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ITF Hard Mode recommendations


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6 hours ago, brasilgringo said:


All I can see is that if you +5 the End mod IOs (2 non proc ones) you'll match the End recovery in the screen shot.  Maybe he had an outside buff like Mystic Fortune or the self-mutating one on giving him +2 def and the extra cold def?


What makes me sad about the build is you lose out on Proc'd RT and you lose out on cross punch spam like you said.  I guess that's the trade for survivability.


Not only that, but the current incarnate setup has you missing assault hybrid and musculature alpha in order to get the current defenses/resistances. 


The kicker is it's still not nearly there for resists/defenses even then. Not sure what is going on in mids to get the original screenshot the way it is, but I suppose if you're soloing or even doing 4star in a group, both of these are sensible sacrifices for a tank to make. I guess you're still doing plenty of damage? No idea. 

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