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  1. I'm not sure if there was a Windows update that may have caused this but suddenly I'm getting this error: And I also get the second error quite often when trying to navigate the web If I launch the game it won't connect to the login server either Any ideas?
  2. I'm having similar issues with the Homecoming launcher, will this fix that as well?
  3. That's an interesting idea, and if my company ever gets big enough that I can afford to do ALL the personal projects I want it'll definitely get done. I made those patches over a year ago and haven't been able to justify another design...yet. I'm not sure what order he did them in, he's kind of a wizard. They just showed up in my inbox for approval, though there was no tanker logo at that time since I forgot to send him one for reference.
  4. I had actually hit him up last year to do just that for me, but I wound up hiring an in-house artist who just makes them for me now in between projects, Mainly because I want one of each shirt and patch for myself 😛
  5. Those are great for screen icons, but not for enlarging big enough for stickers, unfortunately
  6. If you've ever clicked on my sig you've seen that I own my own sticker and morale patch company. I decided I needed some new stickers for my laptop. I messed up the placement a bit on the test set but they're holding up well to my more-than-normal wear and tear.
  7. Is it worth it to take punch and kick for the bonus?
  8. Oooh thank you! that looks tasty!
  9. I'm nearing 50 with my SS/INV broot, and wondering about a few things. How much +rech is needed for perma Rage? Does anyone find unstoppable unnecessary? I've found Cross Punch to be helpful in my attack chain, replacing Punch as I level. And slotting a Force Feedback: Chance for +rech in it is a nice bonus. Is this still worthwhile in the endgame? Finally, does anyone have a SS/Inv build I could take a look at? I assume I'm best off slotting for rech and positional defense ( and maybe psi to fill the P-hole)
  10. The first character I ever made back on live. Originally Inv/SS tank, now on HC SS/Inv brute. She's undergone many changes over the years Sistah Powah
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