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Probable bug with the new Dark Nova Alphas


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Found this one while checking stuff in City of Data.

The Dark Nova Alpha appears to be set up wrong. All the base non-hardmode attacks are on it by default. The !Challenge?(HardMode) thing then re-adds a second copy of each power, and the Challenge?(HardMode) adds the versions with the stronger -recharge and the unresistable damage. But this means that on hardmode, they have both sets of attacks, which means they're only going to be doing the extra unresistable damage some of the time.


As with all bugs originally found there, this could be a CoD problem, but given that things like e.g. the Centurion are properly showing up with no default powers, and a set added under each of non-HardMode and HardMode, I'm fairly confident Uberguy's pulling this one in right, and it's a genuine bug.

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