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  1. One of my earliest mains on live, Afrodizziac ( MA/SR scrapper) needed a costume upgrade. Wanted to make it a little more modern while still keeping some disco funk. Top is the new version, bottom is the original.
  2. Thank you for hosting the contest! I had to leave abruptly ( Badmouth)
  3. So I logged off yesterday morning on the ferry in Cap, hadn't logged there yet with this character. Logged in today, almost 24 hours later and the badge progress for it is at 25%. Is this a glitch or have HC devs sped up the day job badge timer?
  4. That's awesome! I played CO off and on for years, but it never scratched the CoH itch for me. I did love some of the mechanics of that game, like their version of SS though.
  5. Damn that's a really cool version too, I'll take it for a test run
  6. I'm not much of a marketeer, but I farmed enough to buy 15 packs. Hope I don't regret it!
  7. This was a tough decision, so I loaded up each suggestion and played though some missions while changing costumes in between. They were all great, but Biostem's entry felt the most awesome while playing. I may fiddle with the glove/shoulder options at some point but right now I am digging this one. Thanks everyone for joining in! I'll have to do this again some time, it was really a lot of fun. @biostem inbox me your address and I'll get your prize in the mail
  8. oooh this is so good as well. You guys are making this a tough one
  9. Oh that's very nice! Thank you!
  10. ooooh I do like! This is getting difficult
  11. 100 lithium watch batteries. I get about a mission out of one set
  12. I like the glove/energy projected bow idea, I used it on my other archer, One Way
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