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  1. I concur with everything said here. I have a Kin/Elec corr well into her vet levels. I didn't really build her for survivability but somehow... she survives. And that's mostly by making things real dead real fast and relying on RoP, Barrier or Force of Nature when things get hairy. I try to have Transfusion, transferrence, and fulcrum shift up as much as possible. I use siphon speed and siphon power to keep things rolling too. It's really a thing of beauty. Any mistake usually leads to a dirtnap admittedly, but I don't die all that often. I usually pull off spectacular shit on the regular beca
  2. Dude my first go around was as a fire/fire blaster. My most frequent co-player was a dark/dark defender. It was horrible. Darkest night did nothing. The only thing that got blackend was my eyes as all it did was get us wiggety, wiggety, wiggety WASHED. Our only working tactic was him hovering over a mob and dropping the servant on them. It would take the alpha and die in seconds but that gave me just enough time to AoE them to death before they shredded us both. We were CONSTANTLY neck deep in debt until the devs finally fixed the bugs in the -ToHit debuff. Then we were almost unbeatable. The
  3. I have to say it... I love moonbeam. The thing is a monster with the new snipe changes. Soloing isn't a choir because of it. Admittedly I'm not even at level 14, but I'm having a good time sniping for fun and profit.
  4. Hot Feet is hardly the best power in the set. Honestly the damn thing sucks. It's only real use is paring it with rain of fire. And guess what? I skip both. If I want area control I grab bonfire. Especially now that you can turn that annoying knockback to knockdown.
  5. Fire/Fire is a high risk, high reward combo. High risk because you have zero control, zero mitigation, and zero room for error. If you want to stay upright you have to play smart. This is especially true in the early game. My first playthrough as a fire blaster was on live and it was horrific. Set bonuses weren't a thing yet and neither were sustains. I'm playing through again and it's easier. Mostly because I know how to play a fire blaster, which mobs to be careful of, and how and when to cut lose on teams. I do have two late game blasters with other builds and with incarnates and set bonuse
  6. I can only think of one thing, and even then it's more a matter of convenience than anything else. And that's having to retoggle certain powers that don't auto-activate once a mez runs out. Other than that break frees and an occasional use of RoP should suffice. If all else fails Clarion can be made perma. I use RoP on just two toons. And it's not for the status protection. It's for the resistance boost. I'm just not seeing where a 30 second duration nerf is going to make the power worthless. Just makes it a bit more situational than it already was.
  7. Good point. I mean... My controllers don't sweat status effects because I just multi-lock anything that could cause them.
  8. Orobos portal is a good option. Repeat story arcs to get additional merits. Cash them for converters. Convert low value enhancements to sought after ones. Sell. You end up with an insane amount of cash fairly quickly. Though I hear farming is more profitable.
  9. It really makes no sense. They should have said what they meant. "We think it's too good... here's a nerf."
  10. They achieve that with defense. Not a resist power like RoP. I know because I have two 50+ blasters that are damned hard to kill who don't even use RoP. And if you have a status protection hole Clarion can fill it.
  11. DocRadio


    Yeah I took T9, ROP and barrier on an elec/elec tank. He's nigh unkillable at this point. I plan to more or less the same with an DM/Invul brute I'm leveling.
  12. Just checked out the changes to travel powers on beta and I have to say I'm pleased. I wonder how many of them make it to live but the stacking is pretty sick. For instance Nina Run with Combat Jump and Super Speed gives you ludicrous mobility. On live ninja run turns off other any leaping ability. On test it just stacks with it. The phase component added to super speed gives you limited escape capability and afterburner is free with the flight pool. Finger's crossed on this one. I still have to test the changes to super jump... but according to the patch notes there's a double jump capability
  13. DocRadio


    Meh... I use T9's. Maybe I'm a masochist. But I just pop barrier a few seconds before the crash. By the time its best coverage drops I'll pop a CAB then dull pain. Re-toggle and get back to smashing. Works even better with the Elec Armor because I can boost my endurance and heal with barrier up. The only downside is you have to take barrier. Sure normally I'd rather pop barrier in an emergency over unstoppable but there are times when you need the endurance boost from unstop, and also times when barrier isn't up.
  14. No... you effing run or lose your teeth.
  15. I haven't played an Elec blaster since my Triple Elec back on live. I remember it being a particularly effective build. But not because of drain. It was because of the utility. It had a ranged nuke and I could cripple bosses by either cycling shocking grasp and tesla cage or powersink and short circuit. The damage was supplemented by some decent melee attacks and static discharge as additional AoE damage. It was a swiss army knife build that was flexible and adaptable to a lot of situations. That's why I loved it. I'll probably bring the build back when I have time so I can see what I can do w
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