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  1. Solid build. I'm considering dipping into psychic mastery for my NRG/Invul sent. How good is "link minds"
  2. I didn't take Burn until the late levels. I got tired of immobiles being a weakness. Turns out I was leaving potential damage on the table. It works well with Fire Sword Circle.
  3. Nice. In my experience /Fire wasn't the best set for mitigation. I took a Fire/Fire/Fire sent to the late veteran levels. He's my main. I'll admit he's not fully optimized. I heavily invested in recharge and damage at the cost of resist and defense but I can still pretty much solo anything. Right now I'm doing Water\Bio and Elec\Elec builds. Both are in the mid game and show great promise.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Also 200 +Recharge without hasten might be overkill. One could probably curtail a bit of that in lieu of additional ranged defense. Still overall it's a very solid build.
  5. I don't care of the sentinel inherent, but I hope they don't eff the Archetype up. Having a ranged class with status protection has been a literal dream come true.
  6. I have a water/bio Sentinel. Water is a solid AoE centric set. It has decent single target oomph that is inferior to ice, and decent AoE that is inferior to Fire. But it also has a fairly decent heal which the other two lack. Bio gives you solid protection along with a boost to damage. It's versatile and pretty much pairs well with any primary.
  7. I have a 50+ DP/Martial blaster. She's a hoot to play, and damn near untouchable. The rare status effect that hits me is shrugged off by the built in breakfree power in Martial. I can just rick roll anything that isn't an AV or GM.
  8. Fact is blasters have to build a certain way, take certain incarnates and then they "might" come close to sentinel level of survivability. Extra defense and insane damage are pretty potent. I think blasters outclass them in raw damage but superior? I don't see it.
  9. I was just playing one of my lowbie blasters. Ice/NRG... very serviceable, but one slip, one miscalculation and you're horizontal. Sentinels don't experience that at level 22.
  10. Well.... At least it's smarter than the average.
  11. Ice/NRG is working well for me. The combination of single target control with the melee attacks from EM is potent. I'm also running Ice/Martial. I started it as a Mortal Kombat rip off of Sub Zero but it turned out to be really fun and effective. And once again the Trap and Slap mechanic works with that combo too. Dragon's tail helps fill in for the lackluster AoE of the primary also.
  12. Because Opportunity effing sucks. It's a confusing mechanic that doesn't seem to make a difference.
  13. Easy. A ranged character with early access to rock solid status protection. Late game they're sort of outclassed by just about every other ranged archetype. That being said, you can concentrate on IO's that boost damage and not have to worry about status protection or survivability. You have those on tap already.
  14. No unyielding? Exactly why did you build a sentinel? Your status protection and a good chunk of your damage resistance is out the window without it.
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