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Good Elec/Elec AT


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I was thinking of making an Elec/Elec blaster.  I've read that Elec Blast is primarily range while Elec Manip is primarily melee.  If I'm playing a blapper, I'm wondering if a melee AT such as a brute might be better.

Btw, the toon will have a bee theme, so any bee themed suggestions will be useful.

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There are a lot of widely divergent Elec sets in this game:


Electric Blast (with a significantly different Elec Blast set for Sentinels than Blasters/Corruptors/Defenders)

Electrical Manipulation

Electric Melee (with a significantly different Elec Melee set for Stalkers than for Scrappers/Brutes/Tanks)

Electric Armor

Electric Control

Electrical Affinity

Electricity Assault


So because of that, almost every Archetype can have an elec/elec powerset.  (Masterminds can't, the epics can't, I think everyone else can).


I haven't played Electric Control, Affinity, Assault, or Manipulation beyond lowbie levels and can't really comment on them.


Electric Melee is generally considered an AoE set.  It has the powerful Lightning Rod mini-nuke attack, which gives sit a very strong once-per-spawn-or-so AoE, then it has Jacob's Ladder (narrow cone, not generally loved), Chain Induction (chain attack, fun, not going to hit the entire spawn or anything), and Thunderstrike (strong AoE to a very small area, weak AoE to a large area, plus knockdown).  It lacks much in the way of good ST attacks, though of course Stalkers get an assassin's strike variant.


Electric Armor is a pure resist set, and is much better on Tankers/Brutes, with their higher resist caps, than Scrappers/Sentinels/Stalkers.  It's known for having a pretty easy time hitting 90% resists to major damage types.  It also has near-immunity to endurance drain, good endurance management, a good heal, and a damage aura.  I've found it a little painful in early levels, when it has endurance problems, but that's not uncommon for armor sets.


Electric Blast was usually considered somewhat weak until the most recent page, when it got some buffs.  I'd consider it a good performer but not one of the stand out best blast sets, now.  It's unusual, with a toggle pet which can be somewhat frustrating until you get good mez protect by either being level 50 or being a Sentinel.

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