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The others are all viable. But Energy's good stuff and its main claim to fame is probably that it works almost seamlessly with the grand majority of ... everything. Just about any combination of Primary/Pool/Epic will work perfectly fine with /Energy.


That said, it's got some blapping (and total focus isn't all that great for one) but no ranged abilities of its own, and other sets may better serve particular builds or combinations, so it's not like it's king. You'll get great mileage out of it if you like what you see, but do not fear taking other sets either - you'll not be making an unoptimized choice by doing so.

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EM synergizes well with most primaries. But I find it lacking when paired with fire. But only because of boost power which boosts secondary effects. Fire's secondary effect is more damage. It also has no holds or stuns which boost power can also amp. But still it adds solid melee attacks.

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