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  1. DocRadio

    Missing recharge

    Ah. I get it. I have too many sets with a 5% +recharge bonus. Well.... that does kind of open things up a bit. I guess I got lucky with my Sent... but then his build uses purples and LOTG globals. Thanks this solves my problem. Opens up some build options too.
  2. DocRadio

    Missing recharge

    Hmmmm. I think that's the problem. I didn't know there was a 5 set bonus limit. Could you explain the mechanics?
  3. DocRadio

    Missing recharge

    I'm trying to reach perma-hasten with my elec/elec tank. 70 from Hasten and 20 from Lightning reflexes should give me 90 right off the bat as long as hasten is up. with set bonuses I should be looking at around 160 Recharge. I'm only seeing 130 recharge bonus. I've noticed that even though I'm supposed to get 5% recharge from Smashing impact set bonus, but I'm not seeing any recharge from it when I monitor attributes. When I take a closer look at attribute monitor I'm only seeing recharge bonuses from 9 sources. I should be seeing well over 14. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have a Sentinel with over 160 recharge bonus so I know 130 isn't the cap.
  4. It is flashy and does a sickening amount of damage. Plus it lets me enter combat with a bang.
  5. I leveled 2 blasters to 50 back in the day. Before IO's. One 3 X Fire, the other 3 X elec. The difference in playstyle between the two was massive. The fire build was largely one dimensional until I got bonfire. If revolved around blitz attacks or sneaking in with inferno. And of course back then nukes crashed you. They were high risk. Despite this raw power I felt inadequate to other ATs. Especially when villains were released and corruptors were nipping at our heels for damage, while also bringing mitigation that blasters could only dream of to the table. The electrical blaster was slower. More methodical, but safer. I relied on tesla cage, shocking grasp, and even added shocking bolt when I could. I could lock down bosses, didn't need my nuke as much and I could control the pace of battle. The electrical blaster never felt inadequate. So the answer is... it depends. In the modern age blasters have access to more tools. They have better secondaries and sustain mechanics. I think they'd probably hold up pretty nicely.
  6. Fire is also quite good. Solid AoE potential and one of the best single target attacks in the game, Blaze. It is heavy on endurance use though, but it sounds like invul has an endurance sustain. Which is neat. I took an MA/Invul scrapper to 50 and the endurance management was a bitch. Of course those were the old days. Heck I remember taking unstoppable... not for the protection, but for those times when I was gassed and out of endurance.
  7. Beam takes a bit of time to take off. It can deliver massive damage once you have the main attacks slotted and you know how to capitalize on disintegration. As to your original question.... did I miss the damage? The answer is no. Yes my fire blaster did sickening amounts of damage "in bursts". But anything that survived my alpha strike was a threat and I spent a lot of time running away so I could stay upright. My sentinel just steam rolls. He does less damage but his damage is sustained. Unimpeded by status effects or the need for advanced tactics to mitigate mob revenge. In the upper levels the differences in damage are narrowed by Incarnate abilities and the speed that my level 32 nuke recharges at. Trust me... going from glass cannon to brass cannon is worth the journey.
  8. My Homecoming Fire/Fire/Flame Sent is vet level 50. He's a hoot to play.
  9. I thought spring attack sucked. At least it did when I tried it on a sentinel. Barely did any damage at all. Is it just bugged on Sents?
  10. DocRadio


    Didn't even consider that. Thanks.
  11. DocRadio


    Any build advice you guys can share would be appreciated. I like the idea that I can debuff enemy resists a bit while boosting my pets resistances. Anybody try this combo?
  12. I'd stick with red fortune. 2.5% ranged defense is a nice bonus.
  13. Well the power itself is kind of meh... but I take it because it gives me an attack to use while mezzed. That can be crucial. And the IO is entropic chaos chance to heal. It's a PROC that can heal you for a small amount. Not a huge advantage but the extra heal is kind of nice. As for dropping stealth, this build is flexible enough for that. Personally I'd either add maneuvers, or pick up bone smasher and slot it for defense.
  14. Try this one. Exported from MIDS Reborn: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1496&c=676&a=1352&f=HEX&dc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