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Electric plant nature thorn....something


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My personal choice for this would be a Plant Control/Electrical Affinity controller.

These days I skip the single target immobilise on most of my controllers and take Arcane Bolt instead. Slot with a FF +recharge proc and some damage.

In this case, I might instead choose the Force Of Will pool, for Project Will (single target) and Wall of Force (cone); both take the +recharge proc. And then, you can also take Unleash Potential, to add an oh-sh#t defense layer on top of your Faraday Cage aoe resist and mez protection.


Alternatively, Electric Control/Nature would be an alternative worth considering. Probably taking the Sorcery Pool for Arcane Bolt, Mystic Flight, and Rune of Protection.
Slot a couple of End Mod IOs into Lifegiving Spores and it becomes endurance positive to run, as long as you stand in the area. (Don't forget to toggle it off when you have finished with a mob. I often run off and realise a minute or more later 😕  )


Both of these have synergies that will work solo, but also bring a lot of survivability to a team.


I don't see a lot of synergy between Electrical Blast and Nature on a defender or a corruptor. They are good powersets (since the electric revamp), but I'm not sure that the combination is more than the sum of its parts.


For a more damage oriented character, you could also consider an Electric Control/Thorny Assault dominator, or even an Electrical Blast/Plant Manipulation blaster.


I hope that gives you some food for thought?

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