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How do i slot Energy Aura ??


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Alright, I got Cave Slayer to 50, and am now working on my next project.  My new characters name is Helpusobi 1.  I am considering using Energy Aura, but i've never played the set before.  I'm going to be role playing Energy Aura as the Force.  Remember that i will only be using DOs and SOs as i level up.

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Should be fairly obvious if you're just using DO/SO. Stick defense in the defense shields, resist in the resist ones, an endurance reduction in the mez shield since that's all it'll take. Recharge in energy drain. Then slot for heal/recharge in energize (try using it early to take advantage of the +regen, then hopefully it's up again if you need it to heal). If you take disrupt I'd just stick an accuracy in the free slot.

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