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The Mega debuff combo wombo. Duo Defender and Corruptor vs the Entire Game!

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So an SG friend and I are working our way through the game, red side right now. 


Here were the ground rules:

NO 2xp, wanted to actually play the content.

Transferring funds and recipe IO sets is fine if not used to sell to make more money

No prestige attack powers

Only one prestige Sprint Jump and or fly, not both. Because ALL THE WALLS OM RED SIDE ARE AWFUL and I am not that cruel.

Extra buff prestige powers are fine and the Inspiration power is fine

No amp powers till 50+ content

No recovery serums untill 50+ content

Each Start with 25 mill on the character

TFs/SF are to only be done as a duo


We are doing a run of a Poison/rad blast Defender (me) and an Ice/Radiation Corr


The idea behind this was a challenge to see how well just debuffers would fair against the content in general. Will edit and update as we go. I will prob miss parts here and there but I will try to get most of it.


Couple of friends told me I should keep a log of it here so here you go.

All IOs for the most part will be Attune and bought if AH mostly. Unless we just get some good drops


Day 1


We started with doing all the basic starting stuff.  We got to Mongoose and took 40 mins to find 5 snakes *eye twitching*  after all general opening content, with only one death by me. because low lvls with no mez protection hurts, we pushed our ways to lvl 13 in the first few hours of our run ending in Port. No IOs as of yet


Day 2


I transfered another 25 mill into my character buying a few basic needs IOs I know I am going to need for Health and stamina. I got a few proc dmg IOs for the debuffs. The Overwhelming force Knockdown IO, a few of the resist and def procs basic stuff. 

We did all of Dr Graves arc got the stuff at the college done, for the free IO for a recharge in hasten. We ended the night at lvl 19+  Might go run a TF tomorrow.

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Once the both players get some mezzes going things will smooth out. You basically mezz the annoying stuff, then debuff and slow anything else, and drop AoEs on them. Redside is fine if mobs sizes are sane. At least in terms of soloing, x8 can be a genuine pain in the butt higher up due to end drain and the sheer mass of Psy.

Top 10 Most Fun 50s.

1. Without Mercy: Claws/ea Scrapper. 2. Outsmart: Fort 3. Sneakers: Stj/ea Stalker. 4. Waterpark: Water/temp Blaster. 5. Project Next: Ice/stone Brute. 6. Mighty Matt: Rad/bio Brute. 7. Without Pause: Claws/wp Brute. 8. Emma Strange: Ill/dark. 9. Nothing But Flowers: Plant/storm Controller. 10. Obsidian Smoke: Fire/dark Corr. 


"Downtime is for mortals."

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