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  1. My Homecoming Fire/Fire/Flame Sent is vet level 50. He's a hoot to play.
  2. I thought spring attack sucked. At least it did when I tried it on a sentinel. Barely did any damage at all. Is it just bugged on Sents?
  3. DocRadio


    Didn't even consider that. Thanks.
  4. DocRadio


    Any build advice you guys can share would be appreciated. I like the idea that I can debuff enemy resists a bit while boosting my pets resistances. Anybody try this combo?
  5. I'd stick with red fortune. 2.5% ranged defense is a nice bonus.
  6. Well the power itself is kind of meh... but I take it because it gives me an attack to use while mezzed. That can be crucial. And the IO is entropic chaos chance to heal. It's a PROC that can heal you for a small amount. Not a huge advantage but the extra heal is kind of nice. As for dropping stealth, this build is flexible enough for that. Personally I'd either add maneuvers, or pick up bone smasher and slot it for defense.
  7. Try this one. Exported from MIDS Reborn: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1496&c=676&a=1352&f=HEX&dc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
  8. I tried downloading that, but all I got was a zip file full of CS files. nothing I could use. If you could post a link to a working copy I can try to export from it.
  9. Couple questions. Do you play this character at range? Or do you close to lay the smackdown with the occasional bone smasher or total focus? If you play at range mostly then slotting for max ranged defense is a path that a lot of people take. Having access to boost range and the ridiculous single target attacks in beam rifle sounds sick. I have a Beam/Dev blaster who just melts stuff. With that kind of front loaded damage you could definitely skip the melee attacks. I don't miss not having any. Something get's too close I just back off and leave some caltrops then mow them down. I'm slowly slotting for a mix of decent ranged defense and some resists for good measure. It's still a work in progress, and I probably put too much into regen, but I like being able to recover between fights quickly. That being said You've asked for an /ENG build. And this one is a ranger build that eschews most melee attacks. Not saying you should. Personally most of my blasters take advantage of them. Still... With that much ranged defense you're going to be fairly hard to hit. Of course anything that can floor your defense is going to leave you in the hurt locker. You'll notice I took clarion. +Range and +Status protection, but You could probably get away with barrier instead. I'm not going to pretend to be a master builder. I often let concept overrule effectiveness. Also you could modify this build to add melee attacks and still reach similar outcomes. I also opted for effective invisibility with the +stealth IO and stealth. I think they stack. If they don't just drop the +stealth IO. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1489&c=672&a=1344&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594594F135114C7EF2CA532B494ADB640175AC042C14A59F4D104054384048BEF75688761923253BB18FBE847D017131550131397C88B4BFC287E0997C40F504FE7FC2D353309FCEEFCCF7AEF9DD39D87370367B71E5D1752F04645AFD78BEBF4BF61D4B4BB46E9D0762A8ED912F468F5A6691AF586E5D87E7A1D8757B1A0DBA651CEAD1BFA51B1601D548CE97F96BD66B5EAD41AB90DDBA899ADE28E6E5BD56645EF6410815DC7A9E4B60DBD6AD9A6E6BEEC550DA31C74979B9679D820C3B0FBB6653FB0EAD6BE55B11AAD918DAA55CA6D3AB59241093B655A51EA6681FE8A63024F5B88C784B42A8E445753C42E6B17EE8005A6B6C7BC47F112FBFAA4D784BC2AE413F094A9BE048F997DAF980E41416DE58DEC6AFB94CF07CD37C17E25D2FCD0FCEFD82F4242BFC45ABFCC5A99FC06D0CBC0A9E26A81E7E00BE6E031F88C3974C24C53BE20C74AC105AE3B04DE2784B8962F9462FF912930C11C8B8349E6C518D3A09E86D1D3B050D92631A3327342015566CCC794A9A751EC7BB44D8F50480973274A78992BC42224C4559188826B125721DF08FBCA11854F281A665BE20FC71E5077E35C411DFFC6BB9DFA047E06BF30535F718B947712A731A971BED4001862CE04989782E0203348B171C4C6119B812D831C19C4CE23D73C7298D46B1227995CE1FD4CAF826BE035E6CC557099D9E87CAC38C9346EF5031DC12CF2CD0EFE5F338B5EB2E8318B9E2EA3978F143B877B984BD02243B624F3CA1498629E293C691DDF05F82EC27711BE8BF0D5698F39F499C3D7DF242C217E09D398C734E6318D794C634CED9966F78B497514EEB49DF558973C4ADEA3AC7894558FB2ED5176D5EEEF82905CA57FA83BEDED1F1A59A55EEB2F8FF2D3A3FC3E5724E929DF6CDF13E66D1A943CF6E93EEF7B84F0D8F9FA7B8FFE367DBEFE0BC11BF0B8
  10. Why not have both? I mean, I get it if you don't have time, but why strip the build you've invested so much time in? Heck even consider a different primary. You might find something else you love. Say BattleAxe/Bio. As to your question. The two sets function really differently. When it comes to survivability Bio takes the cake. But fire of course gives you additional damage. Enough to offset the survivability of bio? Not in my opinion. It really will come down to personal preference. I've always considered /Fire to be a tad squish myself. But then again with scrapper damage you don't necessarily have to be that durable.
  11. Even the worst sets can shine with Set Enhancements. Yeah I know they can be costly, but if you learn to play the market and manipulate merit rewards you can make an insane amount of INF fairly quickly. An Elec/Elec scrapper properly slotted can be an AOE focused nightmare. Body mastery is always a good choice, but I'd also consider MU. You'd get ball lighting which is even more AOE. Not sure if it can crit, but things would get ugly fast if it could.
  12. Looks interesting. Think about incorporating into my MA/NJ scrap. Trying to chose between it or unleash potential from the force of will set. I've used unleash potential on my DP/Martial blaster. It's solid. but I figure the scrap already has decent defense and might benefit from the regen effect more. Any advice would be appreciated.
  13. I always played blasters. So when the chance came to play a fire themed blaster with status protection shields and heals came along? I jumped on it. Vet Level 45 Fire/Fire/Flame Sent with incarnate toys to boot. He's my main. Currently leveling all kinds of alts too... but no brute. Tinkering with a DM/INV brute a little. I think It has potential.
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