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  1. Assuming you'll be IO'ing it with sets at some point you won't need temperature protection, you'll be capped to fire resists without it. If it's just for fire farming you won't need taunt either. Fly seems pointless if just a farmer too - just go get a jetpack from p2w. Rise of the phoenix isn't needed either. If you're married to all of those drop shadow punch.
  2. Zemo holding a whiskey needs to be a meme but it'll prolly get overshadowed by the dancing video.
  3. Let's go to 1998 and dress like a McDonald's commercial from 1992 to blend in. Maybe we'll meet the guy who was supposed to be the next Patrick Mahomes, the best QB at his pre-school?
  4. So just don't watch the trailers, problem solved 😄
  5. No one 'jacked' the price, the ones relisted for 20 just finally got depleted so those of us who'd listed between 20 and the seeded 25s finally get ours sold. As to your question I'm not a big active farmer, if I'm going to do it at all I'll generally do it afk. However as far as actively farming, rad just seems so much more pleasant to me. I don't even mind active farming a few runs on it whereas spines has always annoyed me. Not sure which of my builds is more effective but I know the one I greatly prefer.
  6. It can be done, but I wouldn't try it on most toons. The Posi fight where his imps sneak in to fully heal him can be annoying even with certain team combinations. My ill/rad did it but it was annoying. Like Sovera said you're better off forming a team for it. Be sure to mention it only takes 10-20 minutes and that the badge will convert to a Notice of the Well once incarnates are unlocked. Oh one other tip - if you're the team leader don't use the temp power when it says to on Numina. It's usually only a few hits away from her demise anyway and if you use it you don't get that juicy AV experie
  7. It's easy enough assuming decent damage and survivability. The AVs are the only challenge (envenomed daggers are your friend as always). You can even get them to fight each other if you do the glowies first and pull BatZul up to where Inferno is.
  8. I had the same problem on my g602. It occasionally pops up on my current razer basilisk hyperspeed but removing and returning the usb fixes it. Never figured out how to fix the logitech. I think it is particular to the combination of stuff on the particular pc as the logitech doesn't have the same problem on my laptop.
  9. With the ease of side switching you can have all 4 at 30 plus the above mentioned demonic. Substitute invader for TFC and High pain tolerance for FP. You'll need help for the portal jockey requirements but there are Maria teams running all the time. I personally keep an alt on my second account who holds Siege and another with Anti-Matter and the two explore badge missions. You'll need a redside alt or friend with access to the invader contact but you can get that from level 1 if you so choose (I wait until 20 so I can complete the steel canyon mayhem for the quick recharging team assemble tem
  10. Ok, so your problems are with something that happened in discord and the reaction in discord, fine. But as far as this thread we accepted your point. It seems what we have are several things that are sometimes sufficient conditions for failed respecs, the most common being not having fully trained up. That's all the GMs need because they have various suggestions they can make in the event of a failed respec. As far as we non-GMs know, there haven't been any cases where none of the suggestions worked and the person was forced to either live with their original build, switch to a sec
  11. What do you mean you can't point it out? You pointed it out in the OP. No one's had any quibbles with that point, including the GMs who responded.
  12. I was surprised at how many characters they've already pulled in. Three introduced in ep 2 I didn't figure would show up before season 2. I half expect D-man by episode 4.
  13. Red fortune is clearly a sentient lantern from a chinese restaurant in the 80s.
  14. It's great if you use total focus before it to make it faster, otherwise it's the old slow version and ymmv.
  15. I'll buy that untrained levels doesn't cause a failure every time, but it's not going to stop that from being the first thing I ask when someone in help says their respec fails. Mainly because every single time I've asked they did in fact have untrained levels. Sure it'd be nice to know for sure the exact failure conditions but for my purposes I just pick random stuff until I'm fully trained before respeccing.
  16. You'd think Stark would've thought to set up a foundation to fund them like in the comics, but I suppose that would cut down on some of the plot possibilities.
  17. First ep was pretty good. Fortunately they don't seem to be trying to reinvent the wheel with this one.
  18. I watched it at triple speed and it still dragged. If someone did a compilation of some of the new stuff and put that together it'd be worth watching but as it is the 15 minutes maybe of half interesting new stuff is lost in unnecessary scenes. It's funny that it's called the Snyder 'cut' since I'm not sure he knows how to cut anything. The story does hold together a little bit better but there are plenty of scenes that still seem out of place or are just there to point to the non-existent third film. As it is I'm about equally annoyed with this one as the Whedon, but for different reasons. Wh
  19. For the early part of HC there were records that were good times for a good team. Soon enough there were really good times from people starting to do specialized runs trying for time (e.g. what if we ran this with all blasters with a tray full of ultimate and huge red insps). Now you have to figure the times are from dedicated speed runners and are pretty much the COH equivalent of the folks who're good enough at NES games to know the exact place to take a hit in order to glitch through a platform and save half a second.
  20. You have to figure for hide crits, being able to guarantee crits with AS and the hide proc in AS making the next attack crit more often than not. All of which is kind of difficult to measure just looking at mids and clicking the assasination toggle on/off. There's also the fact that lightning rod doesn't break hide. But really trash mobs are nothing. If any survive a build up/LR/Shield charge they'll go down from chain induction or a quick hit of anything. Bosses are the real issue with electric melee and stalker's the only one with the ability to do more than chip away slowly at them.
  21. woops, i thought you were talking electric melee. ignore my above.
  22. I've had all 4, go stalker. AOE on them will deal with your trash mobs but then you're left chipping away at bosses. Stalker's the only one with a good single target solution. Also it's personal preference but I'd skip T-strike - underwhelming and sooooo sloooowwww.
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