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Bio Contest - Saturday, August 20th at 8PM EST (Hosted by the Sekhem-Sa)!


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Hey Everlasting! Come Saturday, August 20th the Sekhem-Sa will be hosting a Bio Contest in Echo Plaza with over a billion inf in prizes! Yes! Distill your character's entire life story down into 1024 characters or less and potentially win free money!

The Sekhem-Sa is a gothic roleplaying group, a sanctuary for the lost, damned, persecuted, and outcast: our members include vampires, werewolves, librarians, monsters, and praetorian war machines among other things. Roleplaying is not needed to participate but we will be IC during the event and we encourage you to come out, meet new people and have fun!

There will also be a side costume contest that will run concurrently to the Bio Contest, no need to set up a separate area as all entrees to the main event will automatically be considered for their costume for MORE free money. No need to stress about one or the other if you want to participate, just dress how you like and enjoy!

(Here's a screenshot from our first Bio contest about a year ago!)


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