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Any interest in joining me for an all elec team?


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I'm making a elec/elec dom but I want to play with other elecs for -ALL- the sapping goodness. All endurance belongs to us!


Anyone interested in joining me to play as an elec team regularly with at least one elec power set?

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Starting at 3pm EDT on the Everlasting server. Ill give a few minutes extras before we move out.  If there are too many people we'll split up then rejoin as people have to leave.  This will be fairly informal where you can join and leave whenever you want. Ill probably be around for 3-6 hours. We can talk about when to do the next session tomorrow and if we want matching costumes or whatnot.  My discord is Scrangos#2136 and ingame @Tsubaki.  Message me for an invite! (I probably wont be able to keep track of everyone)


  I'll be starting red but will drop by pocket d to go rogue.  Starting at lv1-2, if you dont wanna deal with low level stuff... feel free to come a little late.  I'll have basic lv25 IOs available at my SG base.  This is my first time hosting anything in CoH so bear with me ^^;;


Timer link


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