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Spring Attack NEW bug (a few weeks/months)


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I think you fixed Spring Attack damage and in the process you broke its knockdown... making the power worse, it's very delayed now (not istant).
You made Spring Attack do the damage-only at begin, then after a while the enemies fall (which is hilarious).

I used it very often in the past as dash+"early-defense-knockdown"+taunt+DMGprocs for recharge based tanks/brutes (perfect for invulnerability dudes that are already recharge-based cause of DullPain, more so if you get Martial Arts or similiar sets which have an useless aoe of 8 radius so little that it gets 2 enemies at best for brutes, while Spring has a decent area even for Brutes -15 vs 8 radius- and it becomes a good initiator...). After this bug not anymore.

HOW TO reproduce the bug
It's very evident, and it's also very easy to test it. But If you want to clearly see the difference "before/now" you can create a character with both Shield Charge (that was mechanically identical) and Spring Attack, and you can test it even with low level enemies that you one-shot (no need to look for specific ones), since the difference is visible even then:

Shield Charge will make the corpses knockback istantly with the damage, while Spring Attack will only do damage, the corpses will just fall on the ground where they are (since they're dead already they cannot be knockbacked anymore so late).

REASONS to fix it
1) VISUALLY it loses all the "impact" feeling, instead of an human missile now it's like you miss the hit all the time, the knockdown has become a visual hindrance where enemies just faint after a while by themselves.
2) MECHANICALLY it loses the "defense" AND "movement" reasons  to get the power. Spring Attack would need some more love already, but if you teleport in a pack of mobs and they still stand and shoot you all at once... you understand that it's like I slowly walked there and got shot by 40 mobs. (it depends on how fast the enemies are, but still..).

So I think you fixed a bug that made Spring Attack lose much of his damage (not the main reason to use it, imho, just one of four and easily substituted by more damage in other powers) and you implemented a bug that's even worse and made even me (one of the few players that still used it) delete the power from my builds cause it lost all its utility-side.

If for any reason you have troubles in fixing the bug that you just implemented, you may check the Shield Charge values, possibly copy/paste part of it into Spring Attack, since it's mechanically identical apart from damage, recharge time and animation. You may see in S.Charge how to put knockdown and damage both early but if you need to choose one, knockdown should come first and damage afterwards.

Personal Note

Please when you "fix" a power, test it afterwards at least once in game (this is a video-game not a board-game, animations are important and there are far too many powers with broken animations that make us skip entire sets till we feel forced to create that one character that doesn't have evident bugs, it heavily limits our customization possibilities which are the strong point of City of Heroes), this particular bug also breaks the power's gameplay so it should get even more priority, but there are also other visual bugs that I reported and are still there after years, Flurry's height while hovering for example and similar attack in dark melee).

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Also had this issue on a Tank with Spring Attack and Savage Leap, Savage Leap works fine but Spring Attack does Damage Immediately but has an animation/knockdown delay of about 2 Seconds. 

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