etc. Any pieces, tintables, upside-down, etc. that can give a facsimile of this kind of look? Also open to alternative ideas of making a path like this "obvious" yet not immersion-breaking.
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