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  1. Is there any documentation on that? I'm just curious
  2. Fiend Machine, TW/Bio Zombie Cyborg. Once a costumed crimefighter, he was killed, reanimated and remote controlled by his arch nemesis now.
  3. Fiend Machine, TW/Bio Brute. A cyborg zombie who was once a crimefighting hero, killed, reanimated and remotely controlled by his arch nemesis
  4. Adventure Time, Beam/time Blaster. he'll regale you with tales of derring-do!
  5. Sacrilege, DB/Dark stalker, once a demon hunter for the church, she was excommunicated for too many innocent casualties.
  6. Are any of these useable as a leveling build? I'm hitting the 20's on my WS and PB and there are so many powers now I feel like I'm underslotting everything
  7. Oooh I like that! And the gloves pattern just gave me an idea for another character!
  8. Not a particularly creative costume, but I like the use of the new pattern to make a lower case i iCandy, Mind/Martial Dom
  9. I called out of work that day.
  10. I remember back on live, when I first realized I had a CoH addiction. 36 hours in to a double XP weekend, I realized my feet and ankles were swelling from sitting for so long. Please take care of yourselves during this!
  11. I still don't understand characters with short sentences for names. That's just poor marketing strategy.
  12. Octuplets Reef Body Double
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