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  1. Sweet Christmas! Does CoH stretch across all three screens?
  2. Yeah my laptop runs off my hotspot so I'm literally playing all over town 🙂
  3. I play 90% at work. So you could say I'm a pro gamer. I'll see myself out.
  4. I retconned my Dark/Time blaster to a controller
  5. Anyone know what's up with my mids?
  6. If you want to show off costumes, use the costume sharing thread. For bios, use the bio sharing thread. As far as how many....I dunno.
  7. I'd like to focus on +damage and def for my first build, if anyone has any suggestions
  8. One of the other COH server groups out there has this option as well as translucent, and I've played around with it and love it. If they can figure out how to keep it from being OP in PVP I see no reason not to. It's an option for those who want it, ignorable for those who don't.
  9. Sometimes I like this effect, for certain characters. Sometimes not so much. Would it be relatively easy to have the option of turning this off?
  10. I looked, got distracted by the fire/MA tank which has been a BLAST to play! Didn't see the /Ice version though
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