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  1. The gray and white lose something in the screenshots for some reason
  2. Soooo...what time is the CC? EDIT: Ooops, now see it
  3. Back in the golden age, someone had a site where you could make your own CCG cards using your screenshots. I would love it if that site were to come back now that I have a computer that can run full graphics settings. ( And have way better costumes )
  4. Oh this is fun! 4-color is hard enough, but 5? Yeesh!
  5. That's awesome! I hope I can make it. Just trying to make a "Praetorian costume" is tricky enough
  6. I started a base but it kind of got away from me, and I just don't have the skills or time to make my idea work. Basically a Spaceship that's long-since buried underground after crashing here centuries ago. It's partly built, maybe it can be renovated, but if it needs to be scrapped and re-started that fine too. What's the going rate for ( if there is one) for a base build? 200mil? 500?
  7. I could have sworn i'd seen a pretty through guide for getting all the Gold-side badges via Ouroboros but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyone know if it's real or a fever dream?
  8. What's an Iron Character contest?
  9. I'm a huge Hellboy fan, there was definitely inspiration there
  10. Diesel Mage, Elec/Dark Controller and Aether Case, an automaton/ghost trap that's powered by the spirits inside it ( Grav/dark controller)
  11. I dig that backstory, it really helps you "feel" the costume
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