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Water/SR/Lev Build


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| Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |


First, this is a 400 year old pirate concept, so Leviathan Epic (Shark Hold) over what's considered the best, Psychic Epic.  Hydro Blast > Dehydrate > Water Jet > Repeat, throwing in Knockout Blow every time it's recharged.


Don't actually need Hasten for that Single Target, I have it more for bringing Geyser back 5 seconds faster.  School of Sharks could be replaced by Whirlpool (which maybe I still might) but reading the Collaborative Project, @drbuzzard said it wasn't worth taking and if that's the case, maybe some more fun Shark action...tho more water attack wouldn't be bad either.  Whirlpool would have the KD Proc in it, to help keep them in it instead of running out of it and it may just be more useful than the cone immobilize.


Wasn't sure if the Opportunity Proc wouldn't be better in Hydro Blast (can then move the 6th slot in Water Burst to the Hold to cover the missing Ranged Defense).  Also wasn't sure if I'd be better of with Aqua Bolt for Offensive Opportunity, but then I would need Hasten to go Aqua Bolt > Dehydrate > Water Jet



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